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Charles and Lillian Billings

In Whippets, not plagued by over' popularity and thus relatively free from the over'intense competition that characterizes the leading breeds, exhibitors usually display good sportsmanship along with their animals. I can think of only one thing they could do to materially improve the quality of judging in their-and our- breed.

Whippet breeders should realize that most of the judges licensed for Whippets are not Whippet breeders or owners. Those judges depend on what they see at shows and what is brought to them for their impression of the breed standard. But Whippet type and quality are by no means uniform at this point in time.

The best thing exhibitors can do to help judges understand our evolving breed is to bring them only the very best they have. Leave the others at home. Show judges, particulary newcomers to the breed, only those dogs that really exemlify the standard, and in so doing, educate them to the best that the Whippet can be. This, to my mind, is the one step most likely to improve the quality of Whippet judging.

I thank you for the opportunity to present this- it's been on my mind for some time. I also thank you for the opportunity to present an ad which may remind us of perhaps the finest dog I've ever owned and loved


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