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Mrs Amps and her famous Afghan Hounds
Charlcombe, Bath, England
By Phyllis Robson, Dog World Annual, 1930

Afghan Hound Times Ghazni Afghan Hound by Phyllis Robson 1930

The glorious pictures here depict Ch Sirdar of Ghazni and some of his progeny. Ch Sirdar is acknowledged by experts to be the greatest Afghan hound alive today; he has won more challenge certificates than any other hound of his variety, and so have his progeny. Ouf of eight challenge certificates offered this year, seven have been won by sons and daughters of Sirdar - a record not even approached by another Afghan hound. Sirdar is noted for his beautiful head, general soundness, good outline, and magnificent coat. Mrs. Amps was lucky to be in Afghanistan to secure such a superb hound and others of the correct type, such as the late Khan Of Ghazni, whose stock is winning to-day. The two youngsters show the quality of puppies Sirdar sires; the dark one on the left has gone to the Hon Lady de Courcy Wheeler, whilst a sister is going to Lady Mary Herbert, and both are most promising. Mr. Taylor, of Sutton Courtney, Berks, who is seen with them, takes care of Ch Sirdar and the bitches and puppies when Mrs. Amps is abroad.

Mrs. Amps is the very popular president of the large and flourishing Afghan Hound Association, whose members recognize how greatly they are indebted to her for all she has done to popularise this most beautiful Eastern variety in England

Phyllis Robson, DW 1930

AHT Editor notes. A glowing commentary from Mrs. Robson. Readers should be aware that Mrs. Amps "Gifted" Mrs. Robson Ch Asri-Havid Of Ghazni who was still being shown by Mrs. Robson when this article was published. Further Phyllis Robson was owner, editor, publisher of the English canine weekly publication "Dog World" and had a personal preference for Ghazni type over other types, such as Bell Murray.

Phyllis Robson also owned the dog Nakauda Of Ghazni, bred by Mrs. Amps sister Mrs. Catherline Law

The advert mentions a "Mr. Taylor", this is the first reference I have come across about a Mr. Taylor. The usual person to look after the Ghazni hounds in her absence was her sister Mrs. Catherine Law. So we will investigate and see if we can uncover some information about Mr. Taylor Steve Tillotson May 2013

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