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(Written by S. Tillotson based on email writings of Sergey Paronov, Maxim and Andrey (

Ukraine - The Internet, Aboriginal Afghan Hounds and Hunting

Photo (left) David

Not strictly breed history, but as the only knowledge of Afghans in the Ukraine we decided to post the following article in this section and also in the library. Its also very interesting to learn about our hounds actually hunting, which of course they did before we domesticated them. Many thanks to Sergey, Maxim and Andrey for the source information.

Our Ukranian friends are located in Ternopol (Ukranian and offical name is Ternopil') which is situated 200 miles east of Kiev, 100 miles west from the Polish border, 100 miles from the Pinsk Bogs on the north and 60 miles from the Dnestr river to the south. The population of Ternopol is about 200,000 and in Ternopol's Oblast area (13800 sq km/5328 sq ml) the population is more than 1.5 million.

The Internet is fairly new to Ternopol and has existed for about two years. Sergey's compuers provide the Internet link. (address is - and has a special license for his firm "Starsoft" which links Ternopol with the Kiev Internet Satellite to provide Internet service for Ternopol area. This Kiev link is quite new, about 50 days since it was established, and tuning/positioning to achieve the proper conditions is necessary. I think I understand that the link is susceptible to atmospheric/weather conditions sometimes. As a new link, there are few subsribers at the moment, but this will grow, and visitors/foreigners also make use of the link.

As mentioned, Sergey has the Internet link, Maxim is the owner of two hunting Afghan Hounds (AH) and a professional hunter, Andrey is owner of one AH and a beginner in hunting. Maxim's two AH are exactly Aboriginal Afghan Hound Desert Type.

Photo (left) Vega.
The mother Vega is 5 years old and her daughter Lu-Lu is 3 years old. Vega is the first Aboriginal in Ternopol' and was obtained by Maxim's uncle from Moskva Aboriginal (only) AH Club. Vega's brother is 1995 year champion of Euro-Asia. The origins of most Afghan Hounds in the former Soviet Union are from men in the Army, Air Force etc who brought them in from Afghanistan during the war. The first Aboriginal pair in SU were presented to the then Communist Party General Secretary L. I. Brezhnev.

The sire of Vega's daughter Lu-Lu is Balu, the He-Hound from Chortkov. Balu was brought into the country by Soviet Air Force Captain. Balu and Vega are the parents of Andrey's hound Hana who is 1 year old and is beginning her hunting career. Not all hounds hunt and there quite a variety of hounds in the Ukraine (Grey, Arabic, Persian, Russian) that have been bred specifically for hunting. And now of course the Afghan paticipates. Hunting with the AH is done without a gun and usually takes place one a week.There are not too many professional hunters in the Ukraine these days. During holiday and vacation periods hunting occurs perhaps every other day.

Photo (right) Vega.

Vega's hunting record is catching four hares hunting alone and she can catch a hare under difficult circumstances, eg sharp snow. Lu-Lu is a great hunter too, perhaps not so experienced and professional yet as her mother. Hana, the 1 year old is like a little girl in comparison to the experienced Afghans. It must be a terrific sight to see Aghans in a furious chase to catch the game. The most popular game to hunt is hare

We are hoping to hear more about Afghan Hounds in Ukraine. It might be helpful to have a look at the breed history pages (Russia) where you can see photographs of the Aboriginal Afghan Hound mentioned above. We are very grateful to Sergey, Maxim and Andrey for informing us about their Afghan Hounds etc and we hope to hear more at a future date. Thank you. Steve.


Steve Tillotson, July 1996. Photo's added Dec 1996

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