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Zarni Kennels (UK) of Mr, Mrs Chesterfield-Cooke
( By Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne, January 2015)

Zarni Kennels (UK) of  Ada Chesterfield-Cooke and Cyril Chesterfield-Cooke

Zarni is one of those interesting kennels, rarely mentioned by breed writers, but that oversight is to ignore the fact that this kennel was active in the early years following introduction of the breed to the UK, and as such, Zarni's breeding , showing and registrations all conributed to helping the breed gain publicity and support of new enthusiasts.

The Zarni kennel was owned by Ivy Ada Florence Chesterfield-Cooke who lived in Enfield St, Stourbridge in the Midlands (England). Her husband (Cyril Chesterfield-Cooke) was a medical doctor. Ivy died in September 1946 (they were living in Shalford, Surrey by that time). Her husband Cyril died in July the following year . (our thanks to Lyall Payne for the above bio snippet. More to follow soon as Lyall is still researching)

The kennel was active from 1927 through 1931 (last year they exhibited at Crufts was 1930), mainly breeding pure Bell Murray lineage hounds. Zarni Afghan hounds won the Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate at Crufts in 1929 with their Mal Deo of Zarni (date of birth, breeder unknown) under Judge Clara Bowring (Larkbeare).

Crufts 1930 HISTORY Zarni Afghan Hounds Crufts 1930

We have few photos of Zarni hounds. There is one in the Crufts catalogue 1929 of Dayoo of Zarni, but the contrast on the on-line catalogues was set high to enable OCR searching of the catalogues, at the expense of the few photographs in the catalogues. Hopefully, somebody out there will have an original hard copy of the 1929 catalogue and can scan the Dayoo of Zarni photo for us some time in the future. Just for completeness we include below a small scan of an advertisment in the Crufts catalogue in 1929 by Zarni so you can see the problem with the photographs in the catalogue -

Dayoo Of Zarni ad in Crufts Catalogue 1929 PHOTO Dayoo Of Zarni ad in Crufts Catalogue 1929

Although the Crufts 1929 photograph is poor, we do have one excellent head study of another Zarmi hound - Rupmati Of Zarni - His name is spelt Rapmali on the KC's Breed Record Supplement registration papers, so we're not sure whether it is Rapmati or Rapmali. We''s go with Rapmati for now just coz thats how most of tknow the photo.

Rupmati Of Zarni (Tazi x Decka 7/3/1929)
Zarni Kennels (UK) of  Ada Chesterfield-Cooke and Cyril Chesterfield-Cooke

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Tazi Baluch Taiza Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Nurm Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Moti Ooty Zorawar
Straker Rajah
Decka Balu Parent Not Recorded  
Parent Not Recorded  
Bulbul Parent Not Recorded  
Parent Not Recorded  

Research still in progress, more to follow soonest

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