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By Steve Tillotson
Afghan Hound Breed Information Exchange, March 1999
Sunny Shay In Handling Afghans In England

Chandhara Ghalands Talisman Of Camri
(Handled by Sunny Shay of Grandeur), Yorkshire, England, April 7th 1969

(Photo provided by Stephanie Hunt-Crowley)

The photo above shows Sunny Shay (Grandeur) in England April 7th 1969 handling Stephanie Hunt Crowley's Chandhara Ghaland Talisman of Camri at the Yorkshire Afghan Hound Society championship show.. Sunny is talking with Dave Bunt who is exhibiting Chandhara Shirkhuli, a son of Chandhara Branwen Sheen Kamri who is of strong Grandeur breeding.

UPDATE 6/30/13

Well, 14 years after I posted the original article I have come across a report by Stephanie Hunt-Crowley on Sunny's visit to England which is pasted below

5th April 1969 (London) 7th April 1969 (Leeds)
High Spot of the month: I was at an Open show in London on Saturday April 5th, arrived too late for our classes, thanks to a stalling engine, thick traffic and you-name-it, and was sunk in gloom at a two-hours trip for nothing when a whirlwind hit Alexandra Palace! Sunny Shay had arrived! In time for the remaining breed classes she was able to see some of our Afghans in the ring, and talked with many of the exhibitors. Having arranged to visit us on the Sunday, a phone call that same evening from Oxford told us that they would be arriving around 10 pm! So, the overhead cable to the kennels having emitted smoke and sparks, we had no kennel electric lighting and we had a dog display by car headlights! And she liked my Afghans! I can't quite remember when we stopped talking that night but it was late....

The following Monday Sunny trekked up to Leeds for the NAHS show and was quite the celebrity - even being interviewed by BBC TV! We had the chance to see Sunny the Handler in action as she took Talisman into the ring and showed him for me, which was something to see. People said they had never seen him look or move so well - which rather shattered my ego, but then, maybe second best to Sunny isn't SO bad..

SHC, 1969

AHT note 1/21/2015 Stephanie recently posted on FB some additional info about Sunny's trip to England - "I was there (at the show) In fact Sunny Shay asked if she could show my Tal (Chandhara Ghalands Talisman of Camri, imp USA) for me. She had seen Tal a couple of days before at home. It was about 10 o'clock at night and the phone rang and an American voice said "This is Sunny Shay, and I amin Banbury. I am coming over to see your dogs now!" Yes, just like that ! She arrived with Dale Henry, fortunately it was not raining as she insisted on seeing every dog in the kennel and I had to bring them out for her to see! We had a really interesting talk and I wish that back then we had had the toys we have today - I could have recorded the conversation for posterity. I am sure some of it at least became part of my "knowledge base" but alas there is no way I can think of any direct quotes

UPDATE 1/20/15

Today Lesley Busby (Wilbus, UK) shared a show report and critique by Judge Ida Morton (Netheroyd, UK) which Carole King (Canada) had scanned and sent to Lesley. The Judges show report is of course very interesting, and the Judge mentions the appearance of Sunny Shay at the show. So we now have just about the full story of Sunny's visit to, and handling at the Yorkshire Afghan Hound Championship Show 7th April 1969

The scan below is of the judges report as published in UK Dog World. The scan was undertaken
by Carole King (Canada) and shared with us by Lesley Busby (Wilbus, UK) ARTICLE Judges Report YAHS April 1926 Ida Morton and notes on Sunny Shay

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Am Ch Javelin of Camri Ch Jonte of Stri Mar Am Ch Tae-Jon Or Taejon of Crown Crest Am Ch Elcozas Ponder
Am Ch Winomana of Rreks
Zarah Konda Shelgrove Khizar
Am Ch Hanifa of Kingway
Karma's Jamil Khanum Am Ch Rajah of Namtrah Am Ch Felts Allah Baba
Am Ch Ranee Mafalda of Namtrah
Karmas Igigi Ishtar Bogah of Arken
Darji Ramayana
Am Ch Akaba's Brass And Soot of Camri Am Ch Akaba's Top Brass Am Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur Am Can Ch Blue Boy of Grandeur
Mahdi of Grandeur
Genii Al Peraa Amir Sabi
Sheebe Baby
Sabrina of Royal Sphinx Am Ch Stormhill Silver Dream Am Ch Tae-Jon Or Taejon of Crown Crest
Am Ch Kandorissa of Aldachar
Hanni Am Ch Rajam Briq Asana Yogi
Kaimar Ranee

Copyright(c) 1999/2015 Steve Tillotson

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