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Afghan Hound on Shrine in Nepal
Our Afghans, May 2002

Afghan Hound Times- Photo - Afghan Hound on shrine in Nepal

This amazing picture was contributed by Ortrud Roemer-Horn, a long time OA friend and Afghanite from Germany. Ortrud is an avid traveller and collector of travel accounts by others, and came across this picture in a book, "Unbekanntes Asien" (Unknown Asia), authored by Maria and Rheingold Rieger (Wernbacher Vertag Ker, Graz Austria). Its on page 95 and shows the oldest and most holy shrine of Buddhism in Swayambunath, Nepal

Through Ortrud's efforts we obtained the author's kind permission and the print from a slide he provided, as show here, which appears to clearly show a white Afghan Hound as far as body build goes!. The head is slightly distorted in concert with the symbolistic representation of the other animals depicted, but is that a "natural show stack" right on top of the shrine or what?

Our sincere thanks to the Riegers for letting us share this find. They surely are people after our own heart, travelling through Nepal with a car full of ... dog food! They were appaled to find so many "street dogs" in that country, whom they described as friendly and not aggressive at all but in dire need of sustenance. You kinda wonder if they managed to bring home an adoptee - perhaps a descendant of a certain white Afghan Hound who leaped to the top of a shrine as only an Af might who feels entitlted to human worship?

Afghan Hounds In India, Steve Tillotson, 2012
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