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Afghan Hound Club Of America
National Specialty 2000 Report and Results

(By Steve Tillotson)

Afghan Hound Times -  Ch Xandali Isabeau of Boanne Natl Spec BOB 2000

The Tara Afghan Hound Club had applied to hold it's regional speciality over the week of the National Speciality but the AKC did not grant the request, citing as their reason the distance from Atlanta. In the event Tara AHC hosted the Welcome Reception in true Southern fashion and this was enjoyed by all. .

Lure Coarsing was held on Sunday, Agility, Obedience and Sweepstakes was held on Monday. BIS Sweeps was CristonWhistle in the Dark with BOS going to Verpatscha-Boanne Night Whisper. Sweeps judged by David Giordano.

A colorful ringside with various vendor settups adjacent, including artist vendors, Rescue table, Art Auction table and the lovely Karen Armistead with her table loaded with materials on the history of the breed.

Tuesday Jan Reital (Tifarah) judged the dogs, and chose for her main awards - WD Polos in the Air Tonite , RWD Shekinah Stiletto.

Wednesday Gene Vaccaro judged bitches, and chose for his main awards - WB Anuttara Summerwind Secret Dream, RWB Tri-TanHeadOverHeels Yucatan. In the evening Betty Stites and Sandy Frei conducted The Judges EducationalWorkshop

Thursday Jan Reital (Tifarah) returned to the ring to judge breed, and chose for her main awards - BOB Ch Xandali Isabeau of Boanne. A fantastic run of Regional Speciality wins throughout the year, plus Westminter BOB 2000 (also Westminster BOB 1999 and #1 Afghan In the USA 2000. BOW &BOS; went to Ch Polos in the Air Tonite. The evening featured the Awards Dinner, Master Of Ceremonies and Chief Auctioneer of the various Art items was the inimatable David Frei

Results Summary


6-9 Dogs
Regimes Double Platinum Robert Godfrey

9-12 Dogs
Llacues Extreme Machine Llano/Cuevas/Filippone

12-18 Dogs
Majic Undeniable Cindy Chandler

Bred by Ex Dogs
Polos In the Air Tonite Lorianne Amadeo

American-Bred Dogs
Aljazhirs Traces of Candida Beckwith/Brown Culbertson

Open Dogs
Shekinah Stiletto B Crowe/L Stoffels

Winners Dog
Polos in the Air Tonite

Shekinah Stiletto


6-9 Bitches
Zydecos Lucky Penny Kathryn Davis

9-12 Bitches
Jorogz Hearts Celebration Zeigler-Wochner/Morton/ Byfield

12-18 Bitches
Qamaris UnchainedMelody Emmett& Juklie Roche

Bred By Ex Bitches
Anuttara Summerwind Secret Dream Amy Wendling

American Bred Bi tches
Suncrest Practical Majick Hastings/Belmont

Open Bitches
Tri-TanHeadOverHeels Yucatan Penta/Yeloushan/Bracken/Dennis

Winners Bitch
Anuttara Summerwind Secret Dream

Tri-TanHeadOverHeels Yucatan


Ch Xandali Isabeau of Boanne Evans/Robertson/ Valimaki

Polos in the Air Tonite


Ch. Fabelhaft Zoot Suit Ken& Lin Val imaki/Dalton

Ch. Suraj Ralph Lauren Pam &AlMcQueen;

Ch. Gazon the Truth Be Told Beth Collins /Webb

Ch. Llacues Morena Llano/Cuevas /Filippone

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