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Afghan Hound Club Of America
National Specialty 1947 Report and Results

(Researched by Steve Tillotson)

Afghan Hound Times AHCA BOB 1947 Ch Karach Of Khanhasset photo/report


Champion Karach Of Khanhasset, handsome red dog with a pretty dark mask, owned by Mrs Leah P McConaha of Great Neck, New York, and shown by Harry Hill of Darien, Conn., was named best in show at the first specialty event of the Afghan Hound Club Of America at the Mcalpin Hotel.

Opposing the winner in the final were six chanpions who, like Karach, had been nominted for the specials only, and a comparatively unknown bitch Ernest E Gruel's Zenobia of Elcoza, who had yet to attain her championship. The latter starting in the open class for her sex, made a gallant fight for it to qualify

Charles A. Wernsman (Arken Afghan Hounds) of Derby. Conn., one of the country's leading experts in the bred, sent the select field through a thorough examination and after 35 minutes decided in favor of Karach. Sound-ness and condition were the two factors, according to Wernsman..

Zenobia, however, fared extremely well. Despite the fact that the final group included three members of her sex, Zenobia was selected as best of opposite sex, the most important triumph in her career. Both decisions were popular.

The first important victory of the session - which began in the forenoon and lasted until just before the dinner hour - was accounted for by Kush Omar Kaf, owned and handled by Mrs Leota D. Payne of Silver Spring, MD. Kaf, picked as winning dog, was defeated by Zenobia for best of winners.

(Above sourced from the New York Times, February 12, 1947)


  • Puppy Dogs (6-9 mths) Jaggers Majara's Maragha-Biaz
  • Puppy Dogs (9-12 mths) Schwing's Ya Hak's Indigo
  • Puppy Bitch (6-9 mths) Laineaux Kennels Laineux Black Cyn Of Donde
  • Puppy Bitch (9-12 mths) Ainsworth's Kashmir Shalimar
  • Novice Dog Freitz's Actorak Of Donaldheim
  • Novice Bitch Harmon's Sandika
  • American Bred, dogs, Sunny Shay's Hakim Of Grandeur
  • American Bred, Bitch, McConaha's Kahile Of Khanhassset
  • Limit Dogs, Sol Malkin and Sunny Shays Turkuman Nissims Laurel
  • Limit Bitch, Sunny Shay's Far Away Bakhar Of Grandeur
  • Open Dogs, Paynes Kush Omar Kaf
  • Open Bitch Gruels Zenobia Of Elcoza
  • Winners bitch, best of winners and best of opposite sex, Zenobia Of Elcoza
  • Best Of Breed, P McConaha's Ch Karach Of Khanhasset

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