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Steve Tillotson, April 1996

1930 - 1940 German Afghan Hound registrations commence in 1930. To start the build of the German Afghan Hound history we will look at the first 10 years breeding, review this, and then move forward from this starting point. It will take some time to work our way through the 60 odd year history, if you can help by providing information on any era/aspect of German history, this will be gratefully received and much appreciated.

The Deutscher Windhundzucht - Und Rennvrband E.V. (DWZRV) registration authority for Afghan Hounds in Germany, recorded a total of 43 registrations between 1930 - 1940. The German system involves the very helpful convention (usually) of naming littermates with a common letter (eg Alf, Ann, Aster etc), and generally the first litter is A, the next B etc, very helpful to us researchers. The first Afghan registered was Abdur-Rahman of Geufron (UK), a Ghazni/Bell Murray blend, dog, born in 1930, I have no records of any breeding from him. Followed by Westmill Cheeta, bitch (UK) , born 1930, strong Ghazni with Shahzada/Aroz lineage, no details of any breeding from her. Next came Bigana Of Pushtikuh (UK), born 1936, bitch, strong Ghazni with blends of Khan Baber/Dakkas Delight and the Shahzada/Afroz lines and she does figure in the early German breeding. Next came two Afghanistan imports, Fakir, a dog born 1934, and Suraya a bitch, born 1936, again, no details of any breeding.

During the next 5/6 years, several further overseas hounds were registered, three more from the UK, Ganputti Judaveh, bitch born 1938, Yudhishtir of Geufron, dog orn 1938 and Tashna of Pushtikuh, bitch born 1937., two from Belgium, Barukhzy's Kalinda, bitch born 1935, pure Ghazni lines and a daughter Barukhzy's Kausalya born 1938. There were three hounds from the Hazara's kennel (note, registration authority initials SHSB, I need help with country of origin please), basically all of UK Garrymhor breeding. Finally Haiti de Ruwendael (LOSH country affix - Live Origins St Hubert, Belgium), ), bitch born 1938 of UK Chaman lines breeding and two half brother/sisters Nadir and Nirfee de Ruwendael (Ayeesha being the dam of all three), Taj Akbar of Chaman the sire of Haiti, Barukhzy's Khan being the sire of Nadir and Nirfee.

This takes us up to 1940 when I find the first German bred litter which was from the Von Der Burg Windeck kennels of Ellen Windecker-Castan in Berlin. It was a litter of three dogs, three bitches, born on the 17th March 1940 from the imports Haiti de Ruwendael and Barukhzys Kausalya. Pedigree -

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Haite De Ruwendael Ch Taj Akbar of Chaman Kulli Khan of Kuranda Potentate Bm
Safiya Ch Ashna of Ghazni
Ch Alfreda
Ayeesha of Chaman Ch Int Garrymhor Faiz-Bu-Hassid Ardmor Anthony
Ch Garrymhor Souriya
Safiya Ch Ashna of Ghazni
Ch Alfreda
Barukhzy Kausalya Dutch Ch Baber of Baberbagh Ch Sirdar of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Sada of Ghazni Khan of Ghazni
Zarifa of Ghazni
Barukhzy's Kalindi Dutch Ch Baber of Baberbagh Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Sada of Ghazni
Dutch Ch Shahib of Wahsdarb Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Zarifa of Ghazni

This is an interesting pedigree, because by 1940 in the UK the Bell Murray/Ghazni lines (and subsequentially the Shahzada/Afroz, Khan Baber/Dakkas Delight) had become very intermixed, that is apprent from looking at the Chaman lines above. By contrast, Hans Jungling of Barukhzy kennels in Belgium was breeding pure Ghazni lines based on UK exports to Belgium/Holland. So whilst the UK provided the root stock, the lines in Germany, very early on, developed diffeently compared to the UK.

The next German bred litter (albeit it bred a few months earlier) was from the Vom Falkenstein kennels of Rud Werdermann in Hamburg. By contrast to the above statement, this litter was based on the UK imports Yudhishthir of Geufron and Ganputti Judaveh, effectively proliferating the blended UK lines. Well come back to the pedigree, perhaps as the history unfolds.

Next up was Dr Schwalbe's kennel, based in Hannover and who bred the first " Bigana's" litter from - yes, the UK import Bigana I Pushtikuh. Little story here, Bigana was not in fact bred by Miss Semple (Pushtikuh), but was born and registered as Durani Alfreda, the name being changed when Miss Semple purchased the bitch, Whilst on name changes, Bigana's dam's name was Tullah Of Pushtikuh, but in fact she was born and registered as Kandahar Tullah. As you can see, early names in the UK are a nightmare for reseachers. The mating of this litter was Haite De Ruwndael (see pedigree above) and Bigana I Pushtikuh whose pedigree was half Garrymhor blend, half Ghazni.

By now, (1940), Europe was at war and this must have had an impact on exchange of bloodlines on the continent, it certainly impacted/curtailed breeding severely in the UK. As we will see, some 850 Afghan Hounds were registered in Germany as the breed became established in Germany in the next decade..

1940 Onwards - to be continued


Steve Tillotson, April 1996

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