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Afghan Hound Club Of America
National Specialty 2008 Report and Results

(By Gary Sinck, Jamna Afghans. Published in Our Afghans November 2008)

Afghan Hound Times - Agha Djari's Reflection Of Xenos AHCA BOB 2008

The 72nd Afghan Hound Club of America Show is over. My hat is off to the people who put the show together, doing the immense amount of work required to achieve such a well run show. Reggie Nesbitt, the Chairman, and Sue Busby Secretary, did mondo excellent jobs and managed to keep their cool, aplomb and smiles the whole time. The entire committee maintained high standards and performed their jobs well.

Having Mike Gardner, Grounds Chairman, for a friend, opened my eyes to some simple things relating to that job. He calculated, based on the size of the entry and possible extras for the ride, how many poop bags he'd need Granted, he was a bit more generous in his estimates of how many times a dog would need a baggie, but he was certainly and impressively prepared.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for an outdoors show. The only thing I can think of to make it more impressive, would have been a rainbow with the pot of gold in the middle of the ring. Clear and sunny all week, with temperatures in the 70's most of the time, I thought it was comfortable, though some of the dogs, in the direct sun in the ring, did get a bit warm. However all conformation judges were very good about using available tent space to keep the dogs out of the sun while they were not being examined.

The facility too did a good job getting their establishment ready for the dog influx. Rooms where dogs were expected underwent special preparations. My room was typical; the bedspreads were removed and replaced by sheets so dogs could use the beds without causing damage to the costlier spreads. Even the chairs were covered with sheets for the same reason. A piece of plastic was provided for the floor covering to put crates upon. The outside areas were clearly and amply posted to indicate where dogs could be exercised, and what areas were off limits.

Mike had clean-up stations spaced very liberally throughout the grounds. They were maintained on a regular basis. The areas I passed while exercising my dogs, were always stocked with bags and the receiving cans were collected on a regular basis

You may think I'm harping on "grounds", but it is a very important issue at commercial sites. If we are not really good about keeping dog waste cleaned up, the places where dog shows can be held will decrease. There is enough trouble out there with PETA and HSUS working against us on legislative extermination of all domestic animals. Dogs are their first line of attack, but their agenda is aimed at all domestic animals, pets and farm stock. With this in mind it is very important to keep available sites cleaned up and happy with us when we use their facilities. The pressure will only get worse in the future. Coupled with the decline in numbers of dogs being shown, and some kennel clubs folding, doing our bit is very necessary.

But enough drollness. If you were there and didn't have a good time, shame, shame, shame on you! I had way more fun than I think it's legal to have. In fact, I'm surprised I still got any voice left as I feel like I didn't shut my mouth the entire time. Surely the people who had to put up with me, agree it was a shame that I didn't get Laryngitis. There were just way to many people I don't see in the course of a year, gathered for our annual conflab. I even added some new people to my list of friends and acquaintances, so next year, in Lancaster will be even worse. BUT... I enjoyed myself to the max.

It was fulfilling to discuss our breed in detail and with other people who know more than I do or view the dogs with a different set of priorities. There is always room to learn and I think I acquired some new perspectives...well OK!....lots of things from these people

I was also glad to be able to pitch in and help some of the exhibitors and vendors with problems arising while they were there, and most were pleased that I could and would help out. Extra hands are always welcome for no matter how hard one plans, there are always unexpected surprises and contingencies.

But on to the show! Tony Saia was there, not only showing dogs, fulfilling his obligations on the board, but also promoting next year's show. He is once again Show Chairman and the club is going back to Lancaster. As for an inside joke: several people asked me how I get my beads. Well, Tony has a fixation on Mardi Gras Beads. So he did. Simple! They are an addition to my collection from two years ago and will be packed for next years as well.

Now to the shows main fracas which quickly made the Internet. Yes, Stefan Boleck from Germany cleaned up big time. And yes, he lost his Winner's Bitch Award and points on a technicality. Although not confirmed yet by the AKC at this writing. I understand that his bitch will retain her BOB honors, And Stefan's Agha Djari dogs continued to clean up the entire weekend. At the Parent Club, he bred the Best In Sweepstakes and Winner's Dog, being the same male. Besides winner's Bitch, Reserve WB was sired by one of Stefan's dogs. The only to honor not taken by his breeding was Reserve Winner's Dog. Triplicity Encore Cool Blues (see the listings of results later in this article)

The following day, at the Detroit Specialty, WB went to Kasban Catwalk (Varnum and Mauldin) while WD was his Ch Boanne's Legend Of The Dragon (Pedrizzi and Evans) took Best Of Breed at that Specialty. Next were the two shoes in Monroe, Michigan, On Saturday, WD was Mahali Rustic' Star Spangled Banner (Hites, Wolfe and Schanzzle) and Legend of the Dragon again took Best Of Breed and a Group 4. WB and BOS was Jangel's Just Got The Look (Nordlund and Gulla), sired by an Agha Djari dog. At the Sunday show, it was a clean sweep for Stefan's Agha Djari dogs. Wd, Agha Djari's Revenge of Xenos (Taylor, Bongovanni and Boleck) going BOB and Group 1, while Jangel's Just Got The Look took the bitch points and BOS once again.

What can I say> For those who are spouting sour grape comments, let me point out what I've been maintaining in my Coup articles about the level of quality in "our" American Afghans. This is the first time any one breeder has done so well at a National and subsequent shows. Foreign dogs have won regularly at our National in the past few years. Does this tell American breeders anything? If not, why not?

There are reasons for this; Gone is the fact that those dogs are mature and not still in their formative years. More importantly in my book, am willing to bet that those dogs are better bred in most cases. This topic is another soapbox issue, so I won't pursue it here.

So come to Lancaster next year! If you don't know me, come and meet me. Forget about the dogs and other people (I am important, just ask me!).Other than that, the logo for 2009 is simply great and Dian Fife did a wonderfully creative job designing it. I'm already looking forward to the show, catching up and once again with my "once a year" friends

Sitting in dust and dog hair at Jamna
Garry B Sinck

Summary of The main results-

BOB, Agha Djaris Reflection of Xenos, Owner, (Stefan Boieck),
BOS, CH Winsong Hollywood Park , Owner, ( J Taylor/J taylor),
BOW, Agha Djaris Wilson of Xenos, Owner, (J Allward/S Boieck),
WD, Agha Djari's Wilson Of Xenos (De), Owner, (J Allward/S Boieck),
RWD, Triplicity Encore Cool Blues, Owner, (M Wainfor/R Wainfor/W Dennis/P Yeloushan),
WB, Agha Djaris Reflection of Xenos, Owner,(Stefan Boieck),
RWB, Jangel's Just Got The Look, (Owner,(Nordland and Gulla),

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