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World Congress's
(Compiled by Steve Tillotson , Updated March 2019)

Over the last 25 years or so, a series of "World Congresses" has been held. These are very unique forum's as they bring together many very experienced Afghan Hound people from all over the world who share their knowledge and experience. In this section we have collected many of the congress reports and provide this index page as a way to find a topic of interest more quickly without having to work through the large collectrion of reports. Where we have as yet been unable to collect specific congress reports, we have at least been able to post a list of speakers and topics covered. I anybody can help in providing copies of, or links to missing articles, that would be much appreciated.


7.. SWEDEN 2008:

8. ITALY 2014:

30th April - 1st May ITALY (Brescia) 2014

9. USA 2016

10 NETHERLANDS 2018 August 7/8, Amsterdam

(Documents are PDF files, some are large and will take a few minutes to download)
Willem Buitenkamp   -  Welcome to the 10th AHWC
Elfie Tromp   -  Opening Speech
Willem Buitenkamp   -  The 'Barukhzy kennel'
Dr. Jan-Gerd Kresken   -  Hereditary heart diseases
Lesley Busby   -  Breed observations from the UK
Pamela Bennett   -  Introduction to the visualization project
Gisela Jansen   -  Status of the visualization project - standard comparisons
Gisela Jansen   -  A photo collage of standard conform dogs from the various world regions
Pamela Bennett   -  Status of the visualization project - standard differences
Ed Grevelt   -  The 'van de Oranje Manege kennel'
Regina Tromp-Pruyn   -  The head of the Afghan Hound
Kuchi Films   -  Tazi, - A journey with the Afghan Hounds
Jaime Ganoza   -  Afghan Hounds in Latin America
Terrence Wilcox   -  Footfall versus Velocity
Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne   -  The 'von Katwiga kennel'
Carol Beuchat   -  Assessing the genetic health of the Afghan Hound
Michael Canalizo   -  Open Forum & SWOT analysis

Info from Gellert Lupkovics (AWHC Facebook)
We plan in Hungary 2021 in the time of Eurodogshow in our new sighthound center, congress approved
by MEOESz (FCI) and Ulf, we plan beauty and performance days as well, more details soon

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