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Afghan Hound Club of America, Inc.

Sunday, October 28, 2012 - Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Held at Sheraton Gateway Hotel Atlanta Airport, Atlanta, GA


Afghan Hound Times. 2012 Top Hound and Natl Speciality Winner GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli

Bitches and Intersex Mrs. H W Stein
Dogs Mrs. B Hufnagel
Entry: (106 Ent - 62d - 44b)

Best of Breed GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli, J Hafford/J Blanchard/A Sterner/D Rogers
Best of Opposite Sex GCH CH Jakar An Affair Most Wicked , B Warren/A Donnell/T Schultz/M Tokarski
Select Dog GCH CH Jolie Paparazzi K Clark/J Taylor
Select Bitch GCH CH Mazshalna's Outlaw Torn Taji Y Russell/D Bates/V Bates
Best of Winners Jamna Winsong Heavenly Delight , L Bornstein/B Bornstein/G Sinck/N Gardner
Winners Dog Regimes Thriller Of Elmo R Godfrey/M Viveiros
Reserve Winner Dog Jolie Orion J Taylor/J Taylor
Winners Bitch Jamna Winsong Heavenly Delight L Bornstein/B Bornstein/G Sinck/N Gardner
Reserve Winner Bitch Mithra Ariel Of Etrigan K Williams/R Nesbitt/P Roe

Dogs Mrs. B Hufnagel

Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1 Deloubelle Maya Iceman Cometh
2 Dragonfly Ecco's Dominus Vobiscum L Brown/P Schafmayer
3 Shylo Kingda Ka J Pearce/B Clark
4 Cynergy's Airforce One J Buttler

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.

1 My Ways' On The Town D Giordano/M Giordano
2 Windfall Mahali Come Sail Away C Rodgers/L Schanzle
3 Allure-Tzaneen Ever So Special N von Broembsen/S Norris
4 Khandhu O So Dapper A Bauer/P Hewitt/P Hewitt

12 - 18 Mos.

1 Regimes Thriller Of Elmo R Godfrey/M Viveiros
2 Sebring Elan Monkey Business R Irvin/J Klein/D Wangler/C Irvin
3 Elmo's Dreamboy P Martin/P Belmont
4 Winsong Jamna Poetic Justice C Divoky/R Palcie/N Gardner

Bred By Exhibitor

1 Jolie Orion J Taylor/J Taylor
2 Kasban Sura Bell Bottom Blues L Mauldin/S Neill
3 Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo K Wagner
4 My Ways' From Here To Eternity D Giordano/M Giordano

American Bred

1 Elan Sebring Exodus R Irvin/J Klein/C Irvin/D Wagler
2 Windigo The Untouchable SC L Zwirz


1 Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir P Rooks/C Smith/P Schafmayer/S Ferraro
2 Sharja Share The Wealth A Vickers/L Shipley
3 Riverview Space Odyssey Of Kasban T Mills/L Guarino/D Devitt
4 Rustic Mahali Ramblin' Man C Rodgers/L Schanzle/E Wolfe

Bitches Mrs. H W Stein

Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.

1 Kasban Wildest Dreams L Mauldin
2 Xzotika'Ssouthern Tigress At Zmaray R Sylvia/J Carter
3 Tradewinds Sweet Glory Of Gabriel S Stotzer/V Stotzer
4 Cynergy's Looking For E.T. J Pendyfraft

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos

1 Tres Chic Wynsyr Simply Divine K Moorhouse/G Mofford/D Pfeil/J Donahue
2 Ziv Hii's Element Of Style M Jennings

12 - 18 Mos.

1 Jamna Winsong Heavenly Delight L Bornstein/B Bornstein/G Sinck/N Gardner
2 Kasban Envy Me L Mauldin
3 Scaramis Girl Power At Regle D Fife
4 Pukah Brindabella To Blue Mountain JC J Ruggles/M Jennings/A Pryor/M Liss

Bred By Exhibitor

1 Mithra Ariel Of Etrigan K Williams/R Nesbitt/P Roe
2 Hot Beach Hallelujah S Eaton Duay/T Duay/S Frei/J Garner
3 Charsada A Whole New World B Burns
4 Ziv Hii's The Fifth Element C Helm

American Bred

1 Zindajon Young And Restless L Zwirz


1 Jolie Andromeda J Lorbeck
2 Kasan Private Dancer G Shannon/L Mauldin
3 Kramatir's Purple Rapture R Hendrix
4 Shacone Abaca Precios Gem J Pearce/W Pearce/T Chacon/A Shaw

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