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Mr. Edward E. Stevenson

This is a problem that has been with us over the years and will be with us for years to come. I certainly do not know the solution, there is no easy answer.

What does not help the problem is people writing articles in magazines and dog papers about poor judging when they know very little about their own breed, based on what they exhibit let alone other breeds. What I would like to know is where they have gained all this knowledge that they can sit at ringside and judge the judge

No my friends I learned many years ago one cannot judge from ringside. One young lady even wrote an article on bad judging of a show and named the judge whom I know personally to be a fine judge of the breed, she stated she had been breeding and showing for the last two years, now she is an authority on the breed

Like other sports the element of human nature enters into it and when one loses naturally one is disappointed, some accept this loss with grace and good sportsmanship, others cut you with a look that if looks could kill, not only would you be dead but your next of kin would feel the effects, then we have the others who like some breeds of dogs are given to voice and go that one step and end up on the wrong end of a decision of a bench show committee, all these kinds of things will happen because its human nature.

I'm not suggesting there is not bad judging, like dogs some are better than others, and like judges some are better than others.

Judges are approved by the AK.C.; good judges are made from knowledge and experience.

Seminars are a great thing for judges and all concerned, but I guess many judges are like myself who cannot afford them owing to the expense, car fares, and motels etc.

I think the right approach is what many clubs are doing, that is sending judges to the breed standard with comments of where they think the judge is going wrong or overlooking some part in the breed standard.

A fine example of this is the Siberian Husky Club of America who send all judges approved to judge their breed a fully illustrated breed standard, which I have found to be a great help to me when I am judging this breed.

If we are to have good judges we must all dig in and help with our knowledge, experience, if you think a judge has missed a point in your breed when they judge, discuss it with him afterwards; hear his point of view. In this way we can help all, as none of us know it all


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