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Benedict Angell Hyland (1859-1933)
Afghan Hound Painting Benedict Angell Hyland photo
(Compiled by Steve Tillotson, with Lyall Payne 2007, 2010, 2017, 2018, 2019)

We originally posted this article in 2007. Since then we have continued to learn more about the artist and have also obtained a photo of the actual painting. The latest update includes a photo of the artist himself.

Back in 2010 We received further information about the hounds in the Hyland painting from Jess Ruffner-Booth ( - According to "British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, And Show Preparation",by W. D. Drury, 1903, the pictured dogs are Muckmul and Mooroo II, imported by Major Mackenzie. (Thank you Jess for the info). We also express our appreciation to Jane Cole (UK) and Debbie Deacons (UK) for their help with Hyland's biographical details.

Colour Print of The Hyland Painting

In July 2017 Michael Canalizo informed us - that this work has been in the Grandeur collection for decades and belongs to the Rechler estate. Michael has kindly provided a a color photo of the original painting which hangs in the front hall at the Rechler estate. Thank you Michael

Photo of the original painting, property of the Rechler Estate HYLAND PAINTING courtesy Michael Canalizo 2017

Another painting by B A Hyland - Rajah II

Hutchinsons Enclycopedia Of The Dog (1935) includes a photo (above) of another painting by B A Hyland - This Afghan Hound is named Rajah II and was owned by Mr F Carter in England. Rajah II (Roostam x Motee) was born in December 1883 and was bred by T R Tufnell


Benedict Angell Hyland (1859-1933) was born in Hastings on 4th February 1859. Benedict taught at the Camberwell School of Art. He spent several years in Paris where he had a picture exhibited in the Paris Salon. In the 1890s he was restoring the pictures of the Duke of Portland at Welbeck Abbey. In 1933 Benedict fell under a train at Sydenham Station. It was thought he committed suicide because he was depressed at having to close down his Fine Art business.

Benedict's parents were Walter George Hyland and Frances Lucy Angell. Benedict's siblings were -
1860 Edward ,
1862 Agnes Rosina d.1888,
1863 Harry d.1865,
1865 Elizabeth d.1865,
1879 Nellie

Benedict Angell Hyland married Beatrice Irene Selby in Hampstead in 1913. They had one daughter in 1931; Rosalind Violet Eleanor Hyland (deceased).

Photo of B A Hyland painting in Kent, England

Via Lyall Payne 7/24/2017
Benedict Angell Hyland was born in Hastings, Sussex, England in 1859 and he became an artist, specialising in animal, particularly dog, portraits. He moved around a lot but eventually settled in London Road, Forest Hill, Lewisham (SE London) from around 1902. The spelling of his middle name is " Angell". He had a store in London specializing in art restoration and was once robbed (September 1907) by three teenage boys of hundreds of post cards. In 1911 he called himself a picture framer rather than artist (as he did as a 23 year old). Perhaps his shop was his bread and butter by then... and hence the change but associated occupation. His father likewise gave variations on merchant from coal to china!

Via Steve Tilotson 8/19/2018
Some additional information on Mr Hylands fine art shop. Newspaper archives show the business to be in the name of "W Barry" from 1891 through to 1901. As of June 1902 the business is listed as "Kemp and Co (Late Barry). It is possible that Mr Hyland purchased the business and traded under the pre-existing business name of W Barry. In August 1903 the address listed two large looking glasses for sale bcause the space was needed for upcoming alterations. That advertisment could have related to the shop or the living accomodation above it. We dont know if Mr Hyland still owned the business, or whether he has sold it (to Kemp and Co) in 1902.. It appears that the living accomodation above the shop was rented out. We find a newspaper advert from someone known as "H" (Hyland?) at the London Road address seeking new accomodation for a "Bachelor, engaged during the day". In March 1906 Dorrel Bros (Estate Agents) advertised the availability of a second floor flat, offering five rooms, at the 36 London Road, Forest Hill address. On 20 July 1906 the following advert appeared in the Woolwich Gazette (a local newspaper for Forest Hill area)


So it appears that Mr Hyland may have vacated the flat above the shop around 1902 or possibly later, but as we can see from the advertisement above Mr Hyland appears to have owned and operated his fine art shop at the London Road address through 1907.. We notice the name of the business above = "HB Fine Art Store", possibly HB standing for Hyland Benedict?

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