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The History of the Afghan Hound in New Zealand
By Lyall Payne (Bletchley Hall, NZ)
Afghan Hound Times - New Zealand

Mr. G C W Reid, the founder of Reidrubber (NZ) Ltd introduced the breed into New Zealand in 1938 when he imported the cream dog, Firdausi Of Khandahar, from Mrs. Olive MacDougall of Australia. Mrs. MacDougall had imported several dogs from, England and bred Australia's first Best In Show winning Afghan hound, Karma of Khandahar.

Firdausi went to the kennels of Mr. Ernie Schache, well known All Breeds judge until his recent retirement. Mr. Schache was an employee of Mr. Reid at the time, before going on to found his own well known Schache Rubber Mills. Firdausi's most notable achievement in the show ring was 1940 at Franklin K.A championship show where he went Best Sporting Dog in Show

Sadly, neither Firdausi, nor any of Mrs. MacDougall's dogs in Australia were to continue. It would be many years before the breed would be introduced to both countries.

Interestingly, it would be Mr. Reid's sister's grand-daughter, Mrs. Verity Logan, well known for her Australian Terriers, who would permanently establish the breed in this country.

She imported Hookstone Aga Mohammed, a gold dog, from Mr. Fred Long in Australia and breed from two dogs he had bred while living in England. Aga Mohammed was born in 1956 and won 4 CC's before he was involved in a fatal accident. Shortly before he died in 1957, Mrs. Logan purchased the young puppy el Tazzi Chaya, also a gold from Mrs. Barbara Skilton who was then living in Tasmania. Chaya became the breeds' first champion and in 1959 el Tazzy Emjad arrived as a suitable mate for Chaya.

The first litter of Afghan hound puppies in this country was born to Emjad and Ch Chaya on 21 April 1960 at Mrs. Logan's "Logandrive" kennels - so named because of the distance from house to gate! Of the nine gold puppies, the bitch Ch Logandrive Jinnah Abad was Kay O'Connors first Afghan Hound. Kay was well known for her Royal Mount Samoyeds and in later years, her show equipment caravan. DR Houghton-Allen of Papakura made up Ch Longdrive Buno Murad Khan and a Mrs. Heingartner of Auckland purchased a bitch - Longdrive Nomita

Mrs. Logan, with her husband Rangi was running a hotel in Rotorua and agreed to sell to V Heingartner, along with Nomita, both el Tazzi Emjad, Ch el Tazzi Chaya, and the kennel name "Longdrive" itself.

Later in 1960 Mrs. Marie Howitt exported from her South Australia based "Kazah" kennels - the bitch el Tazzi Alimah, in whelp to her Aust Ch Viper of Davlen (UK). This combination had already produced one of Australia's then top bitches Ch Kazah Asshra and her littermates Ch Kazah Ali Bey and Ch Kazah Ayesha. Alimah whelped her litter here in September 1960 for Mrs. N Yee's el Kazmund prefix. Kay O'Connor exhibited both Ch el Kazmund Zarette and Ch el Kazmund Zingron.

A repeat litter from Emjad and Chaya was born in December 1960, bred jointly by Mrs. Logan and Mrs. Heingartner in Ellerslie, Auckland. From this litter, the bitches Avaz and Ayanda went to William Farnell - of Maltese Terrier fame. Mrs. Logan retained Ch Longdrive Azna before he went on to Mrs. George Lockett (well known German Shepherd enthusiast) and then became foundation stud dog at the Palmerston North based Salguod kennels of the Douglas family. One of two black and tans in this litter, Longdrive Azzar went to Mrs. L M Groves to found her Calcutta kennels.

Longdrive Azzar sired three litters - the first to his sister Nomita (from the first born litter) who had joined her two sisters, Avaz and Ayanda. With no kennel name at the time, the pups were all given different names. Mahdraj Baloo became the foundation stud dog for Mr. Bill Van Selles Chaucer Lodge kennels where he was later joined by Ch Mirsirloo Ramazaan who in 1963 became the first New Zealand bred Afghan hound to win an All Breeds best in show award. Azzar also sired a litter to his dam and one to Sharoda Of Chaucer Lodge - a daughter of Mahdraj Baloo.

In 1961, Mr. Frank Heaysman - the well known All Breeds judge and his wife Aileen imported the first Afghan into the South Island, NZ Ch Reserview Zara and the following year, the dog, NZ Ch Frankkenn Shahoudin, to establish their Shahdazar kennel. Meanwhile in 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Morris of the famous Taff poodles and terriers imported NZ Ch Reserview Abdul, (a younger brother to Zara) and he won 32 CC's becoming the first Best In Show winning Afghan Hound in New Zealand in December 1962. Jordaan Asshra had arrived from Australia with Abdul and in 1962 produced Ch Blaki of Taff and the foundation bitch for the Salguod kennels, Ch Bedouin Of Taff Reserview. Abdul and Ch Blaki produced two litters in 1964, to give the two champions - Mars Elaine Bank's black and tan Ameer of Tamiko and for Eric Tate (of Tholae corgi's) Ansari of Tamiko.

In 1961 Mrs. Marie Howitt moved from Australia to New Zealand bringing with her the English import Aust Ch Viper of Davlen and his daughter el Tazzi Chandi Ba-Ba.

As mentioned, the Salguod kennels began with the bitch Ch Bedouin of Taff, a light cream colour she had produced litters to Ch Longdrive Azma and Aust/NZ Ch Viper Of Davlen (UK) when they imported the black and tan dog Havandrah Of Shanshu from England. Havandrah had been purchased as a mate for their 1963 import NZ Ch Shaharah Of Shanshu (UK) and they produced several litters between them.

Notable Salguods included Ch Do-Char (Best In Show All Breeds 1968) Giant Gym (Hound Group National 1970) Ch Grinadier and Aust Ch Do-Yak.

Mr. Bill Van Selles imported the Australian bitch NZ Ch Kabul Mishuh in 1963 and mated to Mahdraj Baloo produced the bold red Ch Pasha Of Chaucer Lodge who became the second New Zealand bred Afghan to win an all breeds Best In Show. Mishuh's second litter was to Ch Kingstar Ali Bey, whose sire was a brother to Hookstone Aga Mohammed and dam, sister to el Tazzi Chandi Ba-Ba. Ali Bey came to the National in 1968 winning Reserve Best In Show. Mishub produced Noni Hare's all breeds Best In Show winner Aust/NZ Ch The Rake Of Chaucer Lodge and his brother Ch The Shah - also an all breeds BIS winner for Mr. Andy Fleming who based his Tarbam kennel on early Chaucer Lodge stock. Mr. Van Selles retained the gold bitch Mishuh of Chaucer Lodge, who produced several litters to Ch Pasha, producing Bruce Fleming's Ch Le Monk of Chaucer Lodge, who in turn sired Torwood Arrant Forte, the youngest Afghan ever to win an all breeds Best in Show award.

Meanwhile in 1963, Mrs. Marie Howitt obtained Shemsuki Kamara, an English import and mated her to Aust/NZ Ch Viper Of Davlen. This produced Ch Candah (Lilburn) Ch Chashara (Robinson) and Australian Ch Candari Of Kazah a highly successful show dog there. In 1964 the black and tan Mahcushia Of Moonswift arrived from the UK in whelp to Eng Ch Waliwog Of Carloway (who later went to David Roche in Australia) From this litter Aust Ch Astrajid went to Lynette Schelling's Shaaltarah kennel and Ahmed Kadir Of Kazah sired NZ Ch Kymia Kazadika Kadir (Tute), Alexis and Alizia gained New Zealand titles while Azzara completed hers across the Tasman.

Sahib of Rabiouw-Wahad (UK) a black masked silver joined Kazah in 1964 and became the first Afghan to win the Group at the National (1964). In 1965 Mrs. Howitt imported NZ Ch Mohammed Ali Of Moonswift from England and Aust/NZ Ch Miyasht Emissary (UK) in 1968. Ali had traveled with Albert Lightfoot's famous standard smooth dachshund Eng Ch Silvae Defender.

Eleven litters were bred during the 1961-69 stay of Kazah in New Zealand. Most of these litters produced successful show dogs, but the continuation through to today is mostly through Ch Alexis (dam of Aust/NZ Ch Gay Vikki Of Kazah - an all breeds BIS winner here) and Ch Jeddah Azir Of Kazah (Ch Sahib ex Ch El Tazzi Chandi Ba-Ba) the dam and grand-dam of important producers. In 1968 Mrs. Howitt imported the first brindle into the country - NZ Ch Cregdala Starmist (Aust) Viper, Mohammed Ali and Miyasht Emissary all became all breeds best in show winners.

Afghan Hound Times photo - Early New Zealand Afghan Hounds

One final significant event was to occur before the sixties ended. The arrival of a black masked gold puppy called el Tazzi Tama.

This brings the breed to the beginning of the seventies, by which time it was firm established, mainly as a small handful of kennels working very separately. Kazah was now back in Australia, Chaucer Lodge was entering a quiet phase that was to last several years and Salguod closed own. There were no significant kennels active at this time. Just a few owners with small numbers of dogs, but a time when many of the people in the breed today, began. The strongest link across the 60's to 70's was possibly Pat and Allan Hillyard. They had acquired Ch Cregdala Starmist and Ch Haji Baba of Kazah from Marie Howitt. Instrumental in the formation of the Dominion Afghan Club they were to watch it quickly become one of the strongest breed clubs in the country, with the enormous popularity of the Afghan hound in the mid to late seventies.

To fully document the history and development of the breed from 1970 until now would fill volumes, even to limit mention to champions or even all best in show winners would be excessive. Such was the growth and success of the breed, especially in the mid to late seventies. As an indicator the number of imports arriving during the years 1972-75 averaged 1 every 10 days . During the years 1980-89 this had decreased markedly to 8 per year and in the year 1990 only 2 imports came to this country.

The following therefore may not even be a reasonable coverage of events since. Separate club histories give an overall view of club show wins, but unfortunately no separate register exists of best in show winners at all breeds shows from the late 70's on.

However I have tried to mention some of the most significant events, the most successful dogs and give background to some of the kennels in the breed today.

Although Kazah left in 1969, two events were to ensure that this kennel had a major influence on the breed to the present day. Aust/NZ Ch Miyasht Emissary sired a litter only days before his departure to Australia to Ch Jeddah Azir of Kazah. Apart from producing Kim and Desiree Crysell's first Afghan Ch Reklaws Rizelle, it produced Farah Diba Of Kazah and Reklaws Rebecca. Farah Diba was the dam of the Crysell's brindle Ch Kazah Nassia and descended from Farah is a long line of Kazah's bred in Australia and more recently a litter born here in New Zealand (by Eng/Aust Ch Sharazah Night Gambler) and now based in England where the kennel originally began. Rebecca produced Ch Reklaws Shari, who mated to her own sire, became the dam of one of the most successful litters bred in this country. Smith's Ch Azreefa Of Ashkabad, Payne's Ch Azravi and Smith/Payne's Ch Azrayah were all specialty best in show winners. Azreefa and Azrayah also won all breeds BIS. The second significant event for Kazah was the leasing in 1970 of Aust Ch Shazkhan Azurah in whelp to Aust Ch Bletchingley Bogeyman (UK). This produced for New Zealand, Ch Kazah Shaz Ranee (Crysell) Kazah Shaz Rahmin (Buxton) 00 sire of Anette Buxton's all breeds BIS winner Ch Pania Kazbari and Ch Kazar Sheer Khan (Smith/Walker) - sire of the Ashkabads and three further specialty BIS winners Ch Azarna Ameer Kassim (Payne/Crysell). Ch Zingaro of Badshah (Dorman/Finlayson) and Zarya Of Badshah (Wilshire).

Additionally, a dynasty of Specialty BIS winners has stemmed from Ch Kazah Sheer Khan's (himself an all breeds and specialty BIS winner) half brother Ch Bletchingley Bogeyman (Crysell) who attained this award in 1984 and Ottoman's son Ch Zarafshan Ego-Tripper (Hutson) the following year.

Returning to that puppy of 1969 NZ Ch el Tazzi Tama, imported by Malcolm and Elaine Banks. They already had two afghans, both black and tans. Ch Ameer of Tamiko (mentioned earlier) and Argus OF Salguod (Havandrah Of Shanshu ex Ch Bedouin Of Taff). 43 championship best in show awards, 125 CC's (that's almost a best in show every second time out!) The only afghan to win Best In Show at the National. In part Tama was similarly bred to the early imports of Mrs. Logan. His paternal grandsire was Int Ch Badin V D Orange Manege and during the seventies Malcolm and Elaine imported several bitch, El Tazzi C'tu Charisma (daughter of Ismene v.d. Orange Manege, el Tazzi Ginniya (by Topper v d Orange Manege), Sirdar Salamander (dam of the first Khantazi litter) and the black Aust Ch Barukhzy Baz Atikah. In 1974 they imported NZ Ch Candy v d Orange Manege from Holland to compliment the breeding they had already acquired. Producing many champions and also best in show winners. During the eighties showing and breeding was scaled down. Aust/NZ Ch Aboukir Why Panic was exhibited to her title here in the late eighties.

In the South Island, Lois Clarey established her el Sadi kennels in Christchurch. Lois had been associated with several dogs over the years including a dog by Longdrive Azzar from the first Calcutta litter. But it was in 1973 with the importation of Aust/NZ Ch Calahorra Fiesta Brava that most associate the start of el Sadi. Lois presented her dogs outstandingly, and Brava after, first gaining best in show all breeds on March 25th 1972 under Miss Jean Wiffin won a total of 10 all breeds BIS and 4 specialties. Later she imported AUST/NZ Calahorra Lion O'JUDAH (Aust) in partnership with Frank Heaysman, bringing Frank and his daughter back into the breed after some years absence. Additionally, Lois experienced great success with Ch Haldir Warlock (a son of Ch el Tazzi Tama) and also owned the blue Azra Tsarina Natasha (Aust) and NZ Ch Ssaaistas Shna of Isfahan (UK), the brindle Raushan Sulaiyl, and Shaaltarah Denim 'nLace, Shaaltarah Black Witch, Shaaltarah Hestia and Aust/NZ Ch Aesir Tigre Valkyrie - all from Australia.

The major kennels in the South Isand toay are the Aataahua kennels of Helen Franks and the Shahzenam of Grant and Marylyn Switala.

Helen began in the breed with Ch Samarkand Rewa (Unique of Salguod ex Tzena Charina) and bred her first litter in 1973. From this came her highly successful Ch Magnifique Of Aataahua. Best in Show winner at both all breeds and specialty he is the only afghan to become NZ All Breeds dog of the year, which he did in 1978, followed by runner up in 1979. Another outstanding presenter of her dogs, Helen has had major success with Ch Repliqu Of Aataahua, the brindle bitch Ch Arabasque of Aataahua, Ch Maimana The Magician and more recently her black and tans, Grand Ch Jacosta Majestic Nite (Aust) and Ch Jacosta Tar 'm Feathers.

Grant and Marylyn Switalla have established the largest kennel of afghans ever seen in this country and after the early loss of their promising Ganesha Mr Good Times (Aus), imported his brother, Grand Ch Ganesha Bound For Glory. This kennel has established an impressive record of Specialty and al breeds BIS winners. In addition to Bound for Glory, Ch Emir Hannamira, Ch Shahzenan Savannah and Ch Shahzenan Born to be Wild have all won specialties. Bound for Glory established the enviable record of winning two all breeds best in shows on the one day and, to prove it was a no oncer, repeated the performance a year later.

As mentioned earlier Chaucer Lodge had gone into a quiet phase in the early seventies, but was soon to crete controversy as alive today as it has been over the last fifteen years.

In early 1975 Mr Van Selles imported a young pup (6 mths old) from Mrs Jean Merson of Perth. Chantry's Silver Ghost was a silver blue brindle sone of Akaba's Hi Ho Silver (USA) and Fermoy Serena. Serena was a sister to NZ Ch Fermoy Jethro wh became a multiple best in show winner for Pat and Allan Hillyard. Ghost's ownership was never transferred to Mr Van Selles. Litters were born at Chaucer Lodge in 1974 and 1975 when on 1.12.1976 a litter of three was registered with the red Ch Pasha Of Chaucer Lodge as sire and the black and tan Jezebel (sister to Ch el Kabah0 as dam. With the pedigrees and colours of Pasha and Jezebel, only gold (cream through red) and black and t an colours are possible. The two previous litters had other colour influences, one a brindle sire and the other a blue dam. Just who the parents are of what turned out to be rather famous puppies will never be solved. We can only speculate as to which combination produced them. Two of the puppies grew up to become household breed names. Ch Poacher Of Chaucer Lodge (blue) a multiple all breeds best in show winner for Neville and Denise Skudder and successful sire of Ch Torwood Gold Gremlin (Smith) a multiple all breeds and specialty shows BIS winner and Mrs Mopp Of Chaucer Lodge (a specialty BIS winner). Poachers brother Ch The Sire of Chaucer Lodge, winner of several all breeds BIS founded the highly successful Juwain kennel of Alan and Dale Powell.

Bruce Fleming's Aust/NZ Ch Fubari Desert Flower had a big impact on the showing in the later part of the seventies. She won all breeds and Specialty best in show in both New Zealand and Australia. Following her, others like Steve Bevan's Ch Dzum Patchwork Patti (Aust) gained best in show awards at all breed shows and the trend had been firmly set for individual owners with small numbers of dogs to take the top awards. This was in stark contrast to the sixties where small numbers of major kennels dominated. This change has continued through today, with the exception of the Shahzeman kennels in the South Island and to some extent the success story of the eighties the North Island based Juwain Kennels.

Such was the background to the success of Ch Bindeva Mr Soames (Sedgewick), Ch Fermoy Jethro (Hillyard) CH Shahzada Gambling Man (Dick) Ch Ghandara Jolly Demon (Parker) and the successful Speciality winners, Ch Avellino of Dwynella and Aust/NZ Ch Dzum Tabitha Twitchett. All breed best in show awards are seldom awarded to Afghan hounds at the present time. It is interesting to note however that the latest such winner Ch Bletchley Hall Fire=Fox (Payne) descends directly from the first litter born in this country in 1960.

As referred to earlier, the Juwain kennels of Alan and Dale Powell has been one of the major success stories of the eighties. Beginning with Ch The Sire Of Chaucer Lodge and Ch Torwood Arabesque (a daughter of Ch Kabah Of Chaucer Lodge) dogs of note bearing this kennel name have included Ch The Squire, Ch The Pawn (Merriman), Masquerade (Corry and Scott) and the Specialty best in show winning Ch Solitaire Of Juwain (Parker), in addition to numerous champions.

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