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Afghan Hound Club Of America National Specialty 2005 Report
(By Gary Sinck, Our Afghans Dec 2005)

BOB CH Elan Sebring The Matrix

Afghan Hound Times. Natl Spec 2005 BOB CH Elan Sebring The Matrix


The National Specialty was held at Sacramento California October 17 through October 21, 2005. There is an aura about attending the Parent Club Show, I think it's because most of the people there are the real shakers and movers in our world of Afghandom. These people have worked, suffered and paid more dues than most of us like to admit. But here the attendees are smiling, laughing and greeting friends they haven't seen for a year or maybe longer.

I enjoy the reunion times. Beyond that, what I really found interesting and dynamic was the number of people there from foreign countries. This trend is something never witnessed in years long gone by. Sure, there were usually a few Canadian and maybe someone from Mexico, but that was it. Now the show hosted people from England, Australia, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, South America and Japan. It is truly an international affair now and the mix of people certainly makes for interesting ringside comments. I got to hear a few, well... more than a few as I sat with friends from England and Australia for about half the judging I watched. Don't misunderstand, it's not that I don't have friends here in the States, but to hear our foreign visitors, a lot of them judges in their own countries, make remarks as on "lack of merit: and such was rather interesting and at times pertinent. And I must say that I agreed with most of their comments. So maybe I should move to a land far, far away as some have suggested?. Well I wanna tell you something I aint stokin fires for anyone!

As for our own contingent, one of my most cherished statements was made by Connie Butherus, at least I'm pretty sure it was her and it was right on the mark. She said upon looking around ringside that "Afghan people" are now all geriatric hippies. So sad, so true. More than one person commented upon the lack of new, fresh and younger people showing. Where have all our young ones gone? Are they playing "interactive" video games instead in participating in real life adventures? I don't understand the fun of sitting on my butt (ever increasing with age) "killing off" hundreds of cyberspace images. You could be out there in the fresh air (or what passes for fresh air these days), sunshine and wind, actually running, bending over, and doing physical stuff - and making friends for a lifetime. Personally I find it easier to share emotions with warm bodies, the hugs, the smiles, the joys, the screams, even the temper tantrums, the swilling of unlimited bottles of wine when you win... rather than pressing buttons to push some car off an imaginary race track. But hey, maybe that's my geriatric hippy side talking.

The interesting part of this National was the topologically challenging ring. There was that hill in the ring. Not a big hill, but nonetheless a hill. I was lucky enough to watch two of the judges trying to figure out how to use the ring with this lump in it. It did make for interesting viewing at times when animals kind of vanished behind it. Of course, watching the exhibitors deal with it was fun... ooops ..... interesting too. Some could have used it to better advantage to make their dogs toplines appear level.

Other than the hill in the ring, the site was great. I found dealing with the staff a friendly experience and managed what I wanted to get done. As with several other venues in the past the restaurant service was a bi8t spotty. I would think that the food service staff would realize they have a captive audience and act accordingly, but it just was slow. The food was good and I enjoyed it, but many others went out to lunch at nearby restaurants instead since the judging didn't start until noonish or later. Could even use the extra time to paaarty, as the bar lacked regular staff, with the desk clerk having to fill in at times.

The vendors were set up under a pavilion right next to the ring and that was good, People looking to buy goodies didn't have to go out on a search mission to find the vendors. There were lots of clothing items, proudly displayed ringside after purchase. There was statuary, not quit as visible, but it too sold to collectors. As usual, I was once again amazed by the artistic talent Af people seem to have, more so than in other breeds. Since I've come to know a few of them over the years and years and years in some cases, it is always a pleasant surprise to discover all that artistic talent hiding behind plain exhibitors facades. And I must say I'm impressed.

The dogs were beautiful as always, many well presented, and overall looking great. Everyone I encountered seemed to enjoy a great time at this year's National, and while I am letting the winners listings speak for themselves, let me close with this question. "Going to Lancaster, PA next year?" See you there

Gary Sinck, Jamna Afghans for Our Afghans, 2005

BOS CH Beachbrook Its Raining Men

Afghan Hound Times -Natl Spec 2005 BOS CH Beachbrook Its Raining Men


REGULAR CLASSES (Dogs) and Intersex
Judge: Mr Michael Calalizo

WD Waiting On A Sunny Day
RWD Cynergy's Aviator O''verpatsh

Puppy dog 6 - 9 months
1 Raffica's Blackmailed by Samar
2 Allures's Summer Promise
3 Elmo's Lift Off

Puppy dog 9 - 12 months
1 Cynergy's Aviator O''verpatsh
2 Gwich'in Peyton's Touchdown
3 Tanqeray Tennessee Gold
4 Amina Coldcotica

Junior dog 12 - 18 months
1 Cavu Overnite Mail
2 Suncrest Harley of Bybur
3 Absolut Lee Cavu
4 Horizon Prima Time

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
1 Kasban American Idol
2 Summerwind Reflectionj of ME
3 Sura's Hollywood Lights
4 Majeniata Smashing Sensation

American Bred Dogs
1 Baakara's Pure Of Heart
2 Cyan Fine Art
3 Witchwood Summerwind Neomatrix
4 Perfections Cadeau Parfait

Open Dogs 1 Waiting On A Sunny Day
2 Goldust Almost Famous
3 Sanre' Valiant Vaquero
4 Sars-Summerwind Some Like It Hot

Judge: Duane Butherus

WB Rima Von Hausman
RWB Regime's All About Eve

Puppy bitch 6 - 9 months
1 Allure's Scent Of Summer

Puppy bitch 9 - 12 months
1 Regime's All About Eve
2 Cynergy's Jewell Of The Nile
3 Hillside Dubbonet
4 Elmo's Priceless Picasso

Junior bitch 12 - 18 months
1 Cavu Wild 'N Naughty Nites
2 Khandhu Olympia
3 Charikar Cleo's Charm
4 Marjenaja Ego Trip In Concert

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches
1 Perfections Parisian Holiday
2 Sha-Cone Abaca Delightfull
3 Messengers Armarige D'Amour
4 Mykhan's Kolor Konfetti

American Bred Bitches 1 Aries Wisteria Carousel
2 Acadia Music Of The Knight
3 Tanis Black Pearl
4 Perfection's Wee Petit Magic

Open Bitches 1 ARima Von Haussman
2 Joha Galaxy Solo Swiftwind
3 Tells Black Pearly
4 Boanne's Lovesong Of Dhivia

Judge: Mr Michael Canalizo

BOB Ch Elan Sebring The Matrix
BOW Waiting On A Sunny Day
BOS: Ch Beachbrook its Raining Men
BEST PUPPY Regime's All About Eve

Ch. Thaons Stardance
Ch. Cavu Sonic Air Of Karamoor
Ch. Arabasque Saroh Brightmor
Ch. Elmo's Men Are From Mars
Ch. Elmo's Everybody Says I Luv U

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