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Carol Esterkin

In responding to your question of how an exhibitor can improve the quality of judging . . . in my opinion, the quality of judging can only be improve through education.

The normal progression in the fancy being exhibitor, breeder, judge; education must be on all levels. The responsibility for this education must be placed with the breed club. There are vast amounts to learn about each breed, and with new knowledge constantly surfacing, this education is a never ending process.

If a breed is fortunate to have a regional club, that club should have on'going panel programs, inviting judges (both good and bad) to participate. These need not be formal affairs, but rather a place where information and ideas can be exchanged.

In the absence of a regional club, the exhibitor should help the Parent Club put information together that can be distributed to judges and to anyone else interested in that breed.

There are many workshops and seminars offered on various breeds through'out the year. I think the breed club should strongly suggest to the AK.C. that attendence at some workshops and seminars be mandatory before and after a person is approved to judge.

There is no doubt in my mind that an educational system to train judges is long overdue. The exhibitor can help improve the quality of judging by learning as much as possible about his breed, and then seeing to it that present judges also have a place where they can go to learn, or are specifically invited to come and learn!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts.


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