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National Specialty 1981 Report and Results

(By Steve Tillotson)

Afghan Hound Times -  Ch Zuvenda Razcym Natl Spec BOB 1981

The 1981 National Specialty was held in Oklahoma. As mentioned in the 1979 National report, the National Specialty had traditionally been held in New York at the same time as Westminster KC. There was a lot of criticism about the timing and fixed location of the National so after a trial run of three "Regional Nationals" during the 70's, from 1980 the National Specialty now rotates around the country and is held later in the year. This year there were some 200 exhibits entered (compares with 300 at the last New York hosted National Speciality). To remedy the apparent lower entry, the AHCA has arranged that next years National will be held in Florida in late January and will be supported by a series of breed shows, seminars and social events.

BOB was awarded by Judge Mrs Carol Esterkin to Ch Zuvenda Razcym (Owners Martin and Karen Wagner).

Results Summary

BOB Judge, Mrs Carol Esterkin
Ch Zuvenda Razcym (Owners Martin and Karen Wagner

Article to be continued when further details are available
Steve Tillotson, Dec 2011

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