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http://www.afghanhoundtimes PHOTO Turkuman 1992

Web Pedigree (HTML) Produced By The Kennel Club Breed System
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Turkuman Nissim King Solomons Golden V Kalabraki Shades of Topaz Or K. baguira Shakoori Lord of The Dance Zensu Storm Stallion
Shakoori Razzinga
Ambazin Star Maiden Khanabad Blue Cheetah
Vashkin Helena
Turkuman Flame Azalea D'afghan Turkuman Nissims Chiron Laurel Wreath Turkuman Gozel Laurelleves Q Shebas Hse
Turkuman Nissims Horned Sea Poppy
Turkuman Branwen Fleur D'afghan Lazar I Chassif De Champmol
Branwen Fawzia
Turkuman Ajman Shah-Tut Ajman Shukna of Zadal Ajman Shahbazudi of Zadal Ajman Branwen Kandahar
Ajman Shalimar
Ajman Shuly Ajman Netheroyd Akbari
Ajman Shuturkhar
Alaf Shirin of Jagai Ajman Shulgi Ajman Netheroyd Akbari
Ajman Shuturkhar
Abrasham Barqak of Jagai Actaeon of Jagai
Chipak Barqak (imp)

Web Pedigree Produced By Afghan Hound Times

Turkuman Wild Swan Lily, "Clire de Lune" - exquisite Bell-Murray type Afghan bitch, white/gold, grey-shaded, bred by Juliette de Bairacli Levy. Sire Nissim King Solomon's Golden Vine, dam, Turkuman Ajman Shah Tute. Golden Vine is a cream-golden, also true Bell-Murray type. Shah Tute is a tricolour. She goes back, recent, to the famed import from the Royal Kennel Of Afghanistan - Chipak.

The raising of Turkumans has almost ended. Removal from Kythera, with its extensive almond-grove exercising area, to an Azores isle with limited exercising facilities, makes the decision positive, the end!!

Years 1990 to 1992 were years in which Turkumans returned to the USA, to those who want the famed Turkuman type, with the high-stepping gait, bare pasterns, high-carried, ringed-tip tail and that strange characteristic which seems exclusive in the Afghan Hound of a highly perfumed area on the back of the neck, and the self-same personality of immense charm, cleverness, loyalty and being highly trainable - for e.g. J de BL was able to train her Afghans to companion her owls and hawks (as seen on many photographs), Also skilled rat catchers, and very reliable guards

Recent comments on Turkumans.
Juan Carlos Nobrega, Tarragona, Spain- "Turkuman Crown of Laurel Flowers is all that an Afghan should be! Outstandingly beautiful, clever and loving, true indeed to both of her beautiful parents who I met and deeply admired."

Eileen Snelling, of famed Khorrassan Afghans, Reading, UK - "I have always been a devotee of yours. Turkumans played such a great part in my breeding, through Turkuman Dammer Pine-Tree, Turkuman Wild Kasmiri Iris, and Chota Nissim of Ringbank

Juliette de Bairacli Levy, Varadeuro, Fail, Azores, Portugal. 1992

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