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Mrs. Mary Nelson Stephenson

In reply to your inquiry: How can the EXHIBITORS improve judging," my first thought is simply, how can you put such a question to a judge?

The QUALITY of judging is a direct reflection of the quality of the judge, no more, no less. Ability to sense quality, to "spot" a good dog immediately, in a class of five or forty, is further enhanced by experience either in the breed as a breeder, or as a judge who has served as an arbiter on a frequent and regular basis.

In direct reply to your question, the exhibitors cannot improve the judging. Exhibitors who have properly trained their exhibits, who have thoroughly explored the breed standard, and who endeavor to present dogs which are suitable to compete under that breed standard make judging a delight The judge does not need to spend extra time gaiting and re-gaiting such exhibits, so time and energy are saved, but the quality of the judging is not altered. The potential of good judging emanates from the person who is wearing the judges' badge, as a direct reflection of that person's mate integrity, years of direct experience, a natural ability to compare and analyze, a dedicated interest in the sustainance of quality in the breeds which he judges, and a compelling urge to maintain the quality of the sport


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