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Afghan Hound Club Of America National Specialty 2011
Wilmington, Ohio

2011 AHCA Specialty Results

AHCA National Specialty 2011 BOB Thaon's Mowgli

GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli , ( J Hafford/J Blanchard/A Sterner/D Rogers )

Judge, Debbie Peterson

Puppy 6-9 months

1st. Arabesque Tom Cat
2nd Kuhl Breeze Designer Sock Money,( D D'Aquila)
3rd.Ahava Jumpn Jive O' Rafa, (Owner not on file)
4th. Stormhill's High N' Mighty Hot Beach , (Owner not on file)

Puppy 9-12 Months.

1st.Kasban Big Bang Theory, ( P Kageals/L Mauldin)
2nd. Jakar Arrogant Advice, ( A Donnell/D Donnell)
3rd. Kameron Dragonfly's Chain Reaction, ( L Brown/R Gatling)
4th.Sharja Second in Command , (Owner not on file)

Dogs 12 -18 Months

1st. Riverview Space Odyssey Kasban, ( L Guarino )
2nd. Elmo Richlyn's Silver Slash, ( S Meyer/N Newkirk)
3rd. (move-up from the 9-12 class) Nopera's Aston Martin, (Owner not on file)
4th. Fu Blu Riddle of Oshanameh, (Owner not on file)

Bred By Exhibitor

1st. Kasban Affirmed of Candida, ( R Brown/L Mauldin)
2nd.Evensong's Master of the House, ( M Trifiro/D Lake)
3rd.Allegre' It's A Blizzard, ( D Zatkoff)
4th. Kuhl Breeze Air Force One, ( K Kujawa/A Kujawa/D Ridley )

American Bred

1st. Jakar Judgemental Advice, ( A Donnell/D Donnell)
2nd. Cyan Zodia, ( S Watson/K Schieck/K Gronowalski)
3rd. Windigo On A Wing And A Prayer(, D Peters/G Bagley)
4th.Cyan Data , (Owner not on file)


1st.Jolie Paparazzi, ( K Clark/J Taylor)
2nd. Jacosta Gold But Not Copper , ( Owner not on file)
3rd. Agha Djari's Urban Cowboy, ( Owner not on file)
4th. Herr Pride and Prejudice A'mirla, ( M Baker/E Laudermilch)


Jolie Paparazzi , ( K Clark/J Taylor)


Jacosta Gold But Not Copper , ( Owner not on file)

Judge Kent Delany

Puppy 6- 9 months.

1st. Sirae' Lakewood Black Swan, ( L Miller)
2nd Ahava Miss Saigon , ( Owner not on file)
3rd. Stormhill's Glimpse of Heaven , ( Owner not on file)
4th.Mahali Rustic It's My Party, ( C Rodgers/L Schanzle)

Puppy 9-12 months

1st.Mahali Maja Camillia, ( Owner not on file)
2nd.Jakar Wise Advise , ( A Donnell/D Donnell)
3rd. Khasbek Fall In Love, ( Owner not on file)
4th. Mahali Capri , ( C Pinkston/W Mines/L Schanzle)

Bitches 12 - 18 Months.

1st. Riverview's Next Top Model Afghantis, ( Owner not on file)
2nd. When Red Means Gold of Dega AFghans, ( Owner not on file)
3rd. Taza Persia Judge Judy, ( B Collins/R Zednick)
4th.Kasban Private Dancer , ( G Shannon/L Mauldin)

Bred By Exhibitor

1st. Evensong's Avenue Q, ( M Trifiro/D Lake)
2nd. Silhouette's Shameless, ( E Berman/R Berman/J Fisher)
3rd. Shekinah Jakar Pamir Touch Of Courage, ( A Donnell/L Stoffels/T Schultz)
4th.Le Nobel's Hearts Afire, ( J Lenobel/B Lenobel)

American Bred

1st. Alemkah T'Mojo Too Hot To Handle, ( C Divoky/A Richard/K Smith )
2nd Boanne's Zsa Zsa, ( A Chamberlain/A Evans)
3rd Silhouette's Stiletto's, ( Owner not on file)
4th. Anam Cara King's Row Treasured Angel, ( L Kartman )


1st. Scaramis Unusual Me , (Owner not on file)
2nd Boanne's Zenyatta, ( C Rodgers/A Evans)
3rd. Maya's Rounddup In The Rockies , (Owner not on file)
4th. Boanne's Zurina , (Owner not on file)


Evensong's Avenue Q , ( M Trifiro/D Lake)


Scaramis Unusual Me, (Owner not on file)


Evensong's Avenue Q , ( M Trifiro/D Lake)


GCH CH Stormhill's Sweet Dream of Raffica, ( G Games/S Games/S Frei/T Vanderezee)


GCH.CH Thaon's Wallstreet, ( J Hafford/J Blanchard/D Rogers/J Rogers )


CH Zen Pahlavi It Aint All Glitz and Glam, ( E Klosson/K Wagner/J Bracken)


CH Mahali Arriva Meadowlark, ( D Cooley/J Prosapio/S Neill/C O'Connor/L Schanzle )
CH Silhouettes Sham Shame Shame JC, ( E Berman/R Berman/J Fisher)
GCH Mahali Arriva Sandpiper, ( J Baukus/D Cooley )
CH Al-Naira Bint Roula Von Hausman, (Owner not on file)
CH Criston Enchanted, ( C Pinkston)


Evensong's Avenue Q , ( M Trifiro/D Lake)


Mahali Maja Camillia Camillia


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