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Lee Huggins, M.D.

There is only one way to improve judging from the exhibitor's point of view, in my opinion. Do not support nor exhibit under those judges that one feels are incompetent or dishonest. Please, the opinion should never be based on dog show gossip, never because that particular judge did not put you up, and never because of personal dislike.

If someone is applying to judge, and the exhibitor has a sound and honest reason for thinking that person should not judge, then that exhibitor should write the American kennel Club stating his opinion based on facts and known truths.

Judging can be improved if all of us will give "in-put" to the kennel Club. The people at 221, as it used to be referred to, cannot know everyone who applies, hard as they try. They must be aided by objective exhibitors and breeders who will let them know of important things regarding judges that they might not otherwise know.

As well, I believe that exhibitors and breeders owe it to the game to write favorable letters regarding judges and/or applicants.


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