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(Author - S.Tillotson, first pubished in the 1994 UK Afghan Hound Year Book)

(left) Barwala as a puppy at 10 months old. (Right) as an adult

JALALABAD BARWALA OF CARLOWAY black masked gold, (d, Kohistan Shahudin x Jalalabad Marana) was bred in June 1946 by Miss Ide in what appears to be the last of the Jalalabad litters. .Barwala first joined the kennel of Dr Unkauf (Barukhzy) before being transferred to Sheila Devitt Gilleney (Carloway) in June 1947. Barwala's sire pedigree was largely Ghazni via the Pushtikuh ancestors, his dam's pedigree was a blend of lines via Garrymhor and Ghazni/Bell Murray mix via Enriallic. A few months later in September 1946, Miss Bremner obtained WINSTYLE DERA KHAN (b, Turkuman Dammar Pinetree x Patrols Creme Chenille) which was a repeat mating of a 1943 litter that produced CH RAVELLY PATROLS ALI BEY. For the archivists amongst you. PATROLS CREME CHENILLE was originally named LOTUS CLOSMIDI, bred by Baroness de Westonholz (Closmidi) in October 1941, transferred to R. Floyd (Patrols) and renamed in March 1943. WINSTYLE DERA KHAN is significant as the Dam of Barwala's first litter in June 1948 and used in the interplay breeding with Barwala descendents.

Jalalabad Barwala of Carloway and his daughter Dil Khan of Carloway PHOTO Jalalabad Barwala of Carloway and his daughter  Dil Khan of Carloway

(Left) Miss Devitt in 1949 with Dali and Dil Khan, (Right) Dakki Khan

The Judge Leo C Wilson wrote at the time "I was greatly impressed by Dil Khan when he won two firsts under me at Croydon Ch show and thought he should in time go to the top. That he has, on occasion, to play second fiddle tohis brother and sister is only indicative of the general quality of the litter. He had two more firsts at Birmingham Ch show under Brig-Gen Lance. Photo right shows Dali Khan. Again Leo Wilson writes "Dali Khan was best puppy under Mrs Rhodes at Cheltenham Ch show and has had several other wins including best of sex. Dakki Khan of Carloway was a black and tan which was sold to Mrs Rhodes and won the CC at Bournemouth when only 14 months old. Another member of this first litter is Dalli Khan and is a sire of a nice litter in the kennels".

Clearly Sheila Bremner admired Kohistan Shahudin, she obtained Turquoise Of Kohistan in 1946 and subsequently mated her own bitch KOSTHI OF WESTOVER TO SHAHUDIN as early as 1947. Barwala's first litter x WINSTYLE DERA KHAN in June 1948 included DULLI, DAKKI and DALI KHAN. From this litter, a dog (Dulli Khan) was mated to RED PATHAN OF ALBANY and in 1949 produced ZOG OF CARLOWAY who went on to achieve B.O.B. Crufts in 1952, more on Zog in a moment. Back to Shahudin, in 1950 Mrs Trevit used Barwala on her SHIREEN OF KENAVON, a Shahudin daughter

Ch Carloway Sharmain of Virendale


The mating was thus a half brother sister mating. Sheila Bremner initially took a bitch (Carloway Barshiba), but more importantly in March 1951 she also obtained the litter sister Sharmain who went on to become a Champion. This raises an interesting question, was Sheila Bremner majoring on Barwala or his father Shahudin? In 1951 she had Zog who was of Barwala breeding in the kennel and Sharmain who was also of Barwala breeding but doubled up on Shahudin.

Now things open up and expand. Zog was mated to DANA KHAN OF CARLOWAY (a bitch from the original Barwala/Dera litter of 1943) and in June 1952 produced CH. YUSSEF OF Carloway who went on to sire more champions than any other Afghan in his era. Yussef was mated to SHIBA OF CARLOWAY which produced in September 1956, a litter that included the future champion PASHA OF CARLOWAY. Pasha is indicative of three generations of line breeding back to Barwala who appears tbree times in the third generation of Pasha's pedigree.

Kohistan Shahudin. In 1954

Yussef was mated to Sharmain to produce eventual champion, RIFKA'S TARQUIN OF CARLOWAY. Whilst Barwala is very evident in the pedigree, so is Shahudin (remember Sharmain was from a half brother sister mating to Shahudin). Interestingly, in May 1955 Yussef sired a litter x CONYGAR FAIDA (Barwala daughter !) and one offspring was registered with the name of SHAHUDIN OF CARLOWAY. Is this an indication of a possible preference of Shahudin versus Barwala?

Update 1995 - Since I originally wrote these notes some more information on Kohistan Shahudin has come to hand. The following quote from Miss Devitt was published in Afghan International in January 1972 "My ideal dog at the time (late 1940's) was Kohistan Shahudin, (Photo left) a son of Int Ch Vendas Tash Down, and one could say that I based my aim on him. When I was offered Jalalabad Barwala (his son) I could not believe there was a better dog"

Update 2014 - We have recently posted an article on Carloway written by Alan Brooks (Bondor), see links at bottom of this page, which iincludes further info about Jalalabad Barwala Of Carloway.

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