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Extract on Mrs M. C. Amps Afghan Hounds (GHAZNI) taken from
Supplement To "Our Dogs" December 10 1926".
Written by Robert Leighton

Mrs Amps return from India...

It must have been gratifying to Mrs. M C Amps on her return from India to discover that her enterprise in importing a team of Afghan Hounds into this country synchronized with the founding of the Afghan Hound Club and the official classification of the breed by the Kennel Club.

After mention of the specific Afghans Mr. Leighton continues.. "Mrs. Amps is preparing extensive kennels at Penn in Staffordshire and devoting herself wholeheartedly to the advancement of the breed, in the very confident belief that the Afghan Hound is destined to become widely popular as a sporting and companion dog, combing the attributes of courage, beauty, and brains. Already she find that there is a greater demand for puppies than she can supply".

The (AHC) Afghan Standard

After some words about temperament, Mr. Leighton continues "They are racy built dogs of Greyhound conformation, and having great powers of endurance, with excellent legs and feet, they are admirably constituted for heavy work in a hilly country. Their peculiarity in comparison with the more familiar acclimatized breeds lies in the profusion and curious distribution of the coat. The long finely chiseled foreface is smooth, and along the ridge of the back from neck to tail the coat is also short, but the head is furnished with a conspicuous topknot of soft silky hair and the deeply drooping ears are heavily feathered. From the throat and loin downward to the toes the coat is long and fluffy, and inclined to fall into separate locks. The tail is only very slightly feathered and is usually ringed at the extremity. An attractive characteristic of the Afghan is its beautifully clear far seeing eyes. The colous of the coat varies with the individual - it may be red, fawn, grey, creamy, white or jet black. The average height of the mature Afghan is about 25 inches at the shoulder. Zardin, the model of the breed was 26 inches.

After a comment about Mrs. Amps support of the AHC standard, Mr. Leighton finishes the article with "Mrs. Amps is herself returning to Kabul very soon, and is hopeful that she may be able to add to her stock of Afghan Hounds, and to select and send home specimens for other fanciers. In the meantime she is leaving her kennel in the capable hands of her sister, Miss Catherine Law, to whom enquiries may be sent...Robert Leighton

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