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LKA (England) Championship Dog Show 1930 Judge's Report
Judge - Han Jngeling
Barukhzy Afghan Hounds (Netherlands)

I originally posted this page/article in 1996 and am very excited and pleased to now (June 2011) be able to include two historic photographs that accompany the Judges report. The photo's kindly provided by Jim Courdriet, Victorian Afghan Hounds USA, and Peter Van Arkel, Holland. I cannot overstate the historic value of these photographs as the line up of people and dogs includes many of the famous names from the foundation days of the breed from the 1920's.
Steve Tillotson June 2011

Afghan Hound Times - Han Jungling Judging in England LKA 1930

In the line up above we have been able to identify dogs and people so far as follows -

  • The black and tan on the left is Asri Havid of Ghazni. Phyllis Robson handling
  • On his right is Asman of Ghazni.
  • On his right is (possibly, not certain yet) Ch Sirdar of Ghazni.
  • Two more to the right (the white one looking up) is Omar of Geufron.
  • On his right is Miryam of Baberbagh.
  • Two more to the right (the black) is Wahsdarb Seyyid.
  • On his right is WestMill Omar.
  • Second to his right is Marika of Baberbagh (the white with head down)

Here is a scan of the actual show catalogue for that day, with the results marked. Below this catalogue scan you will find the Judges report

Schedule Afghan Hounds LKA 1930

Judges Report (Han Jngeling)

A splendid entry of 78. The quality pleased me very much. There were so many good ones that many had to go cardless. Many dogs were not in the best muscular condition, but this is perhaps due to the long wet winter during which dogs could not get much exercise.

1. Hon Lady de Courcy Wheelers Asman of Ghazni
Upstanding dog, very nice type. I would like him a bit wider in front, coat good

2. Capt.W.Fox's Shah of Wyke Good head, a trifle overshot, nice expression, failed a little in legs

3. Stones Nashitat of Ghazni
Very promising golden puppy, just six months, well balanced all over, will go to the top later, hasn't finished making up yet and still a trifle lighter

4. Capt.Champions Kulli Khan
For 10 months well matured, one would like loin stronger

1. Mrs.Woods Wahsdarb Seyyid
Black, nice type, well balanced, good action

2. Asjan of Ghazni

3. Lady Deccies Scotswood Coolie
Not in best condition, very nice expression, fails in back and loin

4. Shah of Wyke

1.Wahsdar Seyyid

2. Mrs Chesterfield Cookes Hakkim of Zarni
Strong dog in good condition, fails head.

3. E.Budget Knibbs Niam of Zarni

1. Mrs I Prudes Marika of Baberbagh
I gave this bitch the CH. She is one of the best Afghans I have seen, well balanced, excellent mover, well ribbed up, the point in which many failed, hindquarters as they should be.

2. Mrs Squibbs Sirfreda
Not quite so well balanced as Marika but still a bitch of the champion class, failed a little in muzzle

3. Hackim of Zarni

4. Asman of Ghazni

LIMIT D 1. Mrs Chesterfield Cooks Mal Deo of Zarni
A longcoated one, many good points but failing in height of forelegs.

2. N of Zarni

3. Asman of Ghazni

4. S Coolie

OPEN D 1. Mrs Amps Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Won the certificate, the first time I have seen this well known dog, stands out.

2. Mrs Harris's Ch Buckmal
For this age in wonderful condition. I liked him but he is on the coarse side. Was Reserve for CC

3. Capt. Waterlow Fox's Taj Mahip of Kaf
Very king dog, just beaten on points

4. Maideo of Zarni

Mrs Robsons Ch Asri Havid of Ghazni
Black and tan, after Sirdar owns the best expression, all round he is a taking dog, could carry a bit more flesh

1. Marika of Baberbagh
2. Sirfreda - Reserve for Certificate
3. Nashihat of Ghazni
4. Mrs Simmons Barbar of Bericote

1.2.3. Repeat
4. Miss Simmons Ch Alfreda - didn't look her best

Mrs Woods won Brace and Team


Afghan Hounds - remarks with a judge's report. by Han Jungeling

We are grateful to the Barukhzy Archives for making the following article available to us for inclusion in this section.
De Hondenwereld 1966 - page 176 Afghaanse Windhonden - Kanttekeningen bij een keurmeestersverslag
( re Amsterdam Winner 1965). - (This is thus a text written for a Dutch audience)

Afghan Hounds - remarks with a judge's report. by Han Jungeling

"An invitation came for the Ladies Kennel Association Championship show per
may 14th, 1930 in London, and both English Afghan clubs made promises to
cooperate because they expected an impartial judgement from an outsider. As
a result my judging debut was not in the Netherlands but in England.
All the well known hounds were entered for this show and it was for the
first and the last time that both Afghan camps presented themselves. This
judging debut is engraved in my memory, and in my recollections I see the
best hounds that were entered back then still clearly before me. Hounds like
Ch. Sirdar of Ghazni, Ch. Buckmal, Ch. Taj Mahip of Kaf and several others.
Hounds of completely different types, falling apart in two categories,
hounds of the Ghazni type and hounds of the Bell Murray type. When I started
judging the large male class I placed the hounds of the Ghazni type at one
side of the ring and the hounds of the Bell Murray type at the other side
and when I was asked why did so I answered: "I am under the impression that
I have been asked to judge two entirely different breeds and in order to
make that clear I have divided the hounds in two groups". Subsequently I
judged the two groups and had the best out of the two groups compete with
each other for the placements. Ch. Sirdar of Ghazni got first place and a
Bell Murray Afghan, i.e. Ch. Buckmal got second. I had absolutely no preference
for one of the two types and I found both hounds phenomenal. A hound of the quality
of Sirdar of Ghazni could, or should, be able to win anywhere even today,
but a hound of the type and quality of Ch. Buckmal would not stand a chance except
under me, because the current judges do not know this breed type. However the type of
Ch. Buckmal still exists in Afghanistan.
Han Jungeling (Judge)

Afghan Hound Times - Han Jungeling Judging LKA England 1930

I think you will agree these two photographs depicting the breed and people 80 years ago in England is very exciting. We'll continue to study the photographs and add to this article as we uncover further information about the people and dogs shown

A Photo Of Sirdar taken at this show
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