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The Liang Tsjeoe Afghan Hounds
of Mrs S N Liese-Terstall
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by Steve Tillotson, May 2013 photo pedigree article - The Liang Tsjeoe Afghan Hounds

(Acknowledgement. With thanks to our great friend the Custodian of the Liang Tsjeoe archives,
without who's help, and archives this article would not have been possible)

In late 1927 Mrs S N Liese-Terstall's Liang Tsjeoe Afghan Hound kennel became the second kennel in the Netherlands to import, exhibit and breed Afghan Hounds (the first being Han Jungeling's Barukhzy on January 13 1927). The Liang Tsjeoe kennel has the distinction of owning the first Dutch Ch Afghan hound on record - Champaka de Flandre, bred by Mrs M B Cooper, de Flandre UK.

The first two imports by Mrs S N Liese-Terstall' were Pari of Cove a fawn bitch (Potentate x Ranchi), Dob 6/8/1926, breeder Miss Jean Manson, Cove Afghan Hounds, Scotland and the fawn Dog Rajah Secundus Of Cove, Dob 6/4/1926 who was also bred by Miss Jean Manson. Presumably Mrs Terstall purchased the Cove dog and bitch as a potential breeding pair? However there is no record of breeding involving Pari Of Cove. Nothing is known of Pari of Cove beyond her initial export to the Netherlands. Mrs Terstall then imported a bitch Champaka de Flandre (UK) from Mrs M B Cooper. Do we presume that something happened (Distemper? Sterile bitch?) to Pari Of Cove which prevented MrsTerstall from breeding her with Rajah Secundus and that perhaps caused Mrs Terstall to import another bitch (Champaka) who was mated with Rajah Secundus and this breeding forms the foundation of Mrs Terstall's Afghan hounds? We may never know what happened to Pari, if we do find additional information we will update this article.

Like the more well known Dutch kennels (Van de Orange Manege/Eta Pauptit and Mrs Jungeling and her son Han Jungeling/Barukhzy), Mrs S N Liese-Terstall started out with a mix of Ghazni and Bell Murray bloodlines. Both Vdom and Barukhzy came to favour the Ghazni lines and bred exclusively to those lines. Mrs M B Cooper (de Flandre, UK) was a pioneer breeder in England and one of the first to blend the Ghazni and Bell Murray lines. Mrs S N Liese-Terstall had a differrent mix of foundation bloodlines to the other Dutch breeders mentioned above. She owned the pure bred Bell Murray dog Rajah Secundus Of Cove, and she also owned the Bell Murray/Ghazni blended bitch - Champaka de Flandre. So whilst Vdom and Barukhzy chose to breed only Ghazni lines after they had experimented with their Bell Murray stock, Mrs S N Liese-Terstall was breeding a blended line, weighted towards Bell Murray. That kind of bucks the trend of what eventually occured with English breeders (blends weighted towards Ghazni), so it is very interesting and exciting that we can study photographs of actual specimens of this Bell Murray weighted blended breeding. photo pedigree article - The Liang Tsjeoe Afghan Hounds
Dog, Fawn, Dob 6/5/1926
Owner G.W.Tinkoff, The Hague, Holland photo pedigree article - The Liang Tsjeoe Afghan Hounds

******With thanks to Stephanie Hunt Crowley for catching this - COVE is the Kennel Name of Miss Jean Manson. Allthough Ms Manson was very heavily involved with the Bell Murray hounds in the UK and in Afghanistan, she deservedly made her own mark in the breed with her COVE Afghan hounds. So in the advertisment above, we should note that Rajah Secundus of Cove was bred by Miss Manson, not Major Bell Murray.

The photo of Rajah was published in "De Hond" in 1930. The Liang Tsjeoe kennel is not covered in the the breed books. Presumably this lack of cover is because the lines do not contribute to the breeds pedigree history. However, that exclusion does a great injustice to such dedicated breeders. The archives provided to Afghan Hound Times by the Liang Tsjeoe archives Custodian include some of the few early photographs we have of the foundation hounds, their type, and evidence of how they bred. So historically they are of great interest. Further, Mrs S N Liese did own the first Dutch Afghan hound champion (Champaka de Flandre) , thus leaving her kennels endelible mark on the breed. We should also remember that in those early days of the late 1920's the Afghan hound was still relatively unknown in Europe, and pioneer exhibiters and breeders, such as Mrs S N Liese-Terstall, by their exhibiting of this exotic eastern hound helped it gain public attention and support and, promote interest in the newly developing breed. Mrs S N Liese-Terstall exhibited widely and even took her hounds to exhibit in neighbouring countries such as Belgium, further spreading the word that the Afghan Hound has arrived. photo pedigree article - The Liang Tsjeoe Afghan Hounds

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