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National Specialty 1972 Report and Results

(Report by Babbie Tongren, published in Mar-Apr 1972 issue of Afghan International)
(With thanks to Rik Mcdowell for sharing this archive) - National Specialty 1972

Dogs Mr James Prior
Bitches Mrs Major H Godsel

Show Results

BOB: Patricia Wallis, Ch Ammon Hall TAerj-Caj of Tajmir
BOS: Stuart AND Janet Slade, Ch Ter-Caj Vixen
WD: Linda L Rennig & and Jajesa Rathbun, Well Duns Shar-Amun
WB: Lewece T Champetier and Lois R Boardman, Akaba's Tre-azure Trove
RWD: Donald Vasti, Sindu's Blues Song Of Dureigh
RWB: Theresa Greene, Patrells Dakira Jiratch'mir (Eugene Blake)

People and dogs were crowding into the ring, while a large part of the bystandrs were filing out when the stud dog and brood bitch classes came in and I havn't an idea of who won which. The class which should be a proud one is anti-climatic coming as it does after BOB.

a frirne whom I nominate for cannonization, had saved me a glrious seat directly back of the judges table, so knowing how tenous was my hold on it, I rarely left it, and can't do a complete "seen at ringside" thing, and apologize to those I missed.

Had my annual meet with Louise Snyder in the ladies room. Saw Dewyey but missed Reigh, the Brunings, Waskoes, Henry Dietzgen, Micky Koss, Bob Stein, the Aldermans and marvelled at Nancy's stamina after her bad accident, she's too pretty to get broken, and Lois from the Midwest.

From the west saw Georgie Guthrie, the Withingtons, Gini and all g rown up Sandy, Elenor Clark, Cynthia Guzevitch, tried to keep up with Kay Finch for a day but couldn't, Carol Esterkin, Bud Stephenson and Michael giggled at Beverly Cadbury's wry wit. Maryanne Padula was taking pictures with a camera Mike had given her for Christmas, she and Archie Clot, Doris Wheeler, Jim Pearce and Judy Felton left the south for the miserable N.Y. weather. Herman who was judging Westminster had conscientuously stayed away but ran smack into Pat Wallis staggering under her loot in the elevator. I envied the impeccable Dr Kennedy, and rapped with Mary Sheldon who came through surgery and fooled them. Roy Horn whose Midge was home with Flu, and Karen Armistead, and then there was Sunny. oh yes, I have to note Parker Harris' feet of showing two bitches in one class.

As the lady said. "it certainly was a dog show". Sunday I took in the Daschund and Yorkie spec, while Bob did Boxers and Setters, then for the first time in years to the A.H.C.A meeting. Popular Norman Kattelman and his hardworking board had donde a fine ujob on this year's Spec. and have splendid ideas for the future. Sue Hamlin's report on the reception to the proposed breed book was discouraging. She passed around a similar one put out by the Corgi Club and it was marvelous.

Feeling rather like a broken record I found myself on my feet again extolling the advantages of an outdoor pec. held in conjunctiojn with, perhaps the Westchester-Tuxedo Park weekend (pause for editorial comment on the weather) but over the years their average has been excelent, even if 71 was a bit damp. I for one would rather take a chance on atnt than battle the horrors of an inadequqte room in an indifferent hotel in filthy, disease-laden expensive N.Y. in Feb (for the record I am a native New Yorker).

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