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Louis Auslander

The question "How can the Exhibitors improve judging?" is a loaded one.

The most unfortunate part of judging is the lack of consistency. I believe, the American kennel Club is presently embarking on a plan that will ultimately produce more knowledgeable judges and more consistent judging.

The American Whippet Club would well serve our breed by cooperating with the American kennel Club in producing a visual slide or tape presentation showing the breed as they see it and as they wish the judges to see it

The questions are "Can we ourselves agree on what is proper type, movement size and so forth," and be willing as a breed club to present a unified presentation for judges to follow. As a judge, I see many types in the ring; each Exhibitor being terribly fond of their own type. I wonder how you can please the vast majority of Exhibitors when they themselves cannot produce dogs that look like one another.

I will close by asking you a question "How can the judges improve the Exhibitors?"


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