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(Researched by Lyall Payne, Bletchley Hall Afghans New Zealand).
(Page compiled by Steve Tillotson October 2013) Photo Kasi Of Cove 1926

Above is a photo of Kasi Of Cove with his owner Sigrid Holmquist, an actress known as the Swedish version of Mary Pickford in the silent movie era of the 1920's. The photo was taken at the Nassau Country Kennel Club show (New York) in May 1927. The archive was researched and found by Lyall Payne (Bletchley Hall Afghan hounds New Zealand). A great find Lyall, thank you for sharing.

Kasi was also mentioned in the USA magazine Home Journal - Volume 81, published in 1927 but we have no further details as yet.

Notes from researcher/historian Lyall Payne - Kasi was two weeks off a year old here. But this is not one of the originals. Miss Manson arrived in the US on the 22 June 1926. Kasi of Cove was born 4 June same year (so she had 3 wk old puppies at home) and from this litter Begum went to Hans Jungeling in the Netherlands and Raja Secundus went to Mrs Liese-Terstell in the Netherlands. This find by Lyall is the first information that Kasi Of Cove was exported to the USA.

We're quite pleased as so far we have tracked down and published photographs of 3 members of the Cove litter born 4 June 1926, maybe we'll find more in the future

Miss Manson was a very enthusiastic and successful promoter of the breed, and on her trip in 1926 she succeeded in achieving some sales. This photograph also confirms that the Afghan hound was being exhibited on the east coast as early as 1926/7.

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