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Nubby Errickson

The first thing that pops into my head in answer to your question, is for we exhibitors to boycott poor judges. My philosophy in showing dogs has always been to go to the judges who are basically knowledgeable and absolutely non-political. I don't care if he likes my type of dog or not As long as he can be consistent conscientious and understands structure and function, this is the main issue.

Unfortunately, qualified judges are few and far between and I refuse to lower my standards. The comments I've made and heard in my sixteen years of experience would fill a book I vowed long ago, that if ever I became licensed, I would first of all never look at who held the leash, and secondly I would judge absolutely and positively on structure, balance and the togetherness of the animal. If all judges were to follow all of these rules, we would have a good slate of people to show under.

Nothing makes me more furious than a judge who picks the winner by "Who's turn it is," or one who doesn't know why an animal is doing "something funny," or why he "looks odd," or one who judges parts, or calls the exhibitors by name, or judges the pro-handlers. The list seems endless.

No I will not waste my money on a poor judge. Furthermore, I will write the kennel Club to tell them why I've not entered their show. It is the only thing I feel an exhibitor can do. If we all followed this practice the incompetant judges would become figments of our imaginations and the good judges would rise to the top. However, a point to be made here is that if an exhibitor cannot determine the qualities of their own animals, how can they determine if a judge is knowledgeable or not?

A great deal can be said for education and it follows that with education, you must have comprehension and application. After all, not every human is capable of being a good doctor or mechanic or beautician, or judge. A mechanic that was unable to repair a car, or a doctor who couldn't diagnose or a beautician that would ruin your hair, would not have many clients. The same should hold true for judges. Just because AKC says they are licensed doesn't mean they are good at what they do. That's the exhibitors job and if we don't buy their service, they won't stay in business. Thanks for the opportunity to speak my mind. Your question has always been a big issue with me.


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