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Recent Importations to Britain
And their effect on British Afghans

)By Stephanie Hunt Crowley 1964)

(Originally published in The Southern Afghan Hound Club (UK) magazine
in 1964. Re-published here with the permission of the Author )

Afghans have been imported to England from other countries from time to time but the last three years or so have seen the biggest quota of imports from America and the Continent.

The first to arrive was the black masked red bitch, Crown Crest Zardeeka, bred by Kay Finch and imported by Sheila Devitt and Claire Race. Zardeeka is a daughter of International Champion Crown Crest Zardonx and American Champion Crown Crest Taejoan. Zardonx is a son of the famous International Champion Ophaal, which Mrs Finch imported to the US from Holland. Zardeeka's first litter in this country was by Champion Pasha of Carloway and included Champion Mazari of Carloway. Her second litter was a year ago by Watsatari of Carloway.

The next arrival was the black masked silver cream dog, Wazir of Desertaire. He was also imported by Mrs Devitt and Mrs Race, and is a son of the famous International Champion Crown Crest Mr Universe, one of America's most famous Afghans, and himself a son of Ophaal. Wazir's dam, American Champion Zar-Kari of Shamalan is also a daughter of Zardonx. He has sired too many litters to mention them individually but he has been a very successful sire. None of his progeny are over 2 1/2 years old but one, the bitch Bondor Serenade, won the CC at Manchester this year, although only 17 months old and qualified for her Junior Warrant. A few of his grandchildren are now appearing in the show rings but it is too early yet to ascertain the effect Wazir's importation will have on British Afghans.

The third arrival in Britain was the dog Ajman Branwen Kandahar. He is owned by Miss Keen and Miss McKenzie and is completely unrelated to the previous arrivals although bred in the USA. hE IS A SON OF American Champion Chinah Of Grandeur, himself a son of the very famous Champion Shirkham of Grandeur and a double grandson of Champion Blue Boy. Kandahar's dam is also all Grandeur breeding. He is an unusual dog for colour being black and brindle, marked like a black and tan but with his points being brindles basically, with the long coat on the feet etc, being grey in colour. He created a sensation as a sire with the arrival of his first litter 18 months ago, because this produced several tiger brindles, the first time any had been born in this country for a considerable number of years. This very unusual and distinctive colour received a mixed reception - some people love it, some people hate it! One dog from this first litter by Kandahar, Horningsea Tigers Eyewon the RCC at WELKS this year - the last brindle to get near the top was probably pre war as far as I can gather from paper records. Other litters too have produced brindles in varying shades and degrees. It will be interesting too see that range of colours in future generations.

The 4th import was from Holland 18 months ago, Washir v.d. Oranje Manage, a son of International Champion Ghorian v.d.O.M and International Champion Ineke c.d.O.M. He only sired two litters, both for his owners Mr and Mrs Borst. As his present whereabouts are unknown it is doubtful if the importation of Washir will have any effect on the breed here.

Next to arrive came my own dog, Branwen Sheen Kamri, bred in Spain by Mrs Madigan. He is a son of International Champion Diablo of Grandeur who was a son of Kakashah Larch Tree, bred in England, and Amber of Grandeur, a daughter of the grey blue American Champion Blue Boy of Grandeur (the sire of Champion Shirkhan). Kamri's dam is Branwen Karuna of Grandeur, a daughter of American Champion Hajji Baba of Grandeur, Kamri is a living reminder of the confusion as to what actually is a blue. Some say they are like Kamri, born black, getting greyer with age, but some say that blues are born blue and mature as grey/chinchillas. These are described as greys by those who call the others blue. This does cause lots of confusion, why can't we settle this problem of differing descriptions once and for all?

Within a month two more imports arrived, this time from Holland, litter brother and sister. The bitch is owned by Mrs Daphne Gie and registered as Kuzanda van de Emolenburfg of Jagai and is black in colour also with grey shading in her long coat. Her sire was Ajman Mazuri Shems Chalaman - a grey shaded black dog bred in England by Whitcliffe Ganesha and out of Mazuri Ajman Sharmanda. Kuzanda's dam was Cornerstones Bathjary whose parents were litter brother and sister bred in Canada from Dutch stock. A litter brother, Engelanduaar v.d Emelenburgh, a jet black dog, was imported by Mr and Mrs Borst, but his present whereabouts is also unknown.

When Dr Porter visited Kay Finch's kennel last year she was very taken with two black masked silver cream puppies which she has since imported. They were released from quarantine early this year. These two are Crown Crest Leo el Kabul and his sister Crown Crest Aries el Kabul. They are sired by American Champion Crown Crest Dhi-Mond (brother of Zardonx) and out of American Champion Crown Crest Miss Venus, a daughter of Mr Universe. Leo sired a litter shortly after leaving quarantine but these are only babies of course. It is hard to believe his close relationship to Wazir as the two are completely different in type, Leo being much finer built throughout. It will be interesting to see which 'type' proves most dominant.

Three other hounds were recently released from quarantine, owned by Mr and Mrs T. Horne, formerly resident in the United States. The oldest of the three is a red bitch, Zanda of Lorein, a daighter of Kakashah Larch Tree (bred in England) and Suriyeh of Grandeur (the dam of Ajman Branwen Kandahar and sired by a litter brother of Champion Blue Boy). There is also a young jet black bitch heavily line bred to Champion Shirkhan. She is Hopkha of Grandeur, a daughter of Shirkhan and Suki of Grandeur, a double grand-daughter of Shirkan's, the third of the trio is a dog Crown Crest Zalorien, a black masked golden son of Champion Zardonx and American Champion El Kevir Laeneux el Mari, who was by American Champion Ibu Nekboro el Khani and out of American Champion Laeneux Kara Koh.

The most recent import has only just arrived in quarantine, he has been imported from Spain by Margaret Niblock and is only four months old. He is a son of Branwen Kadar (a grandson of Shirkham) and Branwen Karuna of Grandeur (the dam of Branwen Sheen Kamri) and is apparantly a delightful grey colour. Miss Niblock went to San Sebastian and chose him herself - which seems the best thing to do particularly when dealing with colour.

A dozen imports have thus arrived of recent times, but they will not be the last last so it will be interesting to see the results in a few years time.

Stephanie Hunt-Crowley, 1964

[importation dates are accurate as far as I know and dates have been assessed from the time the hounds have been released from quarantine]


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