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National Specialty 2006 Report and Results

(By Gary Sinck, Jamna Afghans. Published in Our Afghans November 2006)

BOB National Speciality 2006
Ch Elan Sebring The Matrix

Afghan Hound Times - Natl Spclty Winner 2006 Ch Elan Sebring The Matrix


The Parent Club show - where to begin? And what a blast I had! First, the list of past breed winners in the catalogue really dates me. I wasn't there but I was in the breed when aCh Majara Muzaffar won it in 1965. Almost made it for 1964, but got started a tad late in June of that year to be "in it" for the Nationals. This really dates me and places me definitely into the cranky, creepy, crawly generation of Afghandom Aficienados. Yes we are alliterate too.

I don't know where to begin passing out compliments. Certainly Chuck Milne gets a bunch for his decorations, Mardi Gras as the underlying theme opened the way for all kinds of excessive ideas. I am sure that there are no black, orange, yellow or purple ostrich's left with any plumage at all. And beads for days, honey! It was an experience,], and if you missed it, you missed it. Too bad, shouda been there!

Of course, Tony Saia was running around like a mad thing. He reminded me of a Bloom County cartoon from 1988. Berke Breathed, the cartoonist, presented the Office Handbook for Better Comic Comprehension at that time. In it, Opus, dearly beloved penguy friend, exhibited Sweaties - indicating anxiety and worry. Sweaties are those droplets of water (sweat) shaken from the head in moments of crisis. There were Sweaties. However, Co-Chair JoAnne Buehler, was her usual calm, in control looking self. Everything worked, sweaties and calmness, bring off lots of activities.

Just thinking of all the vents scheduled makes me tired, let alone trying to attend them. So can you imagine being in charge of them all? Not my idea of a good time. So hats off to the people who worked, worked and then worked some more to put this show on and pull it all together. They did a great job.

And Yes, I had a good time. There were lots of people from all over the world to be rude to, and I reveled in it. There were representatives from Australia, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Chile, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. Then and of course "those guys" from Scandinavia - Sweden and Norway - whom I told to their face they were not welcome anymore. Just too tired of them taking Winners Dog two years in a row, adding Winners Bitch, this year, just more insulting wins. Actually, it was a woman who showed WB and though it hurts to admit, the winners were good animals. But I am still petitioning the Government to disallow them re-entry next year.

People, people, people. I had an opportunity to meet and greet folks I haven't seen since last year n Sacramento and some I hadn't seen in years and years. Having all these friends and acquaintances to jabber with was wonderful. I'm afraid I jabbered at Most of them but they bore up well under the onslaught. Some even came and sat with me during the judging, so I couldn't have been too bad. But then I had a really good location staked out.

It was cool watching Matrix take the show for the second time in a row. It's been fifteen years since there was a dog who achieved the status of winning two consecutive years top placement. Ch Xandali Isabeau of Boanne won twice but not in a row during the fifteen years period. The other dog was Ch Pahlavi Puttin' On The Ritz who actually won the show three times, taking it in 1989, breaking for a year and then going twice in 1991 and 1992. Multiple Parent Club BOB are something special and I was glad to be there to see it happen.

The minor surprising thing in my opinion (so you just know its for real) was the dog entry which was better than the bitch entry this year. Usually "the girls" win the best overall in quality as a group, but "us guys" got it this year.

I have to brag a bit as many of the top placing dogs, came, at least originally from the Midwest. Not that I live there or anything and suffer from regional bias. (OA Ed Note "Right Gary. Ohio was moved to the East Coast recently for a closer handle on your voting machines, wasn't it>) But hey! Look at your catalogue! The question I asked, whether success will spoil Terry Chacon, still stands, even if she is from California. See the show results for verification of these statements. I got proof, so there!

Are you collecting pennies for Denver, next year? I have three in my Westward Ho Jar, so I am off and saving. Get with the program and be there! How can I insult you if you aren't there? Its only fun, face to face, so you can fight back

Garry B Sinck for Our Afghans 2006

Summary of The main results-

BOB, CH Elan Sebring The Matrix Owner, (R and C Irwin and Jerry Klein and Lex Robertson),
BOS, CH Arabesque Sex In The City Owner, ( Lex Robertson),
BOW, CH Elan Sebring The Matrix Owner, (R and C Irwin and Jerry Klein and Lex Robertson),
WD, Aviva Coeur a Coeur Owner, (Johansson and Wheeler),
RWD, Winsong Hollywood Park, Owner, (Borger),
WB, Jangel's No Fooling Owner,(Nordlund),
RWB, Criston Xirioux Guardian Angel (Owner,Legendre and Pinkston),

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