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(Author Steve Tillotson, a work in progress 3/30/2010)
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1.3 OUR BREED AUTHORS (Continued)

1.3.3 Constance Miller and Edward M Gilbert JR (USA)

Miller and Gilberts book "The New Complete Afghan Hound" is perhaps one of the most comprehensive attempts to document the breed's origins, and like others, references Doggie Hubbards first book on the breed. Rather than try and summarize the relevent section from this book ("Tracing The Afghan Hound", starting on page 19) I will mention one research source - Jackson Stanford, variously described in other places as a "scientist" ,"historian" and, authority on the breed. Miller and Gilbert write that Stanford undertook some serious research which was published in The Afghan Hound Club Of America's publication "Bulletin" in March 1942. Whilst I commend and admire such studious work, I would like to set it in perspective. Miller and Gilbert reference Stanford's work, often, with a descriptor, for example "Stanford attempted to trace..", "Stanford postulated that.." "While Stanford logically looked at..". My point being, you can see that despite a tremendous amount of effort there is a history of difficulty in establishing the origin of The Afghan Hound

1.3.4 Joan Mc Donald Brearley (USA)

In her book "The Book Of The Afghan Hound" Ms Brearley also references Jackson Sanford, she writes - "We do know this: the general Afghan-type dog goes back so far that historian Jackson Stanford states in a scientific paper that the Afghan Hound represents a form of animal structure found on earth over one hundred thousand years ago".

1.3.5 Other Authors

Several other people have authored books on the breed, many of which have a section on breed origins, allthough I believe those mentioned above to have given the most comprehensive coverage. The other books that I know about include:

  • Architecture Of The Afghan Hound, author Barb Bornsteain (USA) 1983
  • Introduction to the Afghan Hound by Afghan Hound Club of America (USA)
  • Afghan Hound, A Complete Guide. author Daphne Gie (Jagai Afghans) (UK) 1978
  • The Afghan Hound - Charles Harrison (UK)
  • Afghan Hounds (World of Dogs) - Lynda Race (UK) 1999
  • The Afghan Hound Its Care And Training, author Catherine Sutton (UK) 1976
  • The Afghan Hound, W L Hall (Barbille Afghans) (UK)
  • Afghan Hound, by Bryony Harcourt-Brown 2000 (UK)
  • The Afghan Hound - Dennis McCarthy (UK)
  • Eta Paupit's (Van De Orange Menage "Memories" (NL)
  • How to Raise and Train an Afghan Sunny Shay (Grandeur) & Sara M Barbaresi (USA)
  • Your Afghan Hound Sue Kauffman (USA)

I have ommited several other books that were primarily written for the pet owner and therefore do not particularly explore origins and history. Also my list only includes English Language books, I know there are several foreign language breed books out there (France, Italy for example). If you know of overseas or foreign please email me details ( and I will add them to the list

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afghan hound times, Origins of the afghan houndt

afghan hound times, Origins of the afghan houndt