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Afghan Hound Club Of America
National Specialty 2002 (Dogs)
Report and Results (By Steve Tillotson)

For PHOTOGRAPHS of the National


The National Specialty was held near Chicago at Illinois State Beach, north of Chicago. The show was located on the shore of Lake Michigan. My initial view was that the Afghan Hound Club of America must be nuts to schedule an outside show, near Chicago (the windy city) in October. I am delighted to report my fears of freezing to death were totally unfounded. In the event, we enjoyed several days of hot sunshine, to the extent we had to go looking for sun cream to prevent sunburn.

If any dog show can be described as perfect, then surely this year's National was as close to perfect as you could imagine. Good sized rings, huge marquee to protect the exhibits from any weather problems, including shading from the sun. The marquee also accommodated the club stand and their beautiful trophy display. Plenty of seats ringside, outside refreshments, tables, seating. A patio area decorated with trade stands. An inside area with more trade stands and an indoor grooming room. The exhibitors "village" which was comprised of individual exhibitor canopies, grooming tables, crates, decorations etc was set up alongside the main ring and added both colour and atmosphere to the event.

Breed, (the "Intersex" challenge mentioned above) was judged by Sandy Frei (Stormhill), a judge who is universally respected by everybody who knows her. It is a joy to watch Sandy Frei judge, watching her working through the exhibits, giving every one of them a chance, gradually whittling down the choices until her final pick. As mentioned earlier, her final pick was Izzy, but only after a strong challenge from the very exciting Italian bred dog Xenos Joselito. Joselito is a very impressive Afghan who stands naturally, without need for the handler to hold his head or tail, and moves powerfully but with style and elegance. On any other day, he would have won breed, and can consider himself unlucky to come up against the in-form Izzy on the day. As Winner's Dog and Best of Opposite Sex, Joselito did finish his US Championship at the National Specialty. Interestingly, he was born in Italy, and entered some shows across the US, picking up some US points on his way to a show session in Japan. He been shown in Japan, and was on his way back home to Italy, stopping in Chicago for the US National on his way. The awards of merit contained several of the leading Afghans for 2002 mentioned earlier, and included - Ch. Pizzazzz Peppermint Twist (b), Ch. Thaon's Wannadance (d), Ch. Polo's In The Air Tonite (d), Ch. Tantra's Some Like It Hot (d), and Ch. Baakara's Grace of My Heart (b).

There was a strong British contingent at the National, which included Brenda Kennedy who handled an Afghan in the competition, plus the inimitable Jim Hickie from Australia and the Gold N Copper girls from Sweden and many others. We met up with Roger and Ann Bartram from the UK at the National and who then come back to California with us as our house-guests for two weeks. We had a wonderful time touring around and exploring Northern California. All together I think there were visitors from at least twelve different countries.

On a sadder note, the breed lost Ch Tryst Of Grandeur a few months ago, and so ending the legend. Another famous Afghan to leave us was Ch Boanne's Heart N Soul ("Louie").

Steve Tillotson


Judge Mrs Rosemarie Crandahl

Best in Sweeps - Elan Sebring Legally Blonde
Best Opposite - Buena Vista Justice For All Arioch

Puppy Dog 6 to 9 Months
1 Elan Sebring The Scorpion King
2 Fox Run Zion Blizzard Of Oz
3 Xandali The Patriot
4 Wynsyrs Strike A Pose

Puppy Dog 9 to 12 Months
1 Kasban Spirit Of Cross Creek
2 Nalikar Shot In The Dark
3 Banjo in Concert
4 Rustic Battle Fire O'Karizna

Junior Dog 12 to 15 Months
1 Buena Vista Justice For All Arioch
2 Polo All About U
3 Ariochs Give Me Liberty Buena Vista
4 Cyan Devashunii Shaanta

Junior Dog 15 To 18 Months
1 Majestic Sharja Sneak Attack
2 Gabriels Rare Bear
3 Orions Blazing Sun
4 Utchati American Patriot JC

Puppy Bitches 6 to 9 Months
1 Elan Sebring Legally Blonde
2 Allures Dear John Of Suraj
3 Wynsyr Double Exposure
4 Mahali Forget-Me-Not

Junior Bitches 9 to 12 Months
1 Kasban Dark Angel Of Winsong
2 Khafka's A Star Is Born
3 Ukulele In Concert
4 Karizmas Amazing Grace Of Rio

Junior Bitches 12 to 15 Months
1 Kharak Lady Alelsha
2 Sha-Cone Abaca Vanilla Sky
3 Medina Almostg A Whisper
4 Beaujon Fellowship Of Rings

Junior Bitches 15 to 18 Months
1 Lyncrest JP Victorious
2 Anuttara Summerwind Busy Body
3 Watling St Wish Upon A Star
4 Watling Street Darkstar

Judge: Ms. Sandra Frei

WD Xenos Joselito
RWD Etrigan The Pretender

Puppy dog 6 - 9 months
1 Fox Run Zion Blizzard of Oz
2 Taza Lookin Truth In The Eye
3 Elan Sebring The Matrix
4 Xandali The Patriot

Puppy dog 9 - 12 months
1 Karizma's Rocky Gracieno
2 Kasban Spirit of Cross Creek
3 Rustic Battle Fire O'Karizna
4 Banjo In Concert

Junior dog 12 - 18 months
1 RWD Etrigan The Pretender
2 Orion's Blazing Sun
3 Polo All About U
4 Buena Vista Justice For All Arioch

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
1 Obiwan True Blue
2 Gabriel's Rare Bear
3 Bombey's Valiant Tiger
4 Not on file

American Bred Dogs
1 Longlesson Artistry Solitaire Man
2 Cyan Devashunii Shaanta
3 D'Rata's No Strings Attached
4 Blue Sky Rizing Son Noah's Pride

Open Dogs 1 WD Xenos Joselito
2 Abaca Sha-Cone Painted Desert
3 Sondymars Imagination
4 Ishkur's Eros

Judge: Ms. Helen Stein

WB Kasban Dark Angel of Winsong
RWB Landwehr's Bayou Blues Amare

Puppy bitch 6 - 9 months
1 Elan Sebring Legally Blonde
2 Allure's Dear John of Suraj
3 Wynsyr Nonsuch Southern Cross
4 Jubilan's Fairy Moss

Puppy bitch 9 - 12 months
1 WB Kasban Dark Angel of Winsong
2 Ukulele in Concert
3 Khafka's A Star is Born
4 Can. Ch. Nalikar Fatal Attraction

Junior bitch 12 - 18 months
1 Beaujon Dream Catcher Blue
2 Cosi Fan Tutte Phoebe
3 Kharak Lady Aleisha
4 Tarina Adorah Aryana

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches
1 Kasban Legal Eagle
2 Beaujon Fellowship of Rings
3 Watling St. Wish Upon A Star
4 Allegre's in Bloom

American Bred Bitches
1 Tifarah's Emily of Korazzien
2 Suncrest Trelawney's Vision

Open Bitches 1 RWB Landwehr's Bayou Blues Amare
2 Obiwan's Last Dance Vindela
3 Taza Yada Bada Bing
4 FC Llacue's Malaguena, F. Ch., GRC, ORC

Judge: Ms. Sandra Frei

BOB Ch Xandali Isabeau Of Boanne
BOW Xenos Joselito
BOS: Ch. Gazon The Truth Be Told
BEST PUPPY Kasban Dark Angel of Winsong

Ch. Pizzazzz Peppermint Twist (bitch)
Ch. Thaon's Wannadance (dog)
Ch. Polo's In The Air Tonite (dog)
Ch. Tantra's Some Like It Hot (dog)
Ch. Baakara's Grace of My Heart (bitch)

BRED BY EXH Obiwan True Blue
STUD DOG Ch Llacue's Dawn Soundn's X-L
BRACE Ch Wynsyr Country Boy/Ch Wynsyr Little Bit Of Country
BROOD BITCH Ch Pahlavi Total Induldance SC F Ch (Class Judged by Mrs Helen Stein)

Report and Results
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