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(Steve Tillotson 2011)

We Recently published the article - The Dog Of The Mystic East, by Jean Manson, 1929. I included some photographs, scanned from an old magazine. Upon closer inspection I was intrigued by some of the subjects in the original photo. So I re-scanned the original photograph at a much higher resolution. This enabled me to more closely inspect the photo. This short article discusses some of my observations.

Let's start with a clean photograph

Afghan Hound Times - Mysterious Bell-Murray/Cove photo

Now let's note some things about this photograph

Afghan Hound Times - Mysterious Bell-Murray/Cove photo

This is what I see, if you see more please let me know -

PEOPLE (left to right)
A - Female crouched down, possibly Jean Manson?
B - Female child in front of vehicle, possibly Bell-Murray child
C - Female, white blouse, wearing a hat, possibly Mrs Bell-Murray
D - Male crouched down, wearing a tie, assumed to be Kennel Help
E - Female child in dress, looks familiar, probably Bell-Murray child
F - Male, presumed to be Major Bell-Murray

DOGS (left to right)
1 - Light coloured Afghan sitting
2/3 - Two possibly brindle Afghans in front of vehicle (Could one be Pushum?)
4 - Light coloured Afghan on leash
5/6 - Two light coloured hounds in front of house
7 - Major Bell-Murray? with light coloured Afghan
8 - Look closely, then look below

Now let's have a closer look at Dog #8

By englarging a higher resolution picture this reveals that there might be an 8th Afghan Hound in this photograph. Look closely you can see what appears to be the feet, the front, the front legs, the lead/leash hanging down.

I have had several suggestions re this mystery. The most popular and highly creditable one is that its either a double image (an image photo'd on the plate after a first photo was taken and the plate still in the camera from first photo when second photo taken, or something was there and it moved, it could even be a wheel of a cart. So the most likely conclusion is that its a quirk of early 20th century photography technology that pre dated the Brownie 127.

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