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Wolfgang Renner (Germany)
Afghanistan Photographs 1965-1972

Wolfgang Renner is a German engineer who was working in Afghanistan and travelling the country in the period 1965-1972. While there, Wolfgang took over 500 photographs and are a significant collection, particularly as they pre-date the modern war era's (Russian invasion, and the more recent Taliban situation and USA involvement). Wolf'gangs valuable collection provides a photo record of the country, its people and life as it was before these modern troubles.

Wolfgang kindly allowed AHT to link to his photo set several years ago. The link has changed over time, and the current link AHT has is no longer active. AHT doesnt currently have a link to Wolfgang's photo set, but we do have a small selection of his photos on file. If and when we find the current link we will add it to this page.

The thing that strikes us about Wolfgang's photo set is that they portray a modern city, vibrant and alive with western influences very apparent -, Airport, Five Star Hotels, Technology Centres, Academic Iinstitutes, Libraries, Hospitals, with the populace dressed in both traditional garb and the also the latest western fashons. This part of the world such as Persia (now Iran) and Afghanistan modernised considerably through the mid 20th century. After Russia left Afghanistan in the late19 70's following their disasterous invasion of the country, the Taliban moved in and destroyed most symbols of westernization and Afghanistan cultural heritage. Wolfgang's photo set are precious because they preserve the images of modernization that have since been destroyed by decades of war and destruction.

As ever the Afghan Hound (or Tazi/Taigan etc equivalents) is noticeable by his absence, I did enquire of Wolfgang all those years ago whether he had ever observed Afghan Hounds during his time there, his answer was no, he had never seen any. There are a few photos which include dogs which were pets of Wolfgangs team members, but no Afghan hounds amongst them.

We are grateful to Wolfgang for his important and historic collection.

A View of Kabul taken from the Spinzar Hotel, 1965 PHOTOA View of Kabul taken from the Spinzar Hotel

Spinzar Hotel, Kabul, 1965 PHOTO Spinzar Hotel, Kabul

Gate/Entry to Ghazni, and view of Ghazni ,1965 PHOTO Gate/Entry to Ghazni, and view of Ghazni ,1965

The Buddha's at Bamiyan ,1965 PHOTO The Buddha's at Bamiyan

See also Pat and Mary Amps visiting the Buddha's at Bamiyan c 1929

The area around Kabul,,1965 PHOTO The area around Kabul,,1965

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