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All Important Small Kennels/Exhibitors

(Author - S.Tillotson, 2011)

A bit of a fuzzy picture - the photo below is of
Bethshiba Of Chaman
The foundation bitch of the UK kennel Sar Moyah

Afghan Hound Times - Bethshiba Of Chaman Sar Moyah

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Ch Int Garrymhor Faiz-Bu-Hassid Ardmor Anthony Khan Baber Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Dakkas Delight Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Ch Garrymhor Souriya Ch Ashna of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Shireen of Ghazni
Ch Alfreda Shahzada
Shiba of Chaman Ch Westmill Bayezid Ansari Ch Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Ku-Mari of Kaf Bm
Elsa of Ghazni Khan of Ghazni
Zarifa of Ghazni
Safiya Ch Ashna of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Shireen of Ghazni
Ch Alfreda Shahzada

Sar Moyah is the kennel affix of Mr Daniel Cooke, the kennel was located in Stockton/Middlesborough (North East England). My reason for including Sar Moyah in this list is because the kennel was founded on pre WWII bloodlines, was active during WWII and continued for a decade after the end of WWII. As you know, WWII had a big impact on dog breeding/showing activities. Many bloodlines that existed before the war, never returned after, so many important lines were lost. Sar Moyah was one of the few to perpetuate pre war lines, and is thus of particular interest.

Mr Cooke was an established Chow exhibitor pre war who became interested in Afghan Hounds during the war and then started his Afghan Hound kennel.

Our pedigree database reveals the following kennel history -

Litter 1 Chota Nissim Of Ringbank x Bethshiba Of Chaman
Br Mr D Cooke (Sar Moyah UK)
Ringbank Tamasar
Abdul Of Sharaz
Zara Of T'saigon
Nosnikta's Nissim Tango
Turkuman Dashtee Berries
Turkuman Henna Flowers
Turkuman Lentisk-Tree
Turkuman Red Tulip Tree
Sarmoyah Chiragh
Sarmoyah Yasmin
Litter 2. Turkuman Pomegranate x Bethshiba Of Chaman 28th January 1946
Br Mr D Cooke (Sar Moyah UK)
Sarmoyah Marigold
Sarmoyah Tarin
Litter 3 Zuokoff Of Albernel x Bethshiba Of Chaman 1st March 1947
Br Mr D Cooke (Sar Moyah UK)
Sarmoyah Daphne
Sarmoyah Ghani
Sarmoyah Torres
Sarmoyah Zinnia
Litter 4 Taj Abu Of Chaman x Bethshiba Of Chaman 25th April 1948
Br Mr D Cooke (Sar Moyah UK)
Sarmoyah Anona
Sarmoyah Safka
Litter 5 Rubaiyat Of Televee x Repentance Of Televee 30th May 1953
Br; Mrs Wilkinson (Televee, UK/CAN)
Sarmoyah Schan of Televee
Litter 6 Zardin (Dierks) x Sarmoyah Schan of Televee 21st July 1955
Br Mr D Cooke (Sar Moyah UK)
Sarmoyah Nidraz
Sarmoyah Rajah
Sarmoyah Shah
Sarmoyah Sondra
Sarmoyah Sonia
Sarmoyah Sonja
Sarmoyah Sultan

Litters (General Discussion)
The list above details 6 litters. We should note that litter 5 was not bred by Mr Cooke, but noting that Mr Cooke took a bitch from that litter which he used in the next Sar Moyah bred litter, we have included the Televee bred litter in the above list to help with the histogram of the breeding history

You will observe that the first Sar Moyah litter contained hounds registered under other important breeders affix's. Back in those days, and before the KC changed the rules, people could register a dog in one name, and the owner could re-register it with an entirely different name. Also, of course, there is the convention of people registring their breeding under somebody elses affix (with their permission). Typically this mght occur where the breeder used the other breeders stud dog and the terms and conditions for the stud service infolved registring the litter under the name of the stud dog owners affix. Not unusual, but reinforces the point that you can't "assume" the name of the breeder just because of the kennel name as somebody else might have bred a litter and then registered them under the well known kennel name.

Of note in the first Sar Moyah litter is that 4 of the litter were registered under the Turkuman affix of Miss Juliette de Bairacli-Levy. This suggests that Juliette had some say/influence in the planning of the litter. Juliette had dispersed her own kennel of Afghans in 1941 but continued to be active in the breeding by others. Specifically, Juliette's collaboration with breeders required that they use Turkuman Dammar Pine Tree, Turkuman Pomegranate or Chota Nissim Of Ringbank. You will notice that the first Sar Moyah litter was sired by Chota Nissim Of Ringbank.

  • Ringbank Tamasar - Ringbank being the kennel of Mrs Swann
  • Abdul Of Sharaz - Sharaz being the kennel of Mrs J V Polson
  • Zara Of T'saigon -
  • Bred by Mr Cooke (Sarmoyah)
  • Nosnikta's Nissim Tango - Nosnikta being the kennel of Mr F Atkinson
  • Turkuman Dashtee Berries - Turkuman being the kennel of Miss Juliette de Bairacli-Levy
Champion Offspring/Descendants/Other Influences of Sar Moyah
Nosnikta's Nissim Tango (Sar Moyah bred) was the sire of UK CH Ajawaan Chita Mia owned by Mrs Sydney Rhodes (Tuclo Afghan Hounds). UK Champion Fantasia Of Carloway carries Sar Moyah lines via the Havmoras and Sharaz bloodlines. A son of Fantasia - Viper Of Davlen (Davlen was the kennel of Rev D Ford and Helen Barnes) became an Australian and New Zealand Champion. Viper produced several champions for the Australian kennels El Tazzi and Kazah. The Sar Moyah bred Ringbank Tamasar sired Chitra of Barbille one of the foundation bitches of Bill Halls Barbille kennels. This line is behind several of the Hanuman Afghan Hound breedings. A littermate of CH Fantasia Of Carloway also became a champion - UK CH Baluch Ranee Ashraf and was owned by Mrs McGregor-Cheers (UK - Baluch). So Sar Moyah influential in producing UK champions as well as champions overseas

Preservation Of Pre WWII Bloodlines
Ot of the 5 Sar Moyah bred litters, 4 of the litters involved the same dam - (Bethshiba Of Chaman). That's consistency (tail-breeding) of breeding. Importantly Bethshiba carries pre-war bloodlines so breeding by Daniel Cooke to Bethshiba over this period helped preserve the valuable lines during wartime and the immediate post war era.

German/Dutch Influences
Ursula Rees (UK, "Menthe" Afghan Hounds) bred the black masked cream bitch Repentance Of Televee (Zarewitsch Kasil-Kasa x Manoa Vom Weissen Hirsch) from imported German/Dutch bloodlines. A feature of these lines is that they contained the Dutch dog "Chota", owned and used by Ms Eta Pauptit in her breedings at her Van De Oranje Manege (Vdom) Kennel in Holland.

The 5th litter (Televee bred) produced Sarmoyah Schan of Televee. The dam of this litter was Repetence Of Televee (German/Dutch lines mentioned above).

Around this time (early 1950's) Mrs Wilkinson (Televee) and Daniel Cooke (Sar Moyah) jointly imported the German/Dutch Afghan - Zardin (Dierks) bred by Annie Dierks in Germany. Mrs Wilkinson used Zardin (Dierks) extensively in her breeding program. It is assumed that Cooke's co-interest in Zardin (Dierks) resulted in his taking the bitch Sar Moyah Schan Of Televee from the 1953 Televee litter sired by Zardin (Dierks).

The 6th litter (Sar Moyah bred) involved the mating of Zardin (Dierks) to the aforementioned import line bitch Sar Moyah Schan Of Televee (from litter 5). Now this is not surprising on two counts. Firstly Daniel Cooke (Sar Moyah) co-owned the imported Zardin (Dierks), and secondly, as evidenced by Daniel Cooke's affiliation with Mrs Wilkinson they both apparently shared an affection for the German/Dutch imported lines. It's not quite this simple however, because Daniel Cooke would appear also to have been enthusiastic about Turkuman Pomegranate (see earlier/above discussion re Turkuman and Chota Nissim of Ringbank) and the Bletchingley and Netheroyd lines. This 6th litter containted the ancestor Rubaiyat Of Televee who has lines back to Pomegranate and Bletchingley/Netheroyd. This letter also ensured multiple lines back to Chota (Holland). So there was probably a lot of planning and reasoning that we may never know behind this particular litter. Suffice to say, in that era (1950's) for both Televee and Sar Moyah the decision to outcross to German and Dutch lines was quite radical

CANADA/NORTH AMERICA Multiple connections. Firstly via Televee. Mrs Wilkinson eventually left England to make a new life in Canada and she took her Televee Afghan Hounds with her. The Televee lines were used by Canadian breeders and several went south to the USA. So the co-ownership and importation of Zardin (Dierks) by Televee and Sar Moyah had an impact on the North American Continent. A son of the Sar Moyah bred Ringbank Tamasar - (Sunway Kaliph) went to Canada and then onto the USA further perpetuating Sar Moyah lines.

EUROPE Tamaris of Ravelly, bred by Mr Reg Floyd (UK - Ravelly) was exported to the "de Kaboul" kennel of Mr J A Appels in Belgium. The sire of Tamaris Of Ravelly was - Ringbank Tamasar, bred by Mr Coooke. Thus the Sar Moyah lines contribute to the development of this famous and important Belgian kennel. Tamaris lines via de Kaboul exports were incorported into the breeding of the Swiss Kennel "von Aargau" and several other European kennels

Steve Tillotson, May 2011

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