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(Author Steve Tillotson, May 2012)

(With great thanks to David Frei (Stormhill Afghan hounds) we have recently received information on the entries/results for Westminster for the years 1927 and 1928)

We'll start with a scan of the WKC show Catalogues for 1927/1928
and then add some commentary after that

Afghan Hound Times - Westminster Kennel Club 1927


The breed Judge was Alfred Delmont, of Wynnewood, Pa. There were a total of 4 Afghan Hounds entered. Exhibits 1-3 were all Bell-Murray, either bred by the Major or Ms Jean Manson

Zun O'Valley Farm, was entered in the name of O'Valley Farm Kennel, we are currently researching this kennel history

Sahib and Kabuter were entered in the name of Jean Manson (Cove Afghan hounds, Scotland) and handled by (agent) James V Dignowity

Shahjenan Of Larkbeare was entered in the name of Sarah Wallah (Elenor Kennels) 1365 Astor St. Libertyville. Illinois.

We note that BOB went to Shahjehan Of Larkbeare. This was the FIRST year Afghan Hounds were entered at WKC and the honour of that first ever WKC BOB goes to the English breeder (Clara Bowing/Larkbeare) who imported Shahjehan from India in 1924, and credit is due also to Sarah Wallah of Elenor Kennels

Alfred Delmont - (Judge), we are currently researching Mr Delmont and will update this page when we learn more

James V Dignowity further info following research by Lyall Payne

Afghan Hound Times - Westminster Kennel Club 1927


The breed Judge was again Alfred Delmont, of Wynnewood, Pa. There were a total of 5 Afghan Hounds entered. Exhibits 1,2,4,5 were all Bell-Murray, either bred by the Major or Ms Jean Manson or Mrs C Clifford (England)

Typo's in the catalogue. "Kandahan" is in fact "Kandahar", and Shahjehan of Larkbearl should be "of Larkbeare"

The BOB this year was awarded to Kandahar, entered by Mrs P A B Widener, bred by Miss Manson (Cove, Scotland)

We have some new enthusiasts exhibiting in 1928 - Miss Sigrid Holmquist with Kasi Of Cove, Mrs P A B Widner with Kandahar. The O'Valley Farm Kennel and Elenor Kennel both returned to compete again in 1928

We note that "Kandahar" was offered for sale at a price of $1,000 (inflation calculated - that equates to $13,300 in 2012)

Kandahar bred by Jean Manson, exported to USA,
Exhibited WKC 1928 Photo Kandahar Bell Murray WKC 1928

Steve Tillotson, May 2012

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