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Margaret Niblock "Khanabad"

A Personal Tribute By Ortrud Roemer-Horn (Germany)

1. Margaret Niblock (Khanabad), Some Bio information from Lyall Payne

Margaret Niblock was born in India. Father was a doctor in the Indian Medical Service. Margaret sometimes gave her initials as M E Niblock but she was Eileen Margaret Niblock. Just as her mother was Eileen Muriel but gave her initials as Mrs M E Niblock !

Info on Margaret Niblock's father - Lt Col William James Niblock of Madras Medical Service was born in Clontibret, Monaghan, Ireland on July 10, 1871 and he died in Bournemouth, Dorset, England on October 11, 1935. He graduated MBBCh from Ireland and BAO (Baccalaureus in Arte Obstetricia [Bachelor of Obstetrics]) from the Royal University of Ireland in 1894, and was admitted into the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland in 1906. He entered the Indian Medical Service (IMS) as SurgeonLieutenant on January 28, 1896, became Lieutenant Colonel on July 29, 1915, and retired from active service on 15 February 1923. His medical service was mostly in the city of Madras. He was appointed as the Third Surgeon in the Madras General Hospital and Professor of Biology in Madras Medical College in 1901, he was promoted as the Second Surgeon and Professor of Anatomy in 1909, and became the First Surgeon and Professor of Surgery in 1912. He was also the principal of the Madras Medical College.

2. Margaret Niblock (Khanabad), A Personal Tribute By Ortrud Roemer-Horn (Germany)

Margaret Niblock was known and loved by many people throughout the world. Sadly, she died at the age of 78 on April 26 1995. We are grateful to Ortrud Roemer-Horn (Germany) for her suggestion that we create some pages in fond memory of Margaret which we are delighted to do. We wish to extend an open invitation to everybody to add or contribute to Margaret's pages.

Miss Margaret Niblock, known as the world famous breeder of the KHANABAD Afghans in England passed away at the end of April 1995.

She fell in love with this magnificent breed when she saw some of the Wyke Afghans of Capt. Waterlow Fox in 1932. These dogs were descendants of the original BELL MURRAYS. In 1946 she aquired BLETCHINGLEY Berberine, called Toots her very first Afghan. Toots became the dam of the first KHANABAD Afghans of the "golden line. The litter with KHANABAD Astrajid, Asravi and Azreefa, - the latter was exported to the U.S.-, produced the first champions of the early days. Another outstanding litter was that with KHANABAD Suradar, Surarov and Suvaraj.

In the sixties, when Margaret Niblock, gained knowledge of Sunny Shay and GRANDEUR, she became very interested in the blue Afghans. With the litter brothers BRANWEN Sheen Khalifa and Khurrum, and the female ISFAHAN Micha of Torpaz she founded her "blue KHANABAD line, which in these days was met with lots of opposition, in England. The unique male KHANABAD White Warrior, typewise, was steps ahead in that period and was the most famous representative of the blue line.

Margaret Niblocks book "The Afghan Hound - A definitive study fullfills this title in every aspect. It was published in the beginning of the eighties and many Afghan enthusiasts believe it is the best book ever written about the breed.

In 1953 Margaret Niblock started judging and as well as judging in England, Ireland and Scottland she judged in Australia, Newzealand, South Africa and most European countries and Russia. She also visited Japan where her opinion was very much appreciated.

Talking Afghans with Margaret Niblock and listening to her immense knowledge was an experience itself. Looking at her ancient photos was like a journey long time ago in Afghan history.

What said the transmitter of the sad message of her death to me ... and again one of the GREATS is gone. How true! Margaret Niblock was one of the very great Ladies in Afghandom.

Ortrud Roemer-Horn (Germany)
January 1998

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