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Author Liz O'Connor (UK Renza Afghans)

The first show on the agenda was the "big one" -The National- the Afghan Hound Club of America's Speciality Show being held at Days Inn Conference Centre & Hotel, Allentown, Pennsylvania. This was being held over 3 days, 5th-7th October, the schedule being:

First Day, Weds, 5th Oct. 7 am Lure Coursing - Judges Emmet Roche (Lure Feld) and Rita Figg/ Renee Franklin (Lure Course) 12 noon Obedience - Judge Patricia Scully 2.30pm Obedience Seminar 5 pm. Sweepstakes - Judge Norma Cozzoni

Second Day, Thurs. 6th Oct. - 8.30am. Dog Classes - Judge Richard Souza 3 pm Bitch Classes up to 12-18 months - Judge Georgie Guthrie - 6pm. Annual Meeting - Rescue Meeting - 8 pm Entertainment - "An Evening with Lois"

Third Day, Fri. 7th Oct. 9 am. Completion of Bitch Classes - 1 2.45pm Junior Showmanship - Judge Johannah Owen - Parade o~ Veterans - 1.30am Best O~ Breed Competition - Judge Georgie Guthrie Non-Regular Classes (Brood Bitch, Stud Dog, etc.) 7pm Cocktails - 8pm. Awards Banquet.

Ginny (MyWays Wascally Wabbit) was entered for Lure Coursing and during the morning (still bathing and grooming !) we eagerly awaited news of her result. Can you imagine the delight when David arrived home, she had not only won the maximum 40 points (they need 100 points total for the Lure Coursing title and Ginny is well on the way to hers), but she had also taken Best Opposite in the ASFA Trial ! David was hoping to enter her in the AKC Trial, but there is a limit to the amount of coursing they are allowed, and she had reached her limit for the day. She had run for her life and come home with the most beautiful hand cut lead crystal bowl (awarded to all winners at the National Show), numerous rosettes, certificates. etc.

It was decided we would travel in two cars, so David and Terry went off in the camper (EVERYONE has one !) taking with them four dogs (all crated) and most of the equipment - including the dryer. MaryAnn and I followed with all her stock, suitcases and Red (Ali's brother). Diva (Ali's Mum) was to be brought later as she was in full season, and best kept separate from the others!

Although David and MaryAnn only live a short distance from the venue, it was decided that staying at the hotel would be better, which was a good idea considering that both the camper and car were full to bursting.

MaryAnn had been appointed Booth Organiser, which meant a lot of preparation beforehand, but her headaches really began when we arrived as the show organisers had decided (in their wisdom) to rearrange all the booths, much to MaryAnn (and booth holders) annoyance. Fortunately, as is usually the case, everyone rallied together and sorted themselves out as best they could, and I must say the displays of everything Afghan were a wonderful sight.

Do you remember Marcia Van Woert's "splash" paintings on the Midland Club Table at Cruft's for a couple of years? Well Marcia was there, still with her splash paintings but now they can come in three separate parts, viewed individually or as a pair or as a trio, and her expertise has been extended into paintings with gold and silver filigree, gold to depict the sun in the desert or silver for the moon, shining onto an Afghan below - breathtaking stuff!!

There was Alice Blank (owner of the stunning blue Am. Ch. Pahlavi Smokin'n th' Boys Room) with the most beautiful vases. They are very large, but I think she'll be producing smaller versions (lighter and easily transportable) in time for the Congress and National in 1995.

There were a couple of booths with silk and I could not resist! There was Betty Stites with her fabulous hand painted shawls and waistcoats; and another from, I think, California, having silk jackets with hand painted appliqueed Afghans on the back, lamp shades, table cloths, head scarves - all there for people to spend their dollars and they did, in their hundreds. There were displays of original bronzes,designer snoods, matching hand made collars and leads,stationery, even kitchen accessories - all depicting Afghans. I was tempted into buying snoods a silk jacket and a hand painted silk camisole - and that's not counting all the goodies from MaryAnn which meant bringing home an extra suitcase! There was quite a selection on the AHCA sales table, "Oktoberfest" was the theme presented throughout the show, but I have to admit to being disappointed that there were no posters and T shirts this year. There were silk banners depicting Afghans in all colours, and these were auctioned at the Awards Banquet with all proceeds being donated to Afghan Rescue. What we did buy was the AHCA books of Pedigrees, something Terry has been after for some time to add to his already considerable database of pedigrees.

Unfortunately we were too late to see Obedience Judging, and it was a pity I had to miss the Judges Seminar, as I was keen to see how they set up theirs in comparison with ours. The catalogue was crammed full of adverts and would you believe there is a copy of the AKC Breed Standard in every catalogue (this applied to all the specialities we attended). The National had drawn an excellent entry of 466 from 346 dogs.


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