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MARCH 2020
3/19/20 Added 4th page to
Zardin section

11/28/19 Update to Doggie Hubbard article
Added recollection/coments on Al Baron and Marna Dodds to Al Baron Article

10/8/2019 Added photo of Shah Of Wyke to Wyke Kennel article

9/28/2019 Added three photos to Jagai Kennel UK photo gallery 9/28/2019 Added additional photo and bio info on Turkuman section
9/28/2019 Added news article on Dorothy Whitrwell, family member of Capt Renwick (Watford Afghan Hounds UK)
9/28/2019 Added photo of George Thomas to Prides Hill Kennel section
9/14/2019 Added starter article on Mr Mrs James Abbott (Khyber, Australia)
9/12/2019 Added article AUSTRALIA - Lynette Watson (nee Schelling), Shaltarah 1970's to kennels/people and breed standard sections
9/12/2019 Added photo's of Jean Manson's visit USA 1926 to Manson Gallery
9/2/2019 added sketch of Badshah of Ainsdart toPrides Hill section
9/2/2019 Replaced photo of Fatima on Fatima Kennels USA page

8/30/2019 Aadded photos to Margaret Nison article page 3
8/30/2019 Added lager/clearer photo to Kasi Of Cove/Breed history Peru pages
8/24/19 Added several photos to Pushtikuh Afghans UK section
8/23/19 Added article The Afghan Levrier by Mrs M B Cooper (de Flanders Afghan Hounds, UK)
(Published in "Le Matin" newspaper, Paris, France, 5th June 1927)

8/13/10 Edits to Hayes Blake Hoyt article on Type and Blakeen Kkennel pages
8/13/10 Added photo to Elcoza Kennel USA section

JULY 2019
7/6/19 Major update to Prides Hill (USA) Kennel section
7/27/2019 Update to Larkbeare Afghan hounds section

JUNE 2019
6/10/19 Updated bio information on Hyland article

MARCH 2019
3/2/19 Updated Afghan World Congress Section

2/25/19 Added photo of Jalalabad Kara and Garrymhor Kishtwar to Kuhsan USA kennel page
2/23/19 Added photo's and notes to Laurance and Claire Peters section
2/17/19 Added Afghanistan Photographs 1965-1972by Wolfgang Renner (Germany)
2/13/19 Added rare photographs taken by Frdric Gadmer Photographs of Afghanistan in 1928

1/1/2019 Added photo of Ch Basha (littermate to Taejon of CC) to Rudiwin article

12/31/18 Added pedigree and photo to Baroness Hilda De Rothschild 1895-1981 (USA - Ellis Farm Afghan hounds) article
12/24/18 Added colorized photo of Bell Murray/Cove Afghan hounds to Jean Manson (Cove) section
12/24/18 Added photo Dog Map Of The World 1933 to Early Afghan Hound section
12/23/18 Added photo to Prides Hill section
12/23/18 Added photo to Ghazni section
12/9/18 Added new photo to Kandahar USA page 4
12/14/18 Added photo of Kay Finch/Rudiki Bronze to Marion Florsheim (five mile kennel) section
12/16/18 Added photo to Breed History Russia section
12/12/18 Added a starter page for Vendas UK kennel

11/17/18 Edited Ephemera page 14 Iris Craik and Afghans UK
11/17/18 Added two pages to Turkuman section
11/13/18 Added photo to Shahzada section

11/3/18 Added the six articles below to the Library
Shahzada (Recently discovered photograph dated 1896) Compiled by Steve Tillotson
Shahzada, owned by Mr, Mrs Whitbread Compiled by Steve Tillotson
Shahzada" British Museum Notes and Photograph Compiled by Steve Tillotson
Two Early Afghan Hounds -Shahzada and Mooro by Connie Miller/Dennis Mccarthy (Compiled by Steve Tillotson)
Mustapha or Muckmukl OR Is the dog above really SHAH? Compiled by Steve Tillotson
Shah - 1884 Kennel Club Stud Book Compiled by Steve Tillotson

10/21/18 Added photo of Girl and Afghan hound, Paris, France c 1930 to French Breed History Section
10/21/18 Added photo to Dellire Afghan Hounds section

9/17/18 Added couple of photos to Zardin section

8/26/2018 Added article
Races de Chiens by Compte Henri Bylandt 1897 edition (Article compiled by Steve Tillotson August 2018)

JULY 2018
7/15/18 Added photos and narrative to Edna Carlton Article

JUNE 2018
6/3/2018 Added photo of Sirfreda to Bericote UK page

MAY 2018
5/22/2018 Added photo of Rupmati of Zarni to Zarni page

APRIL 2018
4/28/18 Added photo to Dignowty article
4/22/18 Updated Picasso section
4/21/18 Added photo of Afghan hounds coursing in India 1923
4/21/18 Added photo of Ghazni pups in an airplanev

 MARCH 2018
3/24/2018 Added photos to Daphne Gie (Jagai, UK) section
3/20/2018 Added article from Vanity Fair 1934 featuring Prides Hill USA Kennel
3/18/18 Added to libary-Comparative illustrations of UK/US Breed Standards ( Bo Bengston in AHR 1982)
3/3/2018 Added article to Library -Hounds and Dogs - Their Training and Working"
by Croxton Smith 1932 (4mb PDF)

FEB 2018
2/28/18 Added photo of Dolly to Oakvardon section
2/28/18 Added photo Ch Tanyah Sahib Of Cyann with Cyrus Rickle, 1940 Westminster KC
2/19/18 Added photo taken of Zardin at Crufts 1910 Zardin section
2/19/18 Added news archive re Zardin litter 1912 to Zardin section
2/19/18 Added 1929 photo of Sirdar Of Ghazni to Ghazni section
2/18/18 Added exciting find 1912 photograph of Chuku to Chuku Article
2/17/18 Added photo of Joyce and Minx of Grandeur to Joyce Morton article
2/16/18 Added photos to Brantwood UK article
2/16/18 Added article on Bill Ivens, Ivardon USA kennel By Marianne Elliston and Steve T
2/1/2018 Added a starter page Breed History Sweden
2/1/2018 Added photos to Acklam section
2/1/2018 Added photos to Breed History Ireland section

JAN 2018
Added photos to Oakvardon article
Added Article by Marianne Elliston " Joyce Morton and her journey in Afghan hounds
Updated Rudiwin Kennel USA article with news archive item from 1953
Added section re T R Tufnell pioneer importer, breeder,, exhibitor
Added section re Mr W K Taunton pioneer exhibitor and dog dealer
Updated Hyland Painting page
Updated Shirkhan Of Grandeur section
Update to Early Afghan Hound section
Updated Motee (1822) page
Updated Breed History Germany section

DEC 2017
12/31/2017 Added photo article on 1897 Afghan hound in Afghanistan
12/25/2017 Added section on the Irish Enriallic Kennel
12/25/2017 Added section on Irish Breed History
12/23/2017 Added photo to Turkuman Nissim Laurel section
12/23/2017 Added photo Dec 1932 Rupmati of Zarni to Zarni section
12/6/2017 Added photographs to Mrs Mcdougall/Kandahar Australia section
12/6/2017 Added article The Afghan Greyhound: by "Dog's life" Magazine 1967.
12/2/2017 Added pages 8 and 9 to photo gallery of Bell Murray/Cove/Kaf afghan hounds
12/1/2017 Added 7 page photo gallery of Bell Murray/Cove/Kaf afghan hounds
12/1/2017 Added photo of Mrs Mcdougal and hounds 1936 to Kandahar Afghan Hounds (Australia) pages

NOV 2017
11/23/2017 Added news article 1908 to Zardin News Clippings section
11/23/2017 Added photo and notes to Persian Greyhound section
11/11/2017 Added photo of Kasbac the earlier of Picasso's Afghans to the Picasso section
11/9/2017 Added photo of Nicola Race to Clair Race (Rifka) page
11/8/2017 Added couple of photo's, including Juiette's brother Nissim to Turkuman page2
11/6/2017 Added photo/article from Tatler magazine 1926 to Doxford section
11/3/2017 Added photo compilation of Ch Asri-Havid of Ghazni to Robson page

OCT 2017
10/29/2017 Added photo of Juliette (Turkuman) provided by Jatabe Afghan hounds, Spain
10/29/2017 Updated/Added article UK - Jalalabad Barwala Of Carloway, Steve Tillotson 1995
10/29/2017 Updated/Added article The Great Carloway Kennel by Allan Brooks 2000
10/29/2017 New article Shelia Devitt Gilleney (Carloway UK) (by Steve Tillotson October 2017

10/22/2017 Added article Ariticle on Capt W Lewis Renwick (By Steve Tillotson, 2017)
10/21/2017 Added additional photos to Doxford kennel page
10/21/2017 Added photo of Faida of Ghazni to Ghazni gallery
10/4/2017 Added article on Kandahar (UK/US) by Lyall Payne
10/4/2017 Added photo of Ashna of Ghazni to Istalif section
10/2/2017 Added photo of Badshah of Ainsdart to Prides Hill section
10/2/2017 Added starter page for Breed History Poland
10/2/2017 Added section for Nora Coombes UK and her Afghan hounds
10/2/2017 Added section re Djunjibhoy a name/affix used by Nora Coombe UK

SEP 2017
9/26/2017 Added photo 1928 Mrs Widener and Kandahar exhibited at WKC 1927/8
9/26/2017 Added photo of Mustafa Al-Kadi Of Kingway to Kingway Kennel Section
9/25/2017 Added pix of Shirkhan and pix of Kirghiz Tazi to art section
9/22/2017 Added photo to Arken Afghan Hounds section
9/22/2017 Added photo to Prides Hill section
9/18/2017 Added photo to Picasso Afghan hound section
9/16/2017 Added history of Oakvardon (Marwyck/Oakridge) estate to Oakvardon section
9/6/2017 Added 1928 photo/article to Breed History France section

AUG 2017
8/10/17 Added photos of foundation French Afghan hounds to French Breed History page
8/19/17 Updated Breed History Canada Section
8/19/17 Added section on Rana Of Chaman of Royal Irish
8/19/17 Added news photos to Marion Florsheim (Five Mile USA) Afghan hounds
8/7/17 Added two more photos of Umberto to Oakvardon section
8/6/17 Added new bio information on Laurance Peters and information from family representative of
Peters friend George Taggart who shared the famous expedition with Peters to Afghanistan in 1934
8/6/17 Added scan of kennel adverts for The White sisters - Kandahar USA section
8/2/17 Added new photo of Umberto to Oakvardon section

JULY 2017
7/31/17 Added new photo and some note to page 2 of Kuhsan Afghan hounds page
7/31/17 Added new photo of Hyland Painting, thank you Michael Canalizo
7/31/17 Added new photo to Turkuman Nissim Laurel page
7/25/17 Added photo to Picasso Collection of him working on chalk sketch of Chicago statue. Thanks to Gretchen Barton
7/25/17 Updated Hyland Painting page
7/22/17 Added a super photo of Picasso and Afghan hound provided by Rosario Burgos Desierto Azul (Argentina) to the Picasso Section
7/19/2017 Added photo of Nullah De Flandre to the De Flandre UK/USA Section
7/19/2017 Posted new photo of Blue Mist Of Egypt, added to Laurence Peters page 3

JUNE 2017
6/17/17 Posted article on Baroness Westenholz (Closmidi UK) by Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne

MAY 2017
5/27/17 Posted article by Florence Nagle re breeding, exercising and handling
5/27/17 Added photo/show report to Doxford article
5/12/17 Added article about Istalif UK Afghan hounds

APRIL 2017
4/16/17 Added article Robert Douglas and Dorothy Hyson, and Afghan hound (UK)
(By Steve Tillotson with Lyall Payne

FEB 2017
2/26/17 Updated Oakvardon section
1 - Super new photo (big) of Venita with Dolly at a show, this photo was taken on the occasion of Venita handling dolly for the first ever time in the show ring (prior, her kennel manager handled dolly)
2 - Super new photo of Jack Oakie and Venita looking into the whelping where Dolly has seven 9 day old pups, we are able to identify the litter
3 - Anecdotal comments from Bea Godsel on her interactions with dolly
2/25/17 Added photo of Phillipson Of Kuhsan to Kuhsan Kennels USA section
2/6/17 Added article Frizley Afghan Hounds (UK) by Steve Tillotson, 2017
2/1/17 Added article Wyke Afghan Hounds (UK) Captain Waterlow Fox and Mrs A M Nicholson

JAN 2017
1/20/1017 Added new photo to Zardin section
1/8/2017 Added new photo of Ch Asra Of Ghazni from March 1933to Ghazni section
1/6/2017 Added new photo to Sirdar Of Ghazni broadcasting on the BBC 1930
1/5/2017 Added super new photo and short notes from Croxton Smith (Dec 1928) to Doxford sesction
1/2/2017 Expanded the Bericote UK Afghan hounds section, in phots unknown to the current fancy

DEC 12016
12/25/16 Added new photos of Mr, Mrs Marx and Evalyn Knapp with Westmill Omar and Asra Of Ghazni
12/22/16 Added new photos of Sada of Ghazni, Gaida to Ghazni page4
12/22/16 Added new photos of Sirdar of Ghazni to Ghazni page1
12/22/16 Added new photo to Gaida (Susan of Ghazni) page
12/22/16 Added Afghan Hound Illustration by Cecil Aldrin, 1927 to Art section
12/21/16 Added article by Dogs of the day - What is the real Afghan hound type? By A Croxton Smith 1927
12/21/16 Added article by Croxton Smith 1930 commenting on the breed with photos of Mary Amps/Phyllis Robson and their hounds
12/21/16 Added rare photo of baz to Baz article Baz - The Afghan Hound in The Greyhound Studbook
12/10/16 Added super photo of Molly Sharpe (Chaman, Scotland) and hounds to Molly Sharpe section
12/11/15 Added 4th page to French Breed History section

NOV 2016
11/26/16 Updated Afghan Hound World Congress pages
11/13/16 Added fourth page to Juliette de Baircali Levy , Turkuman Afghan hounds section

OCT 2016
10/28/16 added new phot of Edna Carlton to Carlton section
10/28/16 added new photo of Molly Sharpe in Ireland 1940 to Molly Sharpe Section
10/26/16 added news archive photoYoung girl and two afghan hounds Harrogate, UK, 1932
10/21/16 added new photo of Tufan Of Ainsdart to White Sisters (Kandahar USA) section
10/15/16 added photo of Devilkin Dathoobhos to Norah and Richard Ward (Golithar,Aust) article
10/9/16 Updated Myth Of Sinai Penninsula Article re Major Blakstone
10/9/16 added new photo of Jean Manson with her hounds, Crufts 1922
10/8/16 added of Khorrassan Scrates and Eileen to the khorrassan section
10/7/16 updates to Origins section
10/7/16 added 1927 photo of Mrs M B Cooper to de Flandre Afghan hounds page section
10/6/16 added Will Hally breed notes from 1921
10/2/16 added some photos to old Zardin section

SEP 2016
9/24/16 Added advert for Zardin sired litter dated 1910 to Zardin page
9/24/16 Added so more bio info to Shackleton (Zardin's owner) page
9/18/16 Extended article on Persian and Oriental Greyhounds

9/8/16 Updated USA Top Ten 2016 Afghan hound winners page

AUG 2016
8/21/16 Added audio file Steve Tillotson (AHT) and Daniel Zuckerman (Z Cabernet Duo)
playing the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 8/13/2016 Grass Valley, California
8/11/16 Added painting/images to Picasso article
8/20/16 Added section on breed history France by Steve Tillotson

JULY 2016
24/7/16 Extended O'valley Farm Afghan hounds USAarticle
7/7/16 Extended Dunwalk Afghan Hounds USA article

JUNE 2016
6/16/16 Added article on Ellis Farm (USA) Rothschild owned kennel

MAY 2016
5/8/2016 Added photo of James Austin with Ch Lakshmi Of Geufron-Catwaba BIS 1939) to Catawba article
5/8/2916 Added Ephemera item Mrs McMullen and Afghan hound USA 1938
5/3/2016 Added page for Afghan Lass, kennelmate of Zardin

APRIL 2016
4/16/16 Added 1923 article Greyhounds Of The Arabs (By A Croxton Smith, 1923)

MARCH 2016
3/2/16 Added a 1929 press archive to De Flandre USA pages

JAN 2016
2/4/16 Updated article The Mystery Of The Doreborn Kennels Mystery solved !!!
1/30/16 Posted article Dr and Mrs Frank Porter Miller (By Steve Tillotson, January 2016)
1/29/16 Added archive news item - to De Flandre (USA) pages
1/29/16 Added archive news item - to Oakvardon pages
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item -Cover to Saturday Evening Post 1944
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item - Cover to Dog Fancier December 1925
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item - Cover to Life Magazine Nov 26, 1945
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item - Cover to Tail-Wagger magazine (UK) for May 1932
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item - Cover to Sports Illustrated March 12, 1956
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item - Cover to Coronet Magazine, August 1944
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item - Jean Parker (actress) with Amellah Of Walgrove March 1943
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item -TV star Afghan Hound 1970 Am Ch Makarabi's Joniboi
1/29/16 Posted Ephemera item - Wire Photo 1948 Sura-Sundari of Skyridge (Canada)
1/8/16 Added section on Marion Florsheim, Five Mile Afghans, USA by Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne
1/4/16 Added news item re Rana of Chaman to Chaman section

DEC 2015
12/17/15 Added photo of some Acklam hounds to Acklam section, thank you Pam Croft
12/19/15 Added starter page re Shirkhan Of Grandeur news archives
12/19/15 Updated Umberto (India/USA) section on Oakvardon with new information
12/19/15 Added photo of Indira Ghandi and Afghan hound to Afghan hounds India page
12/19/15 Added photos of Sunny Shay handling to Sunny Shay handling page
12/19/15 Added photo of Kundah Of Prides Hill to Santa Cruz 1936 page
12/18/15 Added photos of Amanulla Of Kandahar To Amelia White/Kandahar Afghan spages
12/18/15 Added photos to Elcoza Afghans pages
12/19/15 Added photo of to Turkuman Nissm Laurel section
12/18/15 Added archive re Phyllis Robson visiting USA to discuss setting up a World Dog Club
12/18/15 Added archive re Phyllis Robson being granted honourary citizenshp by President Roosevelt
12/14/15 Added newspaper photo archive re Fatima to Fatima Afghan hounds USA section
12/14/15 Added newspaper archive re arrival of Umberto to Oakvardon section
12/12/15 Added photos of Venita Vardon Oakie with Barberryhill Dolly in 1941 to Oakvardon pages
12/12/15 Added John Barrymore's Afghan Hound 1942 by Steve Tillotson, December 2015
12/12/15 Added Breed history section on Peru Breed History, starting with a Bell Murray (Kasi Of Cove)
12/11/15 Added photo of Zardin and photo of Molly Sharpe, Thank you Lyall Payne for both photos
12/11/15 Added photo of Kanee to Manson article
12/7/15 Added notes 1927 some USA Afghan hound tidbits by Steve Tillotson, December 2015
12/4/15 Added 1908 Times Newspaper UK article to Zardin section pages

12/2/15 Added Lumsden of the Guides: A Sketch of the Life of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Harry Burnett ...
by Sir Peter Stark Lumsden, George Robert Elsmie. 1900 (compiled by Steve Tillotson, December 2015)

NOV 2015
11/1/15 Added 4th page to Kay Finch section - Kay Finch writes about The English Afghan hound May 1968
11/1/15 Added two photo's to Claire Race, Rifka UK section

OCT 2015
10/11/15 Edited/completed links between Australian breed history articles -
Mrs. Olive Macdougall (Kandahar)
Mrs.V B West (Bara-Khel)
History Of The Breed Down Under by Helen Furber (Furbari, Aust), 1969
Norah and Richard Ward (Golithar,Aust), by Steve Tilotson and Lyall Payne July 2015
Jim Hickie article on Australian breed history
Fear of Possible Mennace -"The Post's" Sydney, Australia, 1935
An Interview with Barbara Skilton Of Eltazzi Kennels

10/9/15 Added article The Parent Club, AKC and the Afghan Hound Breed Standard Shake-Up .( by Peter Belmont Elmo, USA, 1985)
10/8/15 Added rare 1931 photo of Westmill Omar and Asra Of Ghazni to Zeppo Marx and Phyllis Robson pages
10/3/15 Added reference to Sirdar Of Ghazni Kennels (really de Flandre USA) to de Flandre article

SEP 2015
9/28/15 Added article Susan (1926) Mystery Solved (by Lyall Payne and Steve Tillotson, September 2015)

AUG 2015
8/21/15 Added photo to Molly Sharpe section and some additional info/edits

JULY 2015
7/28/15 Added article Letter from Juliette de Bairacli Levy to Stephanie Hunt Crowley 1965
7/28/15 Added article Juliette de Bairacli Levy - BBC talk Friday 17 April 1953" Animal Ailments And Gipsy Cures"
7/27/15 Added article Mr Mrs.Ward (Golitha Afghan Hounds Australia) - by Steve Tilotson and Lyall Payne July 2015
7/27/15 Added article re Mrs. V B West (Bara-Khel Afghan Hounds Australia ( by Steve Tilotson July 2015)
7/27/15 Added article re USA Zeppo Marx and his imported Afghan hounds (by Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne July 2015)
7/12/15 Added photo of the Oakies and Dolly to the Oakvardon pages
7/11/15 Added photo of Picasso and afghan hound 1944 to Picasso section
7/10/15 Added info re Phyllis Robsons professional vs married name to Robson article
7/4/15 Added photo and new info re Mitzou Of Acklam to Acklam page
7/9/15 Added article Mrs. Olive MacDougall (Kandahar Afghan Hounds Australia) - by Steve Tilotson and Lyall Payne July 2015

JUNE 2015
6/25/15 Added artice James and Grace Dignowity's (USA) Afghan Hounds
6/25/15 Added photo to Lt Col Amps and Mary Amps page
6/25/15 Added photo to Ghazni Afghans (Page 3)
6/26/15 Added photo to Margaret Nison Page
6/25/15 Added Daphne Gie - Painting On Stone - Ch Sashkan Gold Dhust at Zadal to Afghan hound art section
6/23/15 Added third page to Evelyn Denyer section. New photo set (thank you Pam Croft AHI)
6/12/15 Added info to Shahzada (Whitbreads) page
6/20/15 Added page of press cuttings on Zardin
6/20/15 Posted Bericote UK (Miss Simmons) starter page
6/20/15 Added new photo to Edna Carlton page

MAY 2015
5/12/15 Added some bio info courtesy Lyall Payne to Margaret Niblock (Khanabad) Article
5/7/15 Updated Legacy Writings section
5/7/15 Updated India article
5/7/15 Added sketch to Art and Antics section
5/7/15 Updated Renwick article

APRIL 2015
4/24/15 Added photo of Nilyo Of Prides Hill to Kingway Afghan Hound pages
4/11/15 Updated/extended article - Garrymhor Afghan Hounds,UK Colonel T S and Mrs O Couper (by Steve Tillotson 2014)

2/17/15 Updated Norman R. Hitchcock - Khan Of Kuhsan article

1/29/2015 Posted article on
Zarni Kennels (UK) of Mr, Mrs Chesterfield-Cooke by Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne, January 2015
1/28/2015 New (unpublished) photos of Zardin and Capt and Mrs Barff by Steve TIllotson, Lyall Payne, John Bloor 2014
1/21/2015 Updated article Grandeur/Branwen Full Circle Sunny Shay Visits England 1969
1/21/2015 Added article John Llyod visit to the King Of Afghanistan/Photos 1976


11/24/2014 Posted article on Miss Aline Doxford Ruritania UK Deerhounds, Afghan hounds, Salukis, Borzoi, Bull Terriers
(by Steve Tillotson ,November 2014)
11/22/2014 Posted article on UK Acklam Kennels, Mrs Howard Gibson
11/21/2014 Added photo toWhite/Kandahar Page
11/21/2014 Added photo toManson Page
11/21/2014 Added photo to Denyer Page 2
11/17/2014 Added couple of press cutting to Rana Of Chaman page in Molly Sharpe section


10/21/2014 BBC and Afghan Hounds by Steve Tillotson 2014
10/21/2014Miscelaneous Press Cuttings about The Afghan Hound
10/21/2014Norman R. Hitchcock, US Naval Attache, London 1939 - 1941 Brings His Afghan Hound To England
10/20/2014Ajawaan Afghan Hounds, by Steve Tillotson 2013
10/19/2014 Was a Greyhound the first dog? Captain H E Hobbs (Founder Tailwaggers Club), 1931
10/13/2014 Afghan Hounds Glasgow, Scotland, Photo, 1935 by Steve Tillotson 2014
10/12/2014 Hulse Afghan hounds UK, by Steve Tillotson 2014
10/11/2014 Afghan Hound Racing, since 1931 By Steve Tillotson 2014 and rare photo of Tufan Of Ainsdart (in the UK) with his owner
10/6/2014 Garrymhor Afghan Hounds,UK Colonel T S and Mrs O Couper (by Steve Tillotson 2014)
10/1/2014 Added Andre Lagarrigue Afghan Hound Watercolour 1934 to Art/Antics section


9/18/2014 Added some additional comments from Lyall Payne to Amelia White/Kandahar Afghan Hounds USA article


8/27/2014 Posted handwritten letter by Molly Sharpe Page 12 of Molly Sharpe (Chaman UK) Project. Thank you Stephanie Hunt Crowley
8/10/2014 Posted terrific research article by Lyal Payne - "Maj Graham Bell Murray"
8/10/2014 Added some photo to Daphne Gie (Jagai) section, thank you Iola Caird
8/10/2014 Added notes from Bo Begston re trimming etc to trimming page section

8/6/2014 Added some notes from Eta Paupt'is book "Memories" about Chota

JULY 2014

JUNE 2014

6/18/14 Added Pamela Bennet's (Doyen, Australia) Afghan Hound World Congress report Italy 2014 to congress section and other congress notes

May 2014

5/30/2014 Extract and audio article from Joan Brearley' book Chapter 1 Ancient History Of The Breed
5/13/14 British Pathe Newsreels on Afghanistan From the 1924 Forbes-Leith expedition by Steve Tillotson, May 2014
5/7/14 Posted 11th Page of Molly Sharpe (Chaman) article

April 2014


Hi All
I am introducing "Audio" versions of AHT Library Articles. There are hundreds of articles in the AHT lbrary so it will take some time to produce audio versions of them all. I have, as part of my learning process converted the first couple of articles which you can listen to here -

1. Origins Of The Afghan Hound (Author Steve Tillotson)
2. Barukhzy Afghan Hounds, Netherlands(Author Steve Tillotson)

    Audio Controls
    I have added a mini audi-control-panel where you can
  • Play
  • Fast Forward
  • Scroll back
  • Pause
  • Adjust volume level


1.1 For AHT visitors on smart phones they can now listen to AHT articles when they are mobile or on the move
1.2 The audio versions will display and play on Ipads, Notebooks, Desktops etc
1.3 I dont know about you guys, but I spend a lot of time on the computer and sometimes I get "tired eyes". Being able to sit back and "listen" to an article can be a restful way of enjoying breed history articles

I am using the industry leading text-to-audio software which is excellent. It translates the written word to audio very accurately and is very natural sounding. It's great with dictionary words but requires some manual adjustment by me when translating some of our weird dog and kennel names, but I am learning already how to remedy this, The software offers a range of voices, male and female, and variations on English dialects such as British English, American English, Australian English, Scottish English etc, It also offers foreign languages (I haven't tried this yet, so I don't know how good the language translation aspect is). I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have on this exciting new dimension to communicating our breeds History. Thanks, Steve T

4/5/2014 David Roche (Fermoy, AUST) on Carloway Afghan Hounds 2000
4/4/2014 posted article - UK, Shelia Devitt Gilleney, The Great Carloway Kennel by Allan Brooks (Bondor) 2000

March 2014

3/7/2014 Posted article - US Afghan Hound Breed Standard Study of Working Documents By Steve Tillotson, March 2014
3/3/2014 Mrs Drinkwater (Geufron) and Dr Porter (el Kabul) re differences in type (Bell-Murray and Ghazni)

February 2014

2/28/14 Posted - The Afghan Hound Breed Standard - WHY? By Donald A Smith 1961
2/28/14 Posted - USA Afghan Hound Breed Standard (1946) Discussions, By Johannah Kench-Owen 1977
2/22/14 Added started page re Clare Race's Rifka Afghan hounds UK
2/17/14 Added ephemera page 40 - Robin Jones and her Afghan hound Shalite Adoma Kele, Milwaukee Sentinel 1971
2/17/14 Added a rare photo and press clipping re Rupee El Myia (thank you Lyall Payne)
2/7/14 Added a 1938 photo of Amanullah Of Kandahar, BOB Westminster 1938
2/7/14 Added a 1949 newspaper report about the shipping/arrival of two eLKabul hounds to Elcoza kennel
2/7/14 Added a 1908 newspaper photo of Zardin to Zardin article
2/7/14 Added a 1944 newspaper photo of Sardar Khan El Kabul to Elcoza article
2/7/14 Added several items to Myths, Legends and Reality (By Steve Tillotson, 2013/2014)
2/7/14 Added a 1946 newspape photo of Zenobia of Elcoza to Elcoza article

January 2014

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  • 10/1/13 Posted article "Lieut-Colonel L.W. Amps and Mrs Mary Amps - "Nice Buddha; nice set of wheels"
    By Llewellyn Morgan (Oxford, England) Which includes a photo of Major and Mary Amps touring in 1929

  • November 2013
  • 11/18/13 Afghan hound origins The "myth" of the Sinai Penninsula (Steve Tillotson, November 2013)
  • 11/17/13 Added/extended the article on Phyllis Robson (Steve Tillotson November 2013)
  • 11/11/13 Life in Afghanistan 1878 (a letter to home) (Steve Tillotson November 2013)
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  • 10/12/13 Zardin did meet the Queen Of England by Steve TIllotson 2013
  • 10/12/13 Gift of 2 Afghan Hounds by King of Afghnistan to Queen Mary Steve TIllotson 2013
  • "A Jaunt to Jamrach's 1884", London. Early mention/description of the Afghan hound (Steve Tillotson, October 2013)
  • 10/12/13 Arken Kennels (USA) starter page by Steve TIllotson 2013
  • 10/12/13 Edna Carlton Afghan hounds starter page by Steve TIllotson 2013
  • 10/12/13 Madame Decker (Antwerp, Brussels) Afghan hounds, starter page by Steve TIllotson 2013
  • 10/8/2013 posted article Capt W Lewis Renwick (Watford Lou Lou/Afghan hound) and Greyhounds
  • 10/8/2013 Added news clipping to persian greyhound (persian Lightning) page
  • 10/4/2013 USA National Specialty Results/Summary report, 2013
  • Ephemera section - Afghan hound training, jumping over a stick 1957
  • 10/4/2013 British Dogs Are Best - By Capt. H.E.Hobbs Derby Daily Telegraph November 17 1931
  • 10/4/2013 added photo dated 1922 recently discovered by Lyall Payne to Cove Afghan Photo section
  • 10/4/2013 added photo to ephemera section -1 legged, 5' 10'' Tall Afghan Hound Female 1937
  • 10/3/2013 New Article Miss Evelyn Denyer "Kaf" Afghan Hounds UK. (Author Lyall Payne, Bletchley Hall Afghan hounds New Zealand) October 2013
  • 10/2/2013 New Article "Kasi Of Cove" Scotland to USA 1926 Lyall Payne/Steve Tillotson 2013
  • 10/2/2013 New Article "Tazidah" The First Afghan hound To Step On Ameican Soil?? - 1922 Lyall Payne/Steve Tillotson
  • 10/1/2013 Updated Fatima USA Kennels page/article with a very EXCITING find by Lyall Payne - a photo of Fatima.

  • September 2013
  • Early Canadian breed history compiled by Steve Tillotson 2013

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  • 8/25/13 Added article USA Cyann Afghan Hounds by Steve Tillotson August 2013
  • 8/6/2013 Added photos to page3 of article on the Peters Afghanistan Imports by Steve Tillotson

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  • 7/19/2013 New find of Photographs of Sirdar by Lyall Payne and Steve Tillotson, July 2013
  • 7/15/2013 Added Dr Beck's Dogs (AHI Magazine 1968, By Donald A Smith. Past President AHCA)
  • 7/14/2013 Added The Kennel Club Of India By Steve Tillotson July 2012
  • 7/12/2013 Added Mrs Lauer Froelich - Elcoza Afghan Hounds USA by Lyall Payne and Steve Tillotson July 2012
  • 7/8/2013 Added Rudiwin Afghan Hound Kennel USA By Steve Tillotson, 2013
  • 7/7/2013 Added Why Not Crossbreed The Afghan Hound? Steve Tillotson 2013
  • 7/4/2013 Added USA Afghan Hound Heritage, The Brothers Badshah and Tufan of Ainsdart By Donald A Smith 1967
  • 7/3/2013 Added The Long and Sad History Of Clipping and Stripping By Donald A. Smith, 1969
  • 7/3/2013 Added About - Phyllis Robson Lyall Payne, Steve Tillotson June 2013)
  • 7/2/2013 Added USA National Specialty Report 1959, by Rik Mcdowell
  • 7/2/2013 Added Westminster Kennel Club 1960 results/report by Judge Ruth Tongren

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  • 6/30/13 Added Sunny Shay and Marna Dods Interview 1969
  • 6/24/13 Updated Sunny Shay handling Afghans in England 1969
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  • 5/14/13 Added photo of Indira Ghandi to Article Afghan Hounds in India
  • 5/13/13 Extended Article to 5 Pages The Liang Tsjeoe Afghan Hounds of Mrs S N Liese-Terstall NL by Steve Tillotson
  • 5/13/13 Added to Article Picasso and his Afghan Hounds/Chicago Statue
  • 5/13/13 Posted Article The Liang Tsjeoe Afghan Hounds of Mrs S N Liese-Terstall NL by Steve Tillotson
  • 5/5/13 Posted article Land Of The Afghan Hound, Mary Amps 1930
  • 5/5/13 Re Posted article The Hound In Afghanistan, Mary Amps 1932
  • 5/5/13 Posted article De Flandre Kennels UK and USA (By Steve Tillotson May 2013)

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