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Raphael J. Schulte

I feel a great number of Exhibitors, should read and study and know their Breed's Standard, in and out, before ever going to a Show. There are a great number of Exhibitors, who come to the dog shows with the dog in poor condition, by this I mean, physical condition. A dog in good condition means not too fat and not too thin. Sure, I like a dog with proper coat, but coat quite often becomes a #1 for an Exhibitor.

I find in the last couple of years, Borzois paddling in front more than ever before.

One parting thought, a good animal will and should move properly. Exhibitors, before entering their first or second show, should have someone, a friend or another dog breeder stand and watch that dog move back and forth, then change. and you move the dog, and have your good friend watch the movement To me this is very important "If a dog isn't put together right, he can't move right"


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