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The Afghan Hound In Argentina
Ed Halac and Jose - Olmas Kamoar Kennels, May 1999

Afghan Hound Times - photo Kabik's Mousa (Argentina)

Introduction - We are grateful to Ed Halac and Jose Olmas "Kamoar Kennels" Argentina for sharing their experience and knowledge of Afghan Hounds in Argentina

Afghans in Argentina

Were initially bred by Oscar Colombo and Roby Klein under the "Ave Maria" suffix. Tully Little Allen was a significant improvement on their breeding program. Lejaim de Ave Maria was their latest and most important dog. The Kennel is still active but they are more involved with judging and teaching.

Mr. Horacio Coscarelli was another mentor of the breed but after his passing his Kennel became inactive.

In our city of Cordoba, Ricardo Ruibal Rey first imported from Chile a Huilaco dog bred by Norman Huidobro. He kept breeding to a bitch related to the famous Coastwind Pina Colada that lived in Brazil, in the late 70's. Upon Mr. Ruibal's death, his Kennel line was somewhat preserved by Rodolfo Casero. CH Duma was a champion that best fitted the line.

Coastwind Pina Colada
Afghan Hound Times - photo Coastwind Pina Colada

He then sired CH Alpha who, in turn, sired CH Kalaf Maiskaya, our first Afghan, now 11 years old. Our second dog is CH Jalalabad del Sarao's. Aram (his pet name) goes all the way back to Pina Colada. He is now 10 years old. Both dogs are with us, clipped and healthy.

We decided that a change was in order. So we purchased a dog from the Terrells - Kabik's Mousa, who arrived in 1988 aged 6 months. When he was 14 months old this superb black and tan dog had became Grand Champion Kabik's Mousa and started the turn around of the breed in this country. Mousa (Kabik's The Front Runner x Kabik's Donita) is a direct Pepsi's grand son. Mousa's first mating was to CH Fetiche del Sarao's, a full litter sister to Aram, and owned by Daniel Martinez and Raul Barrale. Instant success. Two of theese kids, CH Arbo and CH Amapola did very well indeed.

In 1990 Mr. Daniel Brion, from Buenos Aires, imported CH Kabik's Panthara of Raffica (CH Kabik's The Front Runner x CH Lady of Raffica). Mr Brion sold the bitch to a group of breeders in Cordoba. The only mating to Mousa originated CH Buddah Best, owned by us, and the first Afghan ever to go best in show at the FCI world dog show held in Buenos Aires in 1993, winning the puppy class under judges Uwe Fisher (Germany), Mario Perricone (Italy), Michele Billings (USA) and Mariano de Ezcurra (Argentina).

Mousa had been bred to a Chilean bitch. From this mating came a wonderfull black and tan bitch named CH Cinereth, a great mover who won the breed in the FCI world show. She now lives in Chile.

We then imported Kabik's Sabra (CH Sebring's Soloflex x CH Kabik's Ramona). She was never shown but became our foundation dam. Out of her matings to Mousa, we got several champions. Mousa has been outbred to several bitches from different Kennels. So far he has produced 80 champions and 42 grand champions.We then bred Buddah to Sabra and obtained Ch Kamoar Margarita who went group first under Mr. Frank Sabella and Ch. Kamoar Donnella (litter sisters, both red) who won the group under Mrs. Billings.

Pedigree of KABIK'S SABRA
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Sebring Soloflex Kabik's The Front Runner Am Ch Kabik's The Challenger Am Ch Kabiks Standing Ovation
Am Ch Kabiks Mindy
Kabik's Ariel Am Ch Scarabets Magic Maverick
Am Ch Kabiks Mindy
Sebring Tropicana Magic White Sands Am Ch Elmos Tutankhamun
Kabik's Diamond Girl
Sebring Scarabet Solera Am Ch Scarabet The Locust
Scarabet Ego Trip of Ralar
Kabiks Ramona Am Ch Camri's Black And Tan Rebellion Khaladias Rising Son Am Ch Shangrila Pharoah Anumati
El Kevir's Huzzah - Hester
Am Ch Sahiba Sudden Snow of Camri Am Ch Mecca's Falstaff
Am Ch Camris Sugar Plum Fairy
Kabiks Donita Am Ch Kabik's The Challenger Am Ch Kabiks Standing Ovation
Am Ch Kabiks Mindy
Kabiks Ban Detta of Zuran 12/79 Kabiks Overnight Sensation
Bandera of Zuran

Buddah' sister Ch Kamoar Mary Jo was bred to her sire, Mousa, and the offspring has resulted of outstanding quality. Another Buddah's litter brother Ch Salvador, owned by Daniel and Raul was instrumental in siring several other champions for the Absolutli Touch kennel.

Well, this has been a brief account of our history as best as I can do it. Say Hello to everybody around, and please let's keep in touch! Sincerely,

Copyright Afghan Hound Times 24/5/1999
Ed Halac and Jose Olmas
Kamoar Kennels

Afghan Hound in Argentina OA 1972/2012
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