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Peter Belmont, Jr.

I will try to jot down my thoughts quickly on the subject

How can the exhibitors improve judging? As both a judge and an exhibitor I feel well qualified to answer this question with some degree of accuracy and a bit of opinion! It is simple. If there is any discontent with the way the judging went, simply never show under the judge again. Do not be tempted, even if that particular judge does a show a few minutes from your home. However, along with this silent protest, I feel it is the exhibitor's responsibility to inform the judge of his feelings. It does absolutely no good to "sound-off' at ringside to other exhibitors, or to gripe all the way home from a show.

I have always felt that judges should be held accountable for their decisions and that if an exhibitor was puzzled by his judgement, that the exhibitor owed it to the judge to confront him with his confusion. Perhaps they are seeing things two different ways and if the exhibitor, after this confrontation still feels shortchanged, simply do not show under the judge again.

Exhibitors and breeders are the ones who hire the judges. Perhaps the clubs can adapt better guidelines for hiring. rather than hiring the most available or cheapest judge - - - or the one who just put up their dog, or the one they want to put up their dog next year. I have studied this facet of the dog show game. I can mention at least two specialty giving clubs who have not hired a single judge in the past 5 years who has not put up dogs of the ruling heirarcy. Is this just obvious to me? Where do the other exhibitors stand?


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