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E.M. Gilbert, Jr.

The exhibitor should be knowledgeable both in his breed and in other breeds.

Exhibitors should at all times be good sports. All the entry pays for from the judge is his opinion on that day. Whether you like the opinion or not-that is what you paid for.

Each exhibitor should judge one Match. If you feel you can not judge then you should Steward several Matches and several Shows. This will give you some understanding as to what it is like in the center of the ring. This experience could even improve your courtesy to both your fellow exhibitors and the judge at your next shows. You might see to it that you were at ringside ready to go in when your class is called Time wasted waiting for tardy exhibitors can be better spent in judging dogs.

Actively participate in both a breed club and an All-Breed Club, know what it is to put on a Match and a Show.

When you feel a judge has done a good job-tell the Show Chairman and the AKC Representative. They will probably both faint because about all they ever hear are the complaints.

Urge your Parent Club, your Breed Club, and your All-Breed Club to put on judging Seminars and/or Workshops.

When exhibiting, check the judges pattern before you get in the ring. You can more easily follow directions when you know what is expected.

Always put the health and welfare of your dog first. Dog shows are to demonstrate the progress made in breeding for type and quality-they are not ego trips for the owner.

Educated exhibitors that have worked putting on shows are more tolerant and better understand what the sport of pure-bred dogs is all about If the educated exhibitor, as a positive element, works to improve the shows and provide educational opportunities for judges, we will all benefit The biggest benefit will be improved dogs.


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