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Steve Tillotson, May 1996

It is now over 20 years that I first posted this page and which has existed largely unaltered since then. Recently (December 2018) I received a beautiful photo (below) of some Russian Afghan Hounds posted by Olga Nezhnikova

Aglaya and Agafya (Barg - Ahu), 1966, Moscow. Photo Amelung V.K.,
from the archive of Kudryavtseva N.G.
http://www.afghanhoundtimes.comAFGHAN HOUND BREED HISTORY - RUSSIA by Steve Tillotson 1996/2018

May 1996 - This is a challenge
as I have very little information on the Afghan Hound in Russia. However, we are very fortunate that one of our correspondents - Maria Shaverneva ( has provided valuable information and photographs!!. Maria is herself an owner of an Afghan Hound, and also, acted as translator for Joan Wonnacott (UK Isfahan Afghan Kennels) during her visit to Russia to judge Afghans there.

Acknowledgement; In addition to Maria Shaverneva's wonderful contributions I wish to acknowledge as a valuable reference source, the UK Afghan Hound Year Books (Annual Publication) for the years 1989,90,91,92,93,95 which contain reports by Afghan Breeders and Judges who visited Russia in recent times.

1. RUSSIAN DOG SCENE IN THE 1990'S We're working from a base of reports and information from 1989 to date, (until we receive anything earlier).

Kennel and Dog Clubs FCI does not recognise Russia as its member due to the fact that there is no single Kennel Club but a number of smaller clubs who basically do whatever they want. There was a lot of talk about uniting all these clubs but we do not know if they have moved anywhere. We know that Finnish Kennel Club used to accept dogs with pedigrees from the Soviet Union untill late 1980 when they had several cases with false papers from Russia. We've heard that Russian puppies were sold to Finland with good pedegree papers only to grow into mongrel dogs. We do not know how true that is (a breed was quoted as one of the Russian Spitz breeds), but the person who told us used to work for the Kennel Club in Finland. The Finnish Kennel Club started recognising dogs with Estonian pedigrees when Estonia became independent from USSR as the Estonian Kennel Club has joined FCI. Finns travel a lot to Estonia to show their dogs (and to get an extra Champion title) and there a lot of Finnish-bred dogs there now. We've also heard stories in Russia about a champion Afghan with "good" pedigree whose grandmother was a Borzoi bitch. We also found that people were very eager to learn anything they could get their hands on as information was scarce. Foreign magazines and pedigrees were copied and treasured and showed only to trusted friends.

Breeding Another negative aspect reported by a number of observers and visitors is of putting any dog to any bitch virtually and showing it - the main objective being (seemingly) to make money. Again, with due respect to Russia, there is also the good side and many responsible people. The truth is we do not have the full picture and I hope these notes are not being too unfair to Russian enthusiasts.

Economy Etc. We don't think that there are any food shortages in Russia at the moment. It was true several years ago but at present there are plenty of things to buy, the problem is that many people can't afford it as prices are comparable with Europe while salaries are far below that. You can buy almost anything in Russia now and that includes dog food like Pedigree Chum. We do not know if there are more Afghan-specialised products available like shampoos, brushes and dryers. But it is possible to buy dog shampoos, brushes etc.. People have been seen with dog crates and professional equipment at the dog shows in Moscow and that was some time ago, so now things should be much better as more people have the opportunity to travel abroad. We also know that many Russian exhibitors show in Poland and Czech Republic, and also import/export dogs there.

Welcome To Visitors The majority of reports have been very positive and complimentary about the tremendous hospitality and welcome extended by the Russian dog fancy to overseas visitors. Sometimes, perhaps, events have been a bit chaotic, others have run smoothly. There is a great enthusiasm on the part of the dog fancy, as typified by a tremendous turn out of exhibits (albeit of often quite a mixed bunch of exhibits) which we hope will continue. We should end this introduction on a positive note I feel - most of the visitors report there is great enthusiasm to learn about all aspects of dog breeding and ownership. The language makes it difficult to communicate, but such enthusiasm is indeed heartening.

The Afghans (Companion/Utility Group)The Afghan Hound is instantly recognisable to visitors as such. Many of these have pedigrees showing European or American ancestry. Allthough the variety and type exhibited shows an enormous variation - almost without exception, visiting Judges have "enthused" about several of the exhibits they judged. There is a frequent and positive mention of "silvers, blues and domino coloured hounds" which always seemed to impress visitors. Many visitors have commented about the "Bell Murray" types they have encountered, tall, rangy with very elegent heads. It is sad that in most cases the pedigree or origins cannot be authenticated - but it does perhaps, help remind us of the Afghan's origins, lest we forget! The UK Afghan Hound Year Books do provide a commentary on Afghans over the last several years, and include many photographs of all types of Afghans, Tazi's , Taigans, Aboriginal Afghans etc which all in all provides a fascinating picture of the breed(s) in Russia.

Tazi, Taigan, Aboriginal Afghan (Hunting Dogs)The Tazi is pretty well hairless, apparently with a flatter and wider skull, reputed to come from Turgistan/Turkistan (?) and states close to Afghanistan. There is a coated version called theTaigan. The Tazi and Taigan are apparently hunting dogs of great ferocity and differ quite a lot according to the standards (which we hope to post copies of soon) Also there is the Aboriginal Afghanwhich is more like a Saluki, most of these were brought home by Soviet troops from Afghanistan durng the war.

Postscript - I do not feel I have done justice to the Russian scene, but these notes are offered as a starting point. I will gladly replace/update these notes if any of our correspondents can help with a more "informed" statement. Thanks. Steve.

Photographs - Finally (for now), Maria has provided several photographs. Click here to see the Afghan, Aboriginal, Tazi, Taigan and some Show Afghans.


2. RUSSIAN AFGHAN HOUND PEDIGREE HISTORY Well, we dont have many Russian pedigrees, so lets start with Maria Shaverneva's OKTAVIAN LAZKAR, (pet name "OKI")


                                                          Parent not on file
                                 Mex Ch PHARAON THE BLUSH OF MECCA (France/Mexico?)
                                                          Parent not on file
                     RIO DE KHADIDJA(France)
                                                          Tuohi-Tikan Naskili
                                 Int Swe Ch JILDIRIM TAMARA(France)
                                                          Moonjhet Of Lamplighter

          Moscow Winner URAN(France)
                                                          Parent not on file 
                                 VOLTIGER DE KHADIDJA(France)
                                                          Parent not on file
                    PAMELA DE DHADJI SOLTAN KHAN(France)
                                                          Parent not on file
                                 LERIDA DE KAULANGAR(France)
                                                          Parent not on file

                                                          Parent not on file
                                 IBRAHIM SILVER SHARMS(Switzerland)
                                                          Parent not on file
                    VARAN EL NADIR SHAH(Switzerland)
                                                          Parent not on file
                                 EL KAIRA O'TEIGER GIRL(Switzerland)
                                                          Parent not on file

          MANUELA OF PESHAVAR(Switzerland)

                                                          Parent not on file
                                 BABUR  SABZAVAR(Switzerland)
                                                          Parent not on file
                    SCHEHEREZADE BOGARE(Switzerland)
                                                          Parent not on file
                                 KENLIN ZUKINA OF BRUMMEL(Switzerland)
                                                          Parent not on file

                                                          Moonraker of Moonswift 
                                 POOGHAN SIRIUS(Great Britain)
                                                          Azrar of Pooghan
                    C'IEN-DAZU FORTUNATOS(Poland)
                                                          Hathe de Domus Animula
                                 Czech Ch BAKALAHAZI MAGDON(Czehoslovakia
                                                          Abcden Chahrund Magdon

          Best Stud Dog RICHARD(Russia)
                                                          Parent not on file
                                 Winner Of Slovakia VELL AMI BARAKI HADGAN(Czech)
                                                          Parent not on file   
                   SAMONYH DZEGERDELEN(Czech)
                                                          Parent not on file
                                 Winner AKSINA Czech)
                                                          Parent not on file

                                                          Parent not on file
                                 TZUKURPA KAMILOROI(Australia)
                                                          Parent not on file
                   RAFLET'S ROME(Australia)
                                                          Parent not on file
                                 PHANDA RAFLET'S(Australia)
                                                          Parent not on file

          GRAND ROSALINE(Russia)
                                                          Del Flamante Rashik
                                 SHAMAANIN FEISAL (Finland)
                                                          Tuohi-Tikan Leija
                                                          Parent not on file
                                 KARA(Great Britain)
                                                          Parent not on file

Pedigree What an Interntional pedigree this is! Mexico, France, Finland, Switzerland, England, Czechoslovakia, Australia, Russia and Poland, and probably some others I have not picked up on. This international mix is (to me) interesting. Its a shame we do not have dates of birth so that we could reverse engineer the pedigree to see how it came into being. Allthough the pedigree looks very "mxied" I would expect several of the apparent different lines to tie up back in the 6 - 8th generation, particularly the European lines. If you can help extend this pedigree by providing additional generations on any of the lines I will extend and post them here. Likely I will then be able to take them back to their foundations via the history on the Afghan Hound Pedigree Database. Of course, many of the lines I can (and will) extend as the story unfolds.

Photograph Well, what does OKI look like, Click here to view OKI (OKTAVIAN LAZKAR)

There are some supplementary writings on early hound history , firstly an extract from "Is The Afghan Derived From The Saluki" and secondly "The Encyclopedia Of The Kennel" (Afghan/Persian Hound) Also see Greyhounds In Russia

Steve Tillotson, May 1996

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