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( Author Helen Furber (Furbari, Aust), 1969)

(Acknowledgement. - We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Helen Furber (Furbari) for granting us permission to reproduce this article

Taking the Australian Afghan Kennels whose stock has consistently been in the limelight for a number of years with either show wins, with their imported stock or their breeding, I have listed a dozen alphabetically -

"CALAHORRA" - Stuart and Wendye Slatyer. This is probably one of the fastest growing kennels that has been seen in New South Wales to date. Some of their breeding activities have been carried on in conjunction with the "EMIR" kennels owned by Joyce and Lester Davey in South Australia, and it was from them that they got their foundation bitch, Ch Emir Awaziderra (Ch Mazari of Carloway x Ch Frankken El Ardashirra). With the Davey's they imported Chandhara Emir Of Gray Dawn (Scaramouche of Gray Dawn x Samana Of Chaman. He was followed by the Flying Dutchman Of Isfahan (imp U.S.) (Ch Charikar Wazir X Bardi V.D.O.M.). Their kennels aer situated in several acres of countryside, where in conjunction with Kingwood Kennels, they carry on a grooming and training business.

"EL TAZZI". Barbara Skilton. The first EL TAZZI litter was born in 1956 in Australia, although Barbara's first days in Afghans started in the English Bletchingley Kennels and then later as the Devilkin Kennels before she and her husband emigrated to Australia. Her early Australian stock was based on a sire she brought from England. Aust Ch Aghai Of Hawkfield (Pushtikuh breeding) and was used with stock deriving from Bletchingley Tajomeer, Garrymhor and Geufron and Netheroyd breeding which had been bred under the GOLITHA prefix. It is important to note that a very large number of the kennels listed in this article have based their stock on these very first Afghans bred in Australia since the war carrying the Golitha prefix. Later Barbara imported Ch Taj Amigo of Chaman (an inbred son of Eng Ch Taj Alex Of Chaman), Ch Ajman Shiraman ( Ajman Branwen Khandahar x Ajman Shahri ) and latterly Ch Badin V.D.O.M from Holland.

"FERMOY". David Roche. This South Australian kennel is one of the more recent kennels breeding Afghans, but the Fermoy kennel has been renowned for many years before Afghans joined them. David literally hit the Afghan world here with Eng Ch Mazari Of Carloway. HI first show in Australia was at the Sydney Royal where he won Best In Show which he followed later in the year by taking the hat trick with BIS at the Adelaide and Melbourne Royals. His importing continued with Ch Waliwog of Carloway and bitches from Crown Crest, Khinjan and the Pooghan kennels. It is interesting to note that Mazari has made his mark far more in Australia than Waliwog, both as a show dog and a sire, although I understand that in England a number of breeders thought Waliwog to be superior. David is just as well known in his judging activities as he has officiated at the Sydney Royal and for Best In Show at Crufts 69. -

"FURBARI" - James and Helen Furber. Their first Afghan - Westghan Knamba (Golitha Abdullah x Golitha Safiy) was acquired when there were only 49 in Australia and was based on the original Golitha stock. She was followed by Khyber Amanullah (Zarussef Zso Zso x Radiant Of Carloway) - a grandson of 4 English champions of Carloway and Bletchingley stock. Amanulla was only mated to 6 different bitches but still holds the record for siring more champions than any other sire in Australia. This stock was used satisfactorily with two of Wazir Of Deseraire's sons. Later Ch Kasra El Kabul and Ch Furbari Kusan Kabul were imported from Dr Betsy Porter's kennels in England and were shown with success, both scoring BIS wins. Kusan comes from Grandeur, Khorrassan, Carloway and Crown Crest breeding. -

Furbari litter December 1960 Photo Furbari litter December 1960

(Photograph not part of original article, added by Steve October 2017)

"HANROVIA" - Michael and Joan Lawrence. This is one of the oldest kennels in the sunshine state of Queensland. their original bloodlines were similar to those of the Furbari kennels, with the exception of the small infusion of Chaman blood and instead they had a small amount of Khorrassan blood. Bringing in some of the Wazir Of Desertaire blood via Ch Furbari Doshi gave them multiple BIS success and the biggest winning Afghan bitch in Queensland's history. This has been followed by progeny sired by Ch Furbari Kusan Kabul which allthough young, is proving successful.

"HOOKSTONE" - Fred Long. Fred Long ans his Hookstone hounds arrived from England some 15 years ago to settle in New South Wales. In the days when Afghans rarely won, his dogs proved to be remarkably successfull in the ring... There have only been a few Hookstone litters, but nevertheless, these have been a very strong influence in this state. His original imports were Ch Hookstone Habibula (Jalabad Barwala Of Carloway x Hookstone Nunna) and Ch Hookstone Humaira (Scrawy, a Ravelly Patrols Ali Shah son x Hookstone Hamida). -

"JORDAAN" - Nina Luikens. This kennel is situated near Bendigo in Victoria and is one of the older established names in that state. Nina and her dogs have been successful in the ring for many years. Her original stock is a blending of Carloway, Chaman, Bletchingley and Pushtikuh, followed by a Wazir of Desertaire grandson sired by Ch Tarababa of Carloway called Ch Emir Awazir El Cid. Later she imported Ch Prince Ku Manhatt of Shanshu (Ch Horningsea Mitanni x Khanabad Tabdi) and currently she is campaigning Ch Gregdala Dhimond (imported In Dam) (Ch Kismata Khan Of Tarril x Crown Crest Aries of Kabul).

"KABUL". Gay Howard and originally Beryl Hooper. A New South Wales kennel of many years standing, although not a lot of breeding has been carried out similarly to Hookstone, the showring results have been consistently high for many years. Based on the early Golitha stock and Ch Khyber Amanulla, followed by Ch Mazari Of Carloway and then Ch Furbari Kusan Kabul, the winning stock here and overseas has remained consistently high.

"MAZARISHER" the late Mrs Norris and family. This is possibly the oldest breeding kennel of South Australia still in existance. It is based on stock from Viper Of Davlen (imp UK) who was sired by Horningsea Khanabad Azreefa and out of Fantasia Of Carloway, and on the dam's side from early EL Tazzi and Goitha Stock. She also had a black/tan imported bitch Scheherezade Zada (Watsatari of Carloway x Umairah Of Barbille). Later she brought in the bloodlines of Taj Amigo of Chaman, Mazari of Carloway and Waliwog of Carloway, and some Chandhara. One of Mrs Norris's daughters breeds Afghans under the prefix of Banghan and the breeding of the two kennels are closely associated.

"SHAALTARAH" - George and Lynette Scheling. A Victoriaan kenel whose breeding is consistently in the top awards. Consistent importers whose stock has mainly derived from the Chandhara kennels. The imports are Ch Chandhara Wazir Shah (Wazir of Desertaire x Chandhara Kibi Sharaya). Chandhara Tarkhun (Ch Rifka's Tarquin of Carloway x Chandhara Kibi Sharaya), Ch Horningsea Kista (Horningsea Saigttarius x Khorissa Of Carloway) and Chandhara Talukdar (Chandhara Ghalands Talisman Of Camri x Chandhara Rafiki Zayinda). Shaaltarah has also used outside bloodlines and the most successful litters coming from the imported sires Ch Chandara Tardis Arrakesh (a Horningsea Tigers Eye son) and Ch Furbari Kusan Kabul.

"SHAHZADA" - Graham Paelchem and Lyle Dally. This kennel ws originally based in S.A. although Graham and Lyle are now resident in Sydney, NSW. Breeding still continues in S.A. Ch Kazah Asshra bred by Marie Howitt who is now resident in New Zealand, was the first Afghan to bring the limelight onto Graham and Lyle and this bitch's record as a BIS winner will probably remain for many years. It is truly a top Afghan bitch who can produce 50 pups and still go into the ring and take the top honours. It was indeed Australia's loss when she was sold to America. The Shahzada kennels like the Shaaltarah kennels, has supported the Chandhara kennels in England and the following imports have arrived - Ch Chandhara Hashim Yakoub (Ajman Branwen Kandahar x Chandhara Zaraya Yasmin), Chandhara Shirazada (Branween Sheen Kamri x Chandhara Shiraz Of Tranwell), Ch Chandhara Tardis Arrakesh (Ch Horningsea Tigers Eye x Tardis Khandorissa Khabar). The American Akaba's Blue Max (Ch Akabas Sterling Silver x Ch Akabas Glacier Blue). The latter as yet has not been shown.

With the bloodlines we now have in Australia, the number of breeders who are prepared to go to great lengths to buy top stock, regardless of the fact that there is a 2 month quarantine period in Australia preceded by a 4 or so week sea trip and before that, a 6 month quarantine period for Afghans in UK, if not bred there, it is pleasing that these efforts have been successful enough to make the Afghan hound one of the top winning breeds in Australia today.

Helen Furber (Furbari, Aust), 1969

Copyright(c) 1969 Helen Furber Australian Afghan Hound Yearbook
(Reproduced 1991, with Helen's permission)

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