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Molly Sharpe

Chaman Afghan Hounds UK Page 3
(By Steve Tillotson October 2013)

An early and interesting acquisition by Molly was the Afghan hound bitch Azura Chakrana, (Chota Sahib x Yasmin) whelped 03/06/1935 and was bred by Mrs Bhanubandh (Azura, UK, who was the owner of Chota Sahib). Molly expressed her admiration for Chota Sahib and also mentioned that she tried for a breeding from Phyllis Robson's Ch Azri-Havid of Ghazni but he didn't oblige. Well interestingly, Azura Chakrana's dam (Yasmin) was sired by Ch Azri-Havid of Ghazni, so acquiring this bitch would be totally consistent with Molly's interest in the pedigree. Molly bred Garrymhor Faiz Bu Hassid to Azura Chakrana and the litter whelped 9/18/1936 and produced the well known Am Ch Simba Of Chaman Of Penn-Ivy. (A bit of a registration mystery here! AKC stud book lists the dam as Manda Of Chaman and DOB of 8/19/37 (error in year). The UK Kennel Club lists details as above. So two national registration authorities, different record details. We'll go with the mother country KC records, but there is no easy way of verifying which is correct after all these years.). PHOTO PEDIGREE  AM CH SIMBA OF CHAMAN OF PENN IVY

Simba was imported to the USA by Dun Belfield ,and is another example of Molly Chaman's influence on early American breed history. Simba was used as a foundation for Kathryn & Clarence Cushmans Rebel Hill kennnel.

Next we'll look at Ch Taj Of Chaman born in 1939. He was taken by Molly to Ireland when she moved there during the war for "personal reasons" (her words, but no further details given) and where he gained his Irish Ch Title. When Molly returned to the mainland she campaigned Taj and he gained his UK Ch title in 1948

Hasin Of Chaman Photo Taj (Hasin) Of Chaman

We just mentioned Ch Taj Of Chaman and then show a photo above of Hasin Of Chaman. Did you pick up on that inconsistency? Well Ch Taj Of Chaman was originally named Hasin Of Chaman. Molly went to Ireland during WWII and took Hasin and some other Afghan hounds with her. Hasin was campaigned in Ireland where he became an Irish Champion. Upon Molly's return to England, she campaigned Hasin under the new name of Taj Of Chaman and he gained his English Champion title in 1948. The picture above is of Ch Taj (Hassin), taken in Ireland in 1941 at 18 months of age. This photo/advert is quite unique because it shows Taj with his original name of Hasin and gives Northern Ireland as the (temporary) home of Chaman Afghan hounds.

Below are two photos of Molly in Ireland, the second (right) picture was taken in Cork, Southern Ireland where her Garrymhor Faiz-Bu-Hassid gained his International Champion title at that show

Two Photos Of Molly in Ireland 1940, The (right) picture was taken in Cork, Southern Ireland
where her Garrymhor Faiz-Bu-Hassid gained his International Champion title Photo Molly Shape In Ireland 1940

Pedigree of CH TAJ OF CHAMAN
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Ch Taj Akbar of Chaman Kulli Khan of Kuranda Potentate Bm Ooty
Ch Ranee
Tarza Baluch
Safiya Ch Ashna of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Shireen of Ghazni
Ch Alfreda Shahzada
Thofar Amanullah Ch Ashna of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Shireen of Ghazni
Ch Alfreda Shahzada
Hazada Kymn Khan of Ghazni
Zarifa of Ghazni
Ranee of Geufron Omar of Geufron

Now we see another change in Molly's breeding strategy.What is unknown is Molly's reason for changing the breeding again. On this occasion she used the dog Thofar, a brindle with a lengthy and fine head. I mention this because Molly tells us that in the 14/3/1938 breeding she used Ch Westmill Bayezid Ansari (Basically a Ghazni dog with one Bell Murray line) to improve heads. Thofar's head is quite different for example to Rana Of Chaman's, so having apparently gained the head type she liked via the previous breeding, she could have been subject to that gain being jeopardized by using a different line and a dog with a different head? Let's look at a gallery (below) of early Chaman heads alongside Thofar -

Photo Of Molly in Scotland 1930's Photo Molly Shape In Scpt;amd 103-'s

(L - R) Safiya, Taj Akbar, Rana, Thofar Photo Chaman Head Studies

Sire and Dam of Thofar

We observe that Amanullah (litter brother to Molly's Safiya, who is on the sire side of this pedigree) is on the dam side of the pedigree which reinforces the Shahzada/Afroz lineage by having it on both sides of the pedigree and Shahzada/Afroz seem to be a constant in Molly's pedigrees.

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