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Author Liz O'Connor (UK Renza Afghans)

We eventually said our sad farewells as we had to get back to Newark for David's meeting in the city during the afternoon. We dropped David off and MaryAnn insisted Terry sat in front with her while she drove through the city (as usual doors were locked, windows kept closed and you kept on moving!) And this was daytime!! This was not because there were terrible risks to us but because of the "you never know" syndrome.

In the evening we picked David up from City Hall and then headed for a highly recommended restaurant in the Portuguese area of Newark. As we got closer we kept finding streets were blocked off by police cars - this was not looking good!! We eventually parked as close as we could and went in on foot (not far thank goodness!) In the street adjacent to the restaurant there were lots of police, reporters, TV cameras and people everywhere. MaryAnn and I clung to each, we were quite scared because there was a lot of noise and we thought there was fighting or trouble of some sort. Needless to say Terry and David had to go and investigate ! It wasn 't trouble at all, the Portuguese Prime Minister was on a visit to the USA and was at this very moment talking with Portuguese Americans in their area of the city! Hence all the reporters, TV cameras and police presence!

The meal in the Portuguese restaurant was wonderful and the restaurant was full to capacity, with some very lively parties - would you believe we sat at the next table to a team of American Rugby Union players! And you should have seen the size of each of them, built like the proverbial brick...houses! They were a very friendly bunch, and the conversation immediately turned to sport, which pleased Terry and David no end.

Friday was to be our last day, our flight was due out late afternoon, so during the morning, while I packed and MaryAnn busied herself, Terry and David visited The Museum of Golf in Far Hills, New Jersey - run by the United States Golf Association. Needless to say they came home full of it; they'd met Johnny Miller while they were there; everything was free and they were allowed to video everything in there. On top of all that there were collections of old and new golf clubs, golf balls, golfing outfits - there was even a Research and Test Centre and all sorts of memorabilia, a lot of which Terry came back with!

All that remained now was to drive to the airport for our flight home

Saying goodbye was awful. I cried my eyes out and so did MaryAnn. We had all got along so very well. There were lots of hugs and kisses and tears, but we promised we'd meet again and, of course, we would continue to talk often on the telephone and write and send photos.

After they'd gone and we were checking in, Terry suddenly realised he'd left his hat in the back of their car! We should have known we could rely on MaryAnn, she realised when they got home and posted it to Terry straight away.

I hope we meet them again, true friends are hard to come by, and they are two of our best.



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