From Kingway/Orkhon to Grandeur 1947 - 1956
(Author Steve Tillotson, March 2010)
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A while back a correspodent and I were talkng about the "Kingway" (US) Kennel and the correspondent promised to send me some interesting papers, which he did. The contents of his letter included -

  • Handwritten pedigrees
  • Typed pedigrees
  • Pedigrees signed by Stanford K Jackson (Orkhon Afghan Hound Kennels USA)
  • Prize ribbons from shows back in the 1940/50's
  • Letter from Sunny Shay
  • AKC registration documents asociated with the above
When I started studying and researching this packet of archives, I did not know where it would lead me and what I would find. In the event I believe this research leads us to discover the following;

  • An example of early American Afghan Hound breeding patterns
  • A trail of breeding that leads to Grandeur
  • Some insight into Sunny Shay (Grandeur) and her friendship/relationship with owners
  • The idiosyncracies of registration/name changing/owner selling on etc
  • A partial show history for some very old Afghan Hounds
  • How bloodlines in Denver ended up 000's of miles away in the east/south east
  • Some information about Jackson K Stanford, historian, scientist, breed author, breeder, owner

My sincere thanks to the Owner Mr Mrs Don Ware for sharing these very interesting archives with us

1. PEDIGREE (Orkhon Indra Of Lujon)
First of all the pedigree is too long to fit on my scanner, herebelow is the header section (I had to scan it separately)

The header section tells us that the name of the subject dog in the pedigree is Orkhon Indra Of Lujon, Breed: Afghan Hound, Sex: Female, Whelped: May 9th 1947, Color: Golden Red, AKC registration HL-300, Breeder: Kingway Kennels, Denver Colorado.

First thing I noticed is that the pedigree form was one associated with "Khandor Kennels", I have no info on that kennel. The name Khndor is crossed out and "Orkhon Afghan Kennels" is written in hand above it. So I guess "reclycling" of paper is not such a modern occurance after all...

Orkhon Afghan Kennels was the kennel of Jackson K Stanford, who is described in our breed books variously as a "Scientist" or an "Historian". Stanford also wrote many articles on the Afghan Hound. His kennel was indeed located in Georgia as the header indicates.

Below is the AKC stud boook entry/registration for Indra which shows a Mr John Twose as owner, Kingway Kennels as breeder

Note that whilst the pedigree is on Orkhon kennel notepaper and implies the breeder was Orkhon Kennel, the acknowledged breeder is Kingway Kennel, which was located in Denver Colorado. So we have three kennel names figuring in the name of this Afghan - Orkhon, Lujon and Kingway.

Lets look at the pedigree next..

You cn see Jackson K Stanfords signature, bottom left corner of the pedigree. The purple colored ink under the ancestor names in the pedgree is a hand annotation showing the color of the ancestor. The red dots are, and I quote "Red marks trace Khan Of Ghazni Color Line".

You will observe that Orkhon Indra of Lujon's sire was the English bred import Am Ch Garrymhor Zabardast of Arken who was owned by the Arken Kennels (Derby, Connecticut). The Dam was Am Ch Jamila Of Kingway. Jamila was a third generation breeding of the USA foundation/import lines via the East Coast Prides Hill Kennels of Q A Shaw Mckean. Maternal Grandfather was the dog Westmill Razuran, bred by Mrs Woods, England (imported from England to the USA). So this would have been a very typical breeding in these early days of USA Afghan Hound development, and being a mixture of homebred lines (Prides Hill and Kingway) combined with later imports (Garrymhor Zabardast of Arken and Westmill Razuran). The pedigree is predominently Ghazni bloodlines with a smattering of Bell Murray and the third UK import lines (Shahzada/Afroz) back in the 5th generation and/or beyond. It provides a nice portrait of early development of the breed in the USA

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